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The Love of the Game by Shakim Bio

When you watch the Art of Sports…..You really appreciate the true craft of the Game….The Drive…that Hustle…the Pure Sportsmanship and Competition on various levels all for the Love of the Game.

That’s why they got awards for these levels/categories outside of the Superbowls, Championships and Titles. You got the one who gets awarded for the Most Points, Best Defensive, Best Offensive, Hard to Guard, Best Dribble, Most Valuable Player,….The Most Anything……

It’s too many to name, but you overstand what I’m getting at….I’m talking about those that play REAL and play HARD….for the LOVE of the GAME.

That is what comes to mind when I think of EastCoast Mafia Entertainment… they go HARD….extra HARD…and it’s not just for the money aspect… It’s for the LOVE for the Art of HIP HOP.

Chaos Loc of EastCoast Mafia Entertainment is locked up doing hard time in a supermax prison in Ohio, but he still didn’t let that stop him from displaying his true love for the art of the Hip Hop culture… for Chaos Loc says he loves the culture because it saved his life.

I did an interview with Chaos Loc and his EastCoast Mafia Entertainment back in August of 2020 (EastCoast Mafia Entertainment by ShaKim Bio on… Chaos Loc remained a true hustler with his non stop grind…. to keep putting out music, albums, videos, books to working on documentaries when you are locked up is 1 thing, but to be in a Supermax security level prison and still be consistent with dropping albums of new music…getting radio spins plus advertising digitally EVERYWHERE says A LOT..and having your music streaming on major distribution where its available on prisons music catalogs carrying your shit…speaks XXXL Volumes.

So I reached back out to the Homie again to ask him “How the fuck do you do this shit??!”

So without me doing all this talking …we are going to let Chaos Loc give you a glimpse of how he moves and does his shit..

GORILLACONVICT: Peace & Love Homie!!

CHAOS LOC: Peace Homie!!!…Let me ask you this though…How many people who you interviewed twice?

G.C: Shit….You are the first one….

C.L: What that tell you?


G.C: You going to give me the formula or what?…..Tell the people who you are, where you’re from and a little brief history of Chaos Loc.

C.L: My name is Chaos Loc, I’m from Pocoima, California (Hansen Hills), but moved to Dayton, Ohio, otherwise known as the “Gem City”… I was a rapper prior to my incarceration and began releasing mixtapes in 2007 and 2008…..I love and represent that Crip Life….I got locked up and since I been in I been bangin hard with no regard…where I got sent to the hole for standing up for the rights of myself and those that represented my movement. In 2016 I was sent to Ohio State Penitentiary as a level 5b Supermax security inmate…Since then I been investing time and energy on Building & Branding my product…which is MYSELF…I stopped assaulting inmates and officers after turning my attention to writing books and releasing quality music to the World…Shit..I deserve a trophy or some type of plaque for taking my Blue Chuxx off these clowns neccs……LOL..

G.C: What’s the process of you going through these changes?

C.L: These Retaliatory actions by the crooked system was meant to break me mentally…. but this did nothing but motivate me to go even harder in my profession…. during my stay here at OSP I managed to release my 2 books “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and “Still Can’t Stop”, which both are available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles…I dropped several albums as well…. On 2/11 of this year I released my 6th solo album “Drill Seazon”, which features the Hood Bangers ” Wut U Kno” featuring Screezzy….”Got Da Juice” featuring SnoopyBlue…”Married 2 da Streetz” featuring King Trauma and “UP” (Locaveli Version)..I managed to release the music videos to “Got Cash” and “UP”, which can be viewed on YouTube….. with over 5 million downloads and streams under my belt..I was able to extend my major distribution deal with Urbanlife Distribution and Rapbay….Word!!!

G.C: That’s a lot of Big Moves you made from inside…..

C.L: 30 days after my 2023 release from prison …I will release my first post prison album “Demonz & Diamondz”…this hot new album is for hardcore Chaos Loc fans and those that become fans after listening to this album…”Demonz & Diamondz” features the hood bangers 
“Bacc on That Streetz”, “ECM over Everythang”, “On My Level” and
“Twerk Sum”… this chart worthy album will become the #1 Street album of the year…..the pussy judge and prosecutor thought they was gonna put an end to my music career by sentencing me to 15 years in the pen..but NAH….SUCCESS is the best I stay turnt up to the max….that ECM swag….If I managed to slang 5 million downloads and streams from a supermax cellblocc, just imagine what I’m going to accomplish when I touchdown.. I’m everything the Rap Game been missing…I’m the REALIST NIGGAH since Eazy-E, 2Pac, DMX, Pop Smoke, King Von and Young Dolph.

G.C: You talk that talk of loving Hip Hop….but I don’t know NO ONE who love it like Me!!!

C.L: Come on Homie!! You know I’m already hip to that classic “The Last Illest”….ECM already helped push your numbers up!!! 

G.C: No Doubt!!!….Let me ask you this Chaos Loc…What does Hip Hop means to you?

