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Part 12

After reading that novel ” The Brotherhood” and seeing that shit about the ole ass man…I was plotting on how to use that information to my advantage… It wasn’t a burden of proof because it didn’t contains documents that was available to the public as reference… but if there is smoke …then there is a fire somewhere.

I’m find a way

“That ole ass greasy slimeball ass niggah” I thought…

But damn near everyone on his case told or cooperated in some fashion..I bumped into one codee in the 90’s…niggah named “Popcorn”..He use to lift weights with me in USP Terre Haute.

I don’t know how he made it pass the checking point of paperwork..there was a breach of security somewhere cause I found his case years later when I was in USP Big Sandy…Pure Rat….he didn’t tell on his case… Nah..he was locked up in the detention center in NYC and befriended someone who was crying about their own charges….so he jumped on that dude’s case and testified against dude on some “He told Me” shit….

.Popcorn was a part of Preacher’s crew…he didn’t have nothing to tell..so he jumped on someone else’s case to tell on there…

Popcorn shot Apple Porter, who was Rich & Donnell Porter’s uncle…the same uncle who helped kidnap and later murder Donnell Porter….

Popcorn shot Apple for disrespecting his daughter…..Apple had a tendency to make sexual remarks to underage girls….and Popcorn laid on him for months before he paid him back with shots..but not killing him.

There was no info available on Preacher testifying or helping in convictions.. we couldn’t find nothing on his statements leading to an arrest…

“Lucky ass ole niggah”

As I laid back on my bunk so my celly can get the floor to move around.

we still on lockdown….I’m staring at the wall and started thinking back to this other shit….When I first got to USP Coleman ..I bumped into ” Murk” a so called Harlem dude who was in USP Big Sandy with me…some shit went down there , where a D.C. dude, who also happened to be “Murk”‘s celly stabbed him up..It a whole another story that belongs to another series.. but the aftermath was crazy with plots and subplots because I had to put a move together to clean up because shit got ugly …we had to clean up within the NY car’s circle…so now I’m at USP Coleman.. I see Murk ..he is o.k..but is still traumatized from that incident at USP Big Sandy..he is so grateful about the aftermath..he heard about it and thanked me for being a part of that…..

A few months go by…

and I find out one of the NY homies who was in USP Big Sandy was communicating with one of his codees who was at USP Coleman with me…his celly is the ole man…….WOW

Come to find out the ole man was doing research on me…wants to know all the fed pens I been in…how long and why I left… the type of shit I be into.. how I move…..so on and so on….but dude in USP Big Sandy… we were semi cool, but at 1 time had a dispute where we both went to draw out weapons out on each other…He was a Brooklyn dude with several Life sentences… I am a Brooklyn dude from Queens…shit was about to get UGLY…

we ended up squashing shit, but both stayed on point of each other…just in case…

I ended up moving in his unit…and the “clean up” was involving his main partner… shit was crazy

ANYWAY..the letter he sent to USP Coleman about me was enough to let the ole man know that he had to come correct with strategy and craftiness, because I move ill…

Also allegedly there was a rumor that “Murk” was “Hot” (a rat) on an old previous state case he caught in NY before catching his fed case in Pa….

I wasn’t told about it…

One day I was on the yard when Preacher/Balil (the ole man) came through and when he seen me ..he smiled and stated

“Everyone can’t come hide behind you”

I asked him “What you mean by that?”

he smiled and said “Murk…you can’t protect him…it’s against what you stand for” and smirked before waking away..

that’s when I found out about the letter from USP Big Sandy

I was searching for Murk for days after that

MY WORD ON EVERYTHING…I catch him on a Wednesday…in the chowhall…. that’s burger and french fries day…everywhere in the feds nationwide

I see him

he sees me

“what’s up”

“what’s up ShaKim” he responds

“I been looking for you” I say

“I heard” he responds

The chowhall is packed…everyone comes to get those hot french fries

As soon as I ask him about that NY state case and mention his codee’s name…..he panicks and start throwing up his food in the tray right there in the chowhall……..

Aahh Shit!!!! not him too……

Part 13

62 days after coming off of Lockdown…..

