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Part 9

For a couple days that been the talk of the compound….

that Preacher shook up a few D.C. dudes who was suppose to be vicious knife pushers…but did nothing when he surfaced….The story changed so many times to 1,000 versions to the story of Preacher chasing them where they dropped their knives and I had to stop him……

when the bottom line was I don’t even fuck with this old ass niggah….

As a few wks went by and a few prison stabbings as well …..Everything went back to normal….and D.C. went back into stabbing other convicts..

This NY Blood from Brooklyn landed on the compound… He was from Breevport pjs in Bed Study, Bk….and was screaming that he was the rapper’s Fabolous manz…he had a stack of photos of Fab and the boxer Zab Judah …he came from USP Lewisburg and had a few messages for me…but I was introduced to him by Vince …for Vince use to run with dude’s brother on the streets….Blood’s name was ” Bad News”…. so that should say a lot about him…

Anyway… he use to come to the unit to holla at me…plus Vince was in my unit…He came with a few Don Diva mags with the switched up covers because in some spots Don Diva mags isn’t allowed in…

I was given the mags and was told who to pass them to once I was done…I’m like ” O.K.”

Why in this special edition there was a story in there with John Cuff, who happens to be one of Preachers codefendants??

He talks about how much of a slimeball and rat Preacher really is and had some paperwork with statements in there, but the names was darkened out and not really legible…. shit was crazy…

So once I seen that …I was bugging…but it wasn’t enough to use as official black & white…it didn’t come from no courts….or nothing….Anyway I let my celly look at the magazines before I pass them on to who was suppose to get them….me not knowing that my celly let someone else look through them while they were sitting in our cell…while I wasn’t there….

They read the article and figured out that the pest exterminator muslim dude named Balil was actually ” Preacher from Harlem”…so he went and told him..who told him..him told him…him told them…. who told everyone..who told you and others that they read that Preacher was a rat and ShaKim got the magazine right now….

So sound travelled to the chowhall where it went to the North side to Preacher’s ear….

This old niggah went CRAZY..

So he sends one of his henchmen.. this Muslim cat from Brooklyn, who use to run in Queens and is tied into several well known street Legends that’s Official… which I couldn’t believe he had nerves to approach me concerning this shit.

His name was Malik …he came to talk to me..

“Yo..ShaKim, Peace God.” as we gave each other pounds and embrace

” What’s good Malik?”

“Trying to get home…that’s what’s up….you know?”

we spoke on some shit going on in the streets cause his peops is connected with my peops…..then he came at me sideways..

” Yo Sha…the ole man wants that magazine you been showing everybody”

” What mag?….and what you mean I been showing everybody?”

“Word is….you are showing this Don Diva where Cuff is saying Balil is hot….so Balil wants to dead it…he already smacked one cat for repeating it..so to kill the whole ordeal…just give me the mag and we will just destroy it”.. spoke Malik

” Yeah?… Well it ain’t my mag to give away…so I ain’t giving up shit…I didn’t show it to nobody either…but tell the ole man he is dead on the mag..my G”

as I stood up on defense ready

So the next morning …the ole man comes to my unit with the big container spray tank

” ShaKim… I need that magazine…Young Brother” as he had a serious face and that smile at the same time

” I can’t do that …cause it ain’t mine to give you” I told him

” Who mag is it then?…so I can go see him….Is it a NY homie?…” he asked 

” I can’t tell you all that cause he gave it to me and I’m going to give it back to him”

“But…You showing cats what my pussyass codee Cuff is saying about me!!!!…

He said that I’m a rat……….I’m NOT A RAT!” as he raised his voice and started pointing his finger at me

“Yo…Yo…Yo…Hold up Ole head…I ain’t say you HOT…DON DIVA did….so take it up with Don Diva magazine….cause I ain’t giving you shit”….as I stood there smiling..

Part 10

As wks went by…

USP Coleman 2 was super sweet…despite the little prison drama that pops off here and there…but overall shit was sweet….

The warden let us get our way……Mutula Shakur was known as Dr. Mutula Shakur and he had a Cultural Diversity class that everybody went to..

so he made moves with some outside people and teamed up with Malik….and got Ja Rule to come to USP Coleman to perform for us….

Also coming was a few females from the local college radio station that was going to do poetry and spoken word …they had a talent show where convicts was going to perform.

Malik had his peops come in from the streets and one of them so happened to be an unindicted coconspirator to my federal case…He came in with Chaz Williams of BlackHand Ent …who I was also o.k. with…Chaz did fed time in the early days for bank robberies and was familiar with a lot of the old timers 

like Salim and others….Chaz was older too and very well known in Queens.

So that Saturday when they came …it was packed out in the rec yard..and what was so ill was they came on the yard and chilled with us..with no security or nothing…it was all love as they had their jewelry on and kicked it with us….They were bugging that I got older and gained a few pounds since I been in….The main performance was Ja Rule, who was going to perform for a selected small audience.

There was a reason why I didn’t show up for the special performance…..