C.L: The culture of Hip Hop means the world to me!!!..The Hip Hop culture can be blessing, but a curse at the same time in my case because I have a very long criminal history… Hip Hop actually saved my life up to this point…Hip Hop is my sanctuary… Hip Hop allows me to express myself and tell my life story in an artistic way without taking my anger out on an actual human body..I love the art of putting words together in my own distinct way…

Since I really live it how I spit it.. I’m a target from these snitches, haters, clout chasers, and law enforcement..Now that I’ve taken up making music full-time.. I have to focus on living a corporate lifestyle and move with precision. Hip Hop is my first Love and we’ll be together until I take my last breath…..Spending quality time in the studio with Hip Hop is what’s gonna keep me out of them streets and that jail cell.

G.C: I checked out just about all of your music that’s on GTL streaming……Do your rhymes be written as complete songs? or is it songs you wrote along the way?

C.L: When it comes to writing music…I wait until a situation pop up in my life…after that I isolate myself, work my magic in the lab…and spill my thoughts over the beat..I write complete songs, unless I create a song I want another artist to feature on…I’ve done so much in my life that I can reflect on my past and come up with unlimited material. I got my bag up, but I haven’t completely made it out the hood yet. with that being said..I’m movin like a Boss, but I’m still deal with typical hood chit.. Whether I’m livin in the hood or a mansion in the suburbs… I’ll always have hot new material cookin up in the lab.

G.C: Do you listen to the beats and pick em out? or do your producer take your recorded vocals and fit em in place?

C.L: When it comes to piccing out beats for my songs, 97% of the time I spit my vocals to a beat I selected from off the JPay and GTL catalog…. my producer will then take my a capella vocals and build a beat around my voice from scratch… the other 3% of the time my producer will let me picc from some beats he already made.

G.C: How do you format your songs? and how many albums do you have out?

C.L: When I create a song..I load up a hot beat, think about what I want to rap about and start putting the pieces of my puzzle together.. Once I complete the first verse.. I start on the second…after that…I come up with the hook…Lastly, I create a title for the song…When its time for me to put the album together I picc out songs that tell a story throughout the album’s playlist. On every album I drop..I spit in different styles and arrange the songs according to the energy of the song. So far I’ve released 6 solo albums, 3 mixtapes, and 2 compilation albums..I also released 2 albums by ECM artists Grizz Loec and 4God Natti.

G.C: Your Marketing & Promotion moves….How do you make that happen? How do you form these kind of relationships to do interviews?

C.L: As far as Marketing I promote all of my music on social media, my ECM company website, blog sites, radio stations and throughout the prison system nationwide. I create a press release written by myself and distribute it globally. I print out “100” promotional flyers of my albums and books. I then retrieve “100” inmate names and numbers nationwide and mail them a flyer and promo note…I try to mail out “100” promotional flyers a month… I also get my songs played on FM radio stations…ECM Entertainment offer radio airplay paccage to the public….my ECM squad keep me laced up on what’s trending on YouTube. I listen to interviews of other rappers over the phone. If the platform has a large following and I’m feeling the vibe of the host..I’ll reach out to that platform via email…once they respond I’ll set up a meeting with them on the phone. I vibe with them then drop a bag on them..the bag I drop on them will speed up the process and make me a priority. I got interviewed by PNG Media News twice and the host didn’t even accept my bag..he just made it happen free of charge with no hesitation… I respect PNG MEDIA NEWS for keepin it 100 with me..I stay networking building solid relationships with those that are worthy.

G.C: What kind of distribution deal you have? and how did you get their attention while being incarcerated?

C.L: As far as distribution go..I have a great deal with Rapbay..they do great business with me and all of their artists. Urbanlife and Rapbay is my home..they believed in me when nobody else did..they rolled the dice with Chaos Loc and I respect & love them for that…stream and download my song “Rapbay Til I’m Dead” and support the movement.

G.C: What new do ECM have in the future?

C.L: Right now I got 5 unreleased albums in the ECM vault…the first 2 projects I’mma drop is “Richer Than my Opps” and “Demonz & Diamondz”…these 2 projects is gonna Rocc the streets and do some damage…I’m comin harder than ever on these projects..I got a Strip Club Banger on the album that will come with a music video….the song is called “Twerk Sum”…. in the music video it will be just me and a gang of Instagram models & strippers turnin up that ECM way..I also got a song on the album called “Cum 4 Me”, which will be followed up with a video as well…EastCoast Mafia Entertainment will release the “Chaos Loc: Corporate Coastin” documentary in the 1st quarter of 2024…this film will feature behind the scenes footage and interviews from my ECM family and affiliates… I was fortunate to work with a very successful Instagram model that will be featured in the film and in the “Got Cash” music video…Last, but not least, I’m working on securing a deal with a production company that will be turning my books into a movies or TV series…To view the new photos, videos, blogs, etc follow me on Instagram @ChaosLoc4….FOLLOW ME for more updates and future releases..
SHOUT OUTS TO: My whole Hood from Hansen Hills to the City of Angels…E.C.I.P., SnoopyBlue, I’m catching all Fades in his honor!!!..Shout out to all my fans and supporters..Death to all my Opps.. Free GRIZZLOEC!!! FREE BLACC ELVIS!!! FREE SHAKIM BIO!!!

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