” Nah Sha….this isn’t going to fly” stated Vee as we held a secret meeting on the softball field in the middle of the afternoon… I let him read the novel 

” The Brotherhood”, so he can see what I saw.

“What if….I wrote the authors to see where they got their info from?” I asked

“We could do that…….but where did they get this court records from if it isn’t public records?” Vee stated back.

He was looking for a loop hole just as I was

“Man…Fuck all that!!…Let’s just get him lined up and hit and worry about that shit later” I stated

“Nah….the Muslims ain’t going for that…we need paperwork to move on”

he shot back

“As many hot ass Muslims that’s hiding in the community” as I was shaking my head “I know a white dude who can type up fake court documents that looks official with the court’s reporter stamp on there” I kicked in as Vee fell out dying laughing on the bleachers…..

“Damn Sha,…you want him that bad….huh?”

“Why not?…I know he is pork chops…I just need the proof…I may just shoot a scribe to Prince and ask him to send me copies of whatever he got”

“How the fuck we going to get that shit in?” asked Vee 

He was right…the mailroom was on point with shit like that… even though there was still a way..If the door was shut tight…you go through the window….shit would of been easier if the ole niggah’s shit was on the law library computer.

“I’m have my girl look this niggah up….I’m find something to move with” I spitted

“Just be careful God”

“I know……I know” I responded back

See….One thing to make clear; Preacher aka Balil aka ole ass man was in no way pussy or known to back down from trouble. He built his name on Violence on the streets was well as in prison….saying his name brought fear to many….

Just last week he smacked a Virginia dude silly after Balil presented knives for them to use in a knife dual….and the Va dude backed out cowardly….. so Preacher/Balil scenting the fear….took advantage by bitch smacking him (with Divine witnessing this for he was the only witness in this cell other than those 2) and telling dude he had 1 day to move out the housing unit….

I don’t know how dude pulled it off…but he now lives on the South side of the compound while Preacher still lived on the North side….

and Divine giving play by play of the incident which was chow hall table topic news…

ME?………No Way does fear register on my scale.

Not only was I going to put a team to go after this ole ass niggah ..but I was going to lead the pack and push steel…

It wasn’t like I wouldn’t….but I also knew the consequences…. 

This is what he do….He lives for this shit.

I’m trying to get back in court to give this time back and go home.

He is in here until they carry his dead body out

I got a lot to live for

He wants to die

So let me rethink this shit out again……cause when I pull out this knife and run you down..it’s a surprise attack… where you scream and run.

Now him?……..he may not run………

He backed down all types of dudes, whom got calibers on other levels worse than mine and he is still living…..

My BIGGEST battle was the easiest one

as I sat there in the bleachers of the softball field…..

I need strength ….and I need a lot of strategy


“Yo…ShaKim!” as Vee took me out of my daydream thoughts

“How we going to do this?…….we can’t move on him without proof…..plus spilling his blood is 1 thing….but he going to go hard….and one of us might get hurt or not make it……so let’s get our shit on point.”

” Word!!”

” You ready”

“If I’m not….I’m have to be” I responded back..

part 14..

The kind of dude this slimeball Ole ass man was….It wasn’t like you could just go out and attack him…..You had to be careful, because he was always prepared…. like Biggie Smalls…he was Ready to Die…and wouldn’t hesitate to take someone with him….. He wasn’t invincible or no shit….the ole niggah bled just like everybody else, but he moved “Ready”

Just look at when Prince went at him at USP Beaumont…. he was waiting on Prince to make a move… he didn’t know when, but he knew it was coming….it was any day now….so he took it not as any day, but as any second of any minute…he knew Prince was a danger to him and his well being…so he was prepared…even if it was just a knife tango dance to no music.

It was more than just physical with this ole niggah.

He was a professional grease ball, so it was on different levels…that’s how rodents move.

He used Religion and Politics

#1. He was hiding in the Muslim community and had rank….he surrounded himself with soldiers…and that brotherhood.. #2. He had Salim from Phila..the Black Mafia ole head squashing his beefs by playing the “It wasn’t me Ack” game…#3. He was an arsonist, who played the role of a fireman…setting big fires (beefs) while no one was looking and as soon as it got to burning big…he screams “LOOK!!..FIRE!” and uses his extinguisher (mediator) to put it out…#4. He also was working with the administration HEAVY…He had Lt’s, certain C.O.’s, the Captain, Investigators,…Deputy Warden….Warden on his side..he knew how to play that game..he moved on psychological, psychodramatical, and psychosomatical warfare….so you had to go at him RIGHT..because he had too many forces backing him up and his plays.

