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ELEMENTS by Shakim Bio

ELEMENTS are Natural environment… the simplest principles as of an art or science….. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are elements…. Rudiments, essentials, principles… any of more than 100 fundamental substances that consist of Atoms of only one kind.

Author Demale Rogers-Bey, also known as Divine All Wise Allah, is here to break down the sciences of his new novel “ELEMENTS”, of what it is about and his reason of writing it…as he explains who he is, and what he represents.

Divine All Wise Allah is a member of the Nation of Gods & Earths also known as the Five Percenters, which I, ShaKim Bio…am also a member (over 40 years).

Most people have little or no understanding about the 5%ers..and may only know about the 5%ers as being a Security Threat Group (STG) in most United States prisons, and some think that we are Pro Black and Anti White because we teach that the Blackman is God……Most DO NOT know that we are Pro Righteous and Anti Devilishment and THERE ARE White 5%ers such as AzReal (R.I.P.), author Michael Knight Muhammed and Tim Wise, just to name a few out if so many.

There is a lot that is misunderstood about the 5%ers and Divine All Wise Allah is ready to explain with his new book titled “ELEMENTS”.


DIVINE ALL WISE: Peace God!!!, Thank you for having me.

G.C: No doubt!!!….Well introduce yourself to our audience if who you are and where you from…share something about yourself and your prison history.

D.A.W: PEACE….My Honorable name is Demale righteous name is Divine All Wise Allah, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio with strong family ties in NYC, Detroit and Florida…something brief about myself, I’m a Batista..I’ve been wrongfully incarcerated for 20 years to this date…since my incarceration I’ve studied Psychology, Sociology, Physical Fitness, I earned my CDL’s, Safe served to name a few… I’ve been industrious to say the least.

G.C: What is the name of your novel? What is it about?

D.A.W: The name of the book is “Elements an Anthology of Wisdom”… It’s about bringing misunderstood aspects of the teachings of the Nation of Gods & Earths to light… Along with our unique struggle in Ohio and ODRC…it’s a writing of History here in Ohio from that perspective… However, there is also Poetry, Health Facts and Self Help info along with some positive advice for our Youth… and perspectives from everyday life experiences, African Culture History & Amazing facts not too popular among the masses.

G.C: What writing credentials do you have?….What makes you qualified to speak in this topic?

D.A.W: My writing credentials consists of being a co author in “The Incarcerated 7’s Anthology Vol 1” by Robert ‘Prof Born’ Goldwire, also “Diamonds 4 the Mind”, which the Gods in Marion Correctional Institution complied..the lead author was All Wise Universal Allah, to which I was instrumental in the development of both.. I also contributed to “The 360 Acquisition of Life” by Black King Allah..I wrote columns for ‘Understand Before You Judge’ (U.B.Y.J.) Newsletter, so I decided to add on and be a project manager for this beautiful work entitled “Elements”… I am qualified to speak on this topic because I am this story..I’ve been a productive attribute within this culture for 14 plus years, so I’ve qualified myself to write and gather men & women who can bring the unique Ohio perspective of our culture in the form of books and media.

G.C: The United States incarcerates over 2.3 million people, which is more than any nation in the world..How do you feel about that?… and what are your insights on this problem?

D.A.W: Mass Incarceration is a major issue today..I was reading Prison Policy Initiative, an article called “Eight Keys to Mercy: How to shorten excessive imprison sentences” by Jorge Renaud…Nov 2018,..he spoke on the approach to fix such long sentences will take political courage. He also spoke on long sentences doing little to advance Justice or Solace for Survivors of violence… I obviously agreed with a lot in that article…. As far as my insight as to what I think may remedy the problem…maybe re- adjusting our Educational system with practical applications to the curriculum being taught. Some statistics show how being undereducated can lead to crime of all sorts.

G.C: The Nation of Gods & Earths, also known as the 5%ers are on most prisons STG list…why? and what moves are being made to show that they are not STG?

