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OYEZZZ Social Media by Shakim Bio

Diamonds are so valuable… they are hard brilliant minerals that consists of crystalline carbon and is used as a gem….some diamonds are expensive… some are priceless….. Diamonds are made from extreme heat and pressure. It is a Gem that holds Big value……..

Hard environments and suffering is somewhat like extreme heat and pressure…. but not all diamonds are the same….some are poor…cloudy and cheap….. So just because you enter prison and study..obtain good habits…or College degrees and become studious… that don’t make you a diamond…
Diamonds get tested to see it’s value…it’s TRUE WORTH……

A lot of men in prison are just talkers… Big Dreamers and a lot of fronters…..Diamonds are men that stand out and make moves …they are about action.
In “The Screenwriting Bible” that I’m studying right now…speaks on a person’s action. It states: ” Action reveals character and crisis reveals a person’s true colors because he does what he does because of who he is…problems and obstacles reveal what he is made of…his reaction or action helps define him”…..that’s some REAL shit right there that I had to share…because a lot of people especially those in jail do a lot of talking, but it’s the ones who are real and take action that really counts….that’s where this next individual comes in…..He is a Diamond and is SHINING with his moves…

He is out to shake the planet from behind the barb wired gates of prison…he has a remarkable move that stands out and GorillaConvict is here to speak to him so he can share his move….I had conference calls with this dude and believe me he is the truth all the way around the board….we actually knew of each other through having the same circle of Universal Builders, Innovators and Move Makers…his Big Bro is my Big Bro…so once the introductions was done…we already was in place with thoughts and moves…..

So it’s time to introduce him to you to enlighten you to the new social media platform titled “Oyezzz” that will change the world and the way we view things.

G.C: PEACE Pooh!!!…. Welcome to GorillaConvict… where the REAL speaks….

P: Thanks for having me…It is Great to speak on this platform…I am the voice that needs to be heard!!!…. I also heard about your moves….

G.C: Good looking out…..It’s now your turn to reintroduce yourself.

P : Let’s Do It!!!

G.C: Tell the audience who you are, where you’re from and what you are about.

P :My name is Clifton Jackson, I’m from Buffalo, NY……depending on the generation… the streets call me “Pooh”, however R.I.P. my brother from another mother Will Poc from the Delevan & Grider section of Buffalo who started calling me “Hottie”….and from “08” the Hood and town ran with it…
I’m about winning at whatever I set my mind to..I’m a Big dreamer, who manifests his dreams.

G.C: Give us a brief tour of your Life inside & outside of prison.

P :TODAY my Life is all about Oyezzz, which is my personal gauge which defines if I’m doing my time or if this time is doing me. As an unwavering man with my head held high..I simply give the respect I demand..I have Zero tolerance for disrespect and b.s with absolutely no problems with stepping to my business when need to be….In Life winners can detect Winners, like suckers can detect suckers and sucker shit…..Then you have those who talk about success, but are truly scared of it, so they continually sabotage self and choose to be apart of the gossip and not the conversation…… Outside of prison, I’ve always played my hand win, lose or draw based on my choices…good, bad or indifferent.. I’ve always felt like I was playing chess not checkers…being raised by the streets, which horribly offset my priorities which I regret wholeheartedly today because when I thought I was officially playing Monopoly… I was arguably playing Sorry…Doing this time…less than 1% of people, places and things we pledged our loyalties to remain loyal, while everything that matters most pays from our children parents, etc! …For you Up & Comers the last point expressed is a Five Star mental meal for thought.

G.C: Tell us about

P :Oyezzz is arguably my best move ever…I afford Oyezzz all the efforts that I have afforded the street plugs this wicked system times one thousand….I’m affording my vision more then I ever gave the mentioned because what I’ve come to realize is that all along has .been me…my swag..and vision that has always been the brand….Being a fact of Life…our best course of revenge is success,…even down bad notably over the years I’ve also realized the fact that to conquer your lane in entrepreneur or in the corporate only takes about 20% of the daily efforts we afford or provide in the streets…

G.C: Where did that name come from?

P :My original name for my business was, however my nephew Omar (Major shout outs to him doing his thing at Arizona St) said “Uncle Pooh, you need to shorten your characters business although a great name ,the younger generations want stuff to be extremely simple on social media”…So immediately I digested his constructed critcism from his point of view, so I when I went to secure my desired domain name….I tried to get, however all the three, four and majority of five character domain titles were owned by various companies which targeted like domain characters for resale…. So I thought of Oyez, which that domain was also I added a Z, which Oyezz domain was also owned and finally I added the third Z, which that domain was available to me and there Oyezzz, meaning Open Your Eyes was born.

G.C: Out of all things, what made you think of coming out with a social media platform?

P :After working on various unrelated projects while on an ankle bracelet before my Ohio trial my vision merely combined my networking attributes decades of established relations and the power of social media because the once lost are no longer and all unreachable are now reachable.

G.C: How is it ran?

P :I have arguably the greatest support system whom wants no part of the forefront or limelight…..However, collectively our established system allows my Oyezzz vision to shine brightest bringing forth everything the viewers see on the website and Oyezzz social media platforms…. However, words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for the daily internal website and social media support.

G.C: What is its purpose?

G.C: I hear that you have videos features and all that on there….Explain and navigate nus through that.

G.C:I also hear that you have a host of celebrities that’s following you on there…. Who is following you and how did you pull that off?