He sent c.o’s at you… put you on the administration’s target list and insulated himself within the Muslim community..

He was shooting shots at me the whole 5 1/2 yrs I was at USP Coleman 2…

small shots and sometimes big cannons..I dodged every single shot (Well…almost)…..He used all kinds of pieces on his chessboard too

Let me tell you some crazy shit…One of my dudes, who ran the NY  Blood car had a problem with one of his Bloods from Brooklyn that was on the compound… some paperwork surfaced saying dude was “hot” ( a rat).. so he wanted him off the compound… but not just off the compound… he wanted him poked up where they had to pick him up on a stretcher and rushed to an outside hospital…

I got involved because I’m from NY..so the Blood Big Homie came to me for my advise..I could greenlight the hit or dead it…but son is “hot”…….SO HE GOT TO GO!!!..Dude wants to make an example out of this kid though..he don’t even know its coming ….It sounds GREAT..make this example so ANYONE who came here and under the Blood banner knows niggahs ain’t playing… “Hot” dudes is getting hit and crushed at USP Coleman 2…

I thought it over.

I’m like “Nah…Don’t hit him”

He like “WHAT?!”

I’m like “No..Let’s do this…Let’s make the biggest statement by hitting the biggest rat in the Fed system…that way making him an example.. niggahs will know not to play and we may end up on the covers of Don Diva and FEDS magazine”

“Who?” he asked

“Preacher..that ole man Balil…me and you can go walk up in his unit H-2…..he is sitting right in front of the TV” as I look at my G Shock watch…” we can attack him right now” I said

I seen my dude’s work…he stabs with no hesitation… puts in that work…He has several Life sentences and BIG on that NTG shit HARDBODY

BUT I said ” Preacher….the ole man Balil?”

He changed his mind on that…..”Nah…Homie..I’m out of that one”

as I shook my head….but gave the nod for the Bloods to run the hot dude off the compound without any bloodshed….



  • Joseph Almeida says:

    Damn! THIS….is dat✍shyt!!!

  • GR says:

    Didnt you have the perfect way to get the old man…Didnt he want to sit down with you and go over his paperwork he said…So you could have got him comfortable and relaxed and showing you his paperwork…Where he will not have a piece in his hands and than you got him in the perfect spot to make a move on him

    • He did review the paperwork but a page was missing like nobody would notice. This is before he was sure he was a rat. Shit deeper than the devil’s lake bro.

      • GR says:

        I feel that. What I was referring to is Balil showed him the paperwork first but said he wanted to sit down with him and go over it again…Shakim grabbed it and said “Yeah I’ll read it later” and Balil took it back and said we can go over it whenever you want…So that’s what I’m talkin about…The next time he could have got him sat down and showing him his bullshit paperwork and than put the move down on him. The truth is that Shakim could have moved on him easily but when youve been down for 21 straight..Your not trying to do all day..So I understand where Shakim is coming from

  • Domenic says:

    This was a good read. Thank you for writing it. I feel like it took the most balls to write about flaking out at the end.

    Anybody could have been like “yeah then we killed that fucker rah rah rah and now I’m the shot caller for the warden rah rah rah.”

    You were honest and chose to outline a man’s struggle with a life and death decision. This story can be read colloquially and can describe the natural back and forth thought pattern they accompanies a hard decision of any type.

    I mean when you think about it so many of us have troubles and get into trouble because we are always “backing out of the hit” in a metaphorical sense. At least it feels that way for me.

    Be well, do well and take care.

  • Rick Johns says:

    Reading this Preacher is really a feared man. He really had other hard core gangsta under pressure.

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  • Goldiewolfe says:

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  • Cole Carter says:

    This is a really good story. To see Preacher holding it down in Prison like he was on the streets show he was not to be played with. Does anybody know who this Shakim cat is or who he use to run with in Queens because I never heard of him. Sounds like he is from Southside Jamica but not sure.

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