D.A.W: I would have to refer you to Born King Allah, whom is more qualified to articulate the overall position on that I think Born King Allah can be reached at But dealing with cases look at the Marria V. Broaddus case #97CRV8297 (NRB) July 30,2004….see COWARD v. ROBINSON, 276 F.Supp. 3d 544 (E.D Va 2017),…As far as why there are several issues as to why…which range from some members being involved with real gangs such as Bloods, Crips, G.D’s, etc..However others who have NO TIES to those groups are also tagged STG, which makes it extremely difficult for the whole body of actual sincere adherents to practice the culture of the NGE (5%ers) in prisons. We are not a gang…NEVER have been or will be. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the school in Harlem (Allah School In Mecca) has a100 year lease which started in 1964, which the government had to approve. I trust if we were a gang, the government would not be cooperating in any land leasing to house a “gang”… The NGE now owns that land where the school in Harlem is.

G.C: Your novel is considered an “Anthology”…. Do each writer/contributor to “Elements” share the same understanding in topic in book?

D.A.W: Actually No…About 99% of the authors are of the NGE, however there are a few people who are not…which I wanted to highlight that our understanding on God, Religion, Prison Reform, Culture, etc has no line in regards to social equality.

G.C: What is your goal in producing this book?

D.A.W: My goal is to bring the reader a more practical way of being able to relate to our teachings, views & way of Life.. from some youths and adults who I’ve come into contact with often say they are attracted… However, things go over their heads on the topics I just mentioned.. So I wanted to do something about it, also I want us here in Ohio to write our own history.

G.C: Prison Injustices is a Big outcry in prisons…. What is your insight on that?

D.A.W: As far as Prison Injustices, or reform here in Ohio…I think Fair Treatment Reform & Reentry is doing a great job, also Beyond Guilt from the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, The Ohio Innocence Project as well.. If we contact one or all (I have contacted 2) we may be able to liberate ourselves… also Meek Mill, JAY-Z, Kim Kardashian are in the fight ..I have not been able to contact them…However I’m willing into existence I will.

G.C: Anything you will like to share with the audience?

D.A.W: Yes, I can be seen on Social Media: Demale Rogers-Bey on FB … 7154Divine @IG or Demale Rogers-Bey #462269, Ross Corr Inst. P. O. Box 7010, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601….Early on in the interview I said I was wrongfully incarcerated.. due to the fact I was convicted of murder by plea in Ohio, In Ohio it’s 2903.02(b) Felony Murder….meaning a felony in the 1st or 2nd degree was the result of a person dying, thus that crime of Robbery in my case must exist by law…However I was never under indictment nor convicted for a robbery!!!… Look it up, my indictment, Journal Entry and transcripts…I was never under indictment for Robbery, but it’s in my transcript, which is why I’m fighting …case #438533, Look it up.

G.C: How can someone buy a copy of ELEMENTS?

D.A.W: ELEMENTS an Anthology of Wisdom will be on Amazon and all other outlets where books can be bought….also hit up my Social media 7154Divine@ IG and Demale Rogers-Bey @ FB.

G.C: Any Last words and Shout outs?

D.A.W: Yes, to the Youth…you are the greatest generation…. Believe Nothing else… properly prepare to be Leaders of the New World…Educate yourself in Technology, Teach people younger, learn building trades, be proficient in Science & Mathematics…. and most of all Unite with Love and Learn the Laws..learn Survival skills and Self Defense!!!!!
SHOUT OUTS TO: Sunez Allah, Saladin, Shallah, Born King Allah, Supreme Understanding, Freedom Allah, Savior Allah, Divine Be God, who ran the Daily Mathematics Newspaper, who kept us in it years ago…Mecca, High Cipher, my manz Bubba from 155th and St Nick, Patterson PJs BX, Edenwald, 93rd Anderson in Cleveland, Ohio, 116th and Kinsman in Cleveland, Sun City, Universal Sun Allah, King Mauhlik Bey Allah, I Add Unique (R.I.P.), Najee Allah, Divine God Allah, The Five Percenter Newspaper, Keys to Society org….my family, the women I grew up with who are still in contact with me…Peace, Love & Light….the M.S.T of A….N.O.I., ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS WORLDWIDE, Cleveland, Ohio….The NGE, Thank you for educating me and to whom I may of orgot..charge it to the head, not the Heart….Thank you ShaKim Bio, Mikahs 7 Publishing and to GorillaConvict……. PEACE!!!!!

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