P :The simplified version without exposing my Victorian secrets:….Via my lil cousin/lil sister Gladys an array of others whom does their thing pushing the social media I generate the content of the s/m cards per upwards of nine different formats we have…..The cards are made then posted on all Oyezzz s/m platforms simultaneously.The tagging and other s/m maneuvering hard work is now paying off…..I am sincerely grateful as ever for all the ongoing and growing support from everyone ranging from professional sports…entertainment… hip hop…and all other genres whom are showing love and support across the board.

G.C:What other projects/moves have you done?

P : I cannot count the endeavors I have set sail out on…In addition I cannot count my starring roles in recidivism movies either..I’m a team of team players who’ve never had a problem with headlining the it star point guard or playing my role as role player coming off the bench…..coming from nothing..I’ve been chasing million dollar listings all my life..Although until now..I’ve failed, however I’ve never had a problem with making someone some paper…as long as they separated mines from theirs…you feel me…Now with Oyezzz I realize I’m mentally rich and its only a matter of time before my net worth catch up.

G.C: I’m a BIG listener of the Griselda movement…. I fucks with them.. Tell us about your relationship with them….

P : I go back with many of those behind the scenes and I also go back with Benny….I’m extremely happy for Benny to be getting his just due now…because before Buffalo was getting any love or recognition.. Benny been Fire…y’all don’t know ain’t even heard the half…Benny…Conway..Westside…DJ Shay Melec Joneszy..The Black Soprano Family…been in the paint grinding ..that’s why shit sounds so specific… you feel me….I can’t talk about Hip Hop and Buffalo without elevating three of out forefathers being..Kidd Kold Buff City Records DJ Shay and Melec…The Lyrical Tec being Chef Dread on the Griselda WWCD album….All and All individually and collectively..from the streets to the booth…not only are we official in Hip Hop ..we obtained our glory by being official in the streets , which holds true to this very breath….So play how you play… we salute official shit..but any sucker will be held fully accountable for your actions or lack thereof…..So ShaKim, it’s not surprising you fucks with us..because the old saying holds very true…the real recognize real……

G.C: People don’t overstand how ” Builders build…No Matter what”….but to have someone who is locked up…where he is physically limited and still can be an innovator or move maker is incredible to most….Can you explain to the people how this is possible?

P : You know in my humble opinion.. we as human beings make simple things complicated. However, if we face our fears head on..stepping outside our comfort it mentally or physically..looking and thinking outside the box..we will undoubtedly exceed our innovative expectations… Personally, I’ve never believed in “I can’t” ” you won’t” and every other saying or action that has been embedded in us to question or doubt our persons or abilities.
Me, personally.. you tell me I can’t…I’ll show you I can…and if you tell me I won’t…I’ll show you I will….Simply put..once we learn the concepts of getting out of our own way…the only limitations we have are those we allow to survive… with that being said …are you allowing limitations to survive in your personal life?…If so, self correct because there is nothing that you cannot do.

G.C: Anything you would like to add in?

P : You know regardless.. our past and or bad choices in life …we are all unpolished diamonds deriving from the pressures of Life…I proudly represent a forgotten society living amongst society…A society of individuals who’ve made various mistakes in their personal lives…Many of us who’ve failed our children..parents..siblings…the community and ourselves thus far…In this wicked society of hidden secrets… lack of humility… lack of activities for our youth…and this state of leadership the incarcerated population in also an innovative population… if only we look and think outside the box..If no one knows how to reach the streets…the streets know how to reach the streets…This dynamic arguably is what propels and or increases the values of our personal diamond that’s considered most flawed and or invaluable… Because many cannot teach what they do not know that’s in no curriculum or what they cannot see…Everyday in some way…we must polish the diamonds of ourselves.

G.C: Any Last words and Shout Outs?

P : First I want to shout out Seth Ferranti, GorillaConvict and You ShaKim Bio…and your S.H.A.K.I.M.’s HOOD monthly column….your voice and the diamond in you…..Although physically detained almost 30 years in…you remain mentally free…I recognize and appreciate the power of your swag…
Shout Out to our old head Spice 1 for connecting the dots…Shout outs to our brother from another mother Chris and DSP…Yo Monday coming to a neighborhood near you soon…It’s been written Welcome Home comrade!!….I can’t wait to feel your energy….I can’t forget to shout out Cleveland’s own Z107.9.. DJ K.Y…who shows Oyezzz crazy s/m Love…Shout outs to my lil cousin Carmelita Harris for doing her Oyezzz s/m things and to Vantell Media who is the pulse to Oyezzz….Everybody be sure to link to…from the joint Oyezzz is in uncharted waters and exposure is the 1st Like and Follow the website…then be sure to follow Oyezzz s/m and share those s/m cards and their individual hyperlinks..Via the Oyezzz website is for all of you, who feel you…..a family member….a friend..etc… been wrongfully convicted or face any type of judicial or social injustices…the Oyezzz Press ITL Library is for you!!!

Lastly, Thank you Seth Ferranti…Don Diva..who have navigated their visions from the joint..staying true to their roots to this very breath..Individually and collectively you all are inspirations to Oyezzz.

R.I.P. to Buffalo & Griselda’s own “DJ Shay.” Hip hop, we lost a thorough 1 right here!

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  • David Lozano says:

    Outstanding! Well Said Mr. Jackson.

    Anyone reading this please go to Oyezzz if you want to be enlightened with Cliff’s real words. He is the real deal. Peace and Love to ALL

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