While on the yard…the cameraman came and Mutula gathered up a few of us to take photos with Chaz and some unknown rappers…I looked and seen Salim and a few old heads…Malik…and out of no where ….Preacher…

Chaz label was ” BlackHand Ent” and right there was the ” BlackHand of Death”….Preacher….so when they called me to get in the photos…..I declined…

they kept insisting and I said ” Nah….I’m cool”

Some took that as a disrespect or some funnystyled shit that I wouldn’t get in the photos with them….

So a few days later …..Dr. Mutula Shakur…who is very cool with me approached me with Salim and brought up the issue

“ShaKim” as me and Mutula gave each other pounds and embraced and the same exchanges with Salim

” I feel disrespected …you know why?…. because I extended my hand out to you …Shown you nothing but Brotherly Love…Why?.. because YOU ARE MY COMRADE and my Little Homie….you are a warrior and stand tall in my eyes…I wanted you in that performance… in the front row with me…in the photos…but YOU REFUSED…like YOU feel the YOU are better than US”

He went on with stories of the struggles of the 70’s and 80’s…the Crips & Bloods truce that he put together with Minister Farrahkhan …the part he played in Tupac’s life..to all kinds of struggles in prison which he been in since 1985…1986….Salim sat there agreeing with Mutula as he went on and on 

I sat there and listened

” ShaKim… why would you let us down like this?…. by not showing up to support Ja Rule? You that much of a 50 cent fan?…. Isn’t Irv your peoples? you have history with him….What? …you are hiding and don’t want your picture in public?… I don’t mean to disrespect you by no means..but I feel offended ..ShaKim ” as Mutula gave me his sadden look

” You want to know the truth?” I said as I stood up in front of Mutula and Salim

” You both are Legends that the younger generation look up to….Even me…Y’all stood tall and strong….Salim you were vicious… I read the Black Mafia book…Mutula..I know your work…but you got to OVERSTAND me….where I come from…..what I represent… there’s no way….I mean …NO WAY…EVER… am I or will I ever get in any photo…and let it go anywhere in public…or even in my mind…just knowing…all I done…all I been through…all I know and stand on…to EVER IN LIFE…EVER..” as I looked at both of them

” to be in the same picture as Preacher….My niggahs…crew…family..EVERYONE ..even my enemies will disown me…I JUST CANT DO THAT” as I looked both of them in their eyes and can see the hurt in their eyes ….cause the truth hurted them as well

Part 11

Sitting in the cell…..

looking out through the door’s window of the upper part of the door…

we been locked down over 60 days now…due to a convict who was a part of the Dirty White Boys gang. He beat a c.o. who was one of those c.o.’s who overdoes his job and on some super detective shit…Well he got beat with a lock on a belt…beaten badly too…they found the c.o. in a pool of blood with shit coming down his leg….So the whole prison was on lockdown …60 days in so far…and still counting….

I usually get up at 6 am…do my stomach & abs routine… about 500 push ups…and then I watch the news through the cell door’s window… I can see one of the 8 tvs in the common area from my cell….

They bring us all 3 hot meals ..that they place through the slot in the cell doors..we come out for showers every other day..they handcuff and escort us to the single man showers where we are locked in for a ten minutes shower…and the water cuts off

There were still some cool c.o.’s that will pass ice and hot water, but some who won’t….some who will pass food and stuff

The only hard part is getting a routine going because you got to share the cell with another man….My celly Mike was from Baltimore, MD….he was cool…I known him from Big Sandy…

I’m a morning person..so I do everything and be out his way by 9 am….

He was always crying about being locked down…I’m tired of hearing this shit..

I read just about every book I could get my hands on….My celly Mike gets the Baltimore Sun newspaper and I sometimes get the c.o. to pass me other newspapers from cells in the unit….or change the channel on the tv 

Even on lockdown USP Coleman was sweet….

I read just about every book in the unit and I had nothing else to read….

I was pissed as I put my radio back on the bed…I was tired of hearing Rick Ross or Lil Wayne on every song that comes on…

As I looked at my bookshelf and seen that ” The Brotherhood” hard cover book sitting there on the shelf

Fuck it…as I went to get it

I read the whole book in 3 hours…and couldn’t believe what I just read…

It was based on the story of the 2 NY detectives that was taking jobs and hits for the New York Mafia…how they gotten under investigation and caught…the evidence they gathered to their arrests..when they retired and moved to Las Vegas thinking they got away.

but thats not what got me hooked to the book

It was the detectives who cracked the case and arrested them….1 of the detectives who happen to write the book…he speaks on his history as a cop and when he became a detective..

Guess what his first case was?

The murder of a 12 yr old from Harlem named Donnel Porter, who was allegedly kidnapped and held for ransom…. Donnel was the younger brother of Harlem’s drug kingpin Rich Porter…and it spoke on how Rich was also murdered in an unrelated case…so it was now 2 murders of brothers….

Donnel was murdered because the ransom money was never delivered because Rich was murdered…so that left no choice but to murder the younger brother… and guess who was blamed for the crime??

You guessed it…Clarence ” Preacher” Heathley and his crew…

It spoke on after his arrest he started cooperating and they couldn’t shut him up..as he told on dozen of murders him and his crew allegedly committed…. but the thing is they couldn’t give him a deal.

He was never charged with Donnel Porter’s murder…so he can never testify in any case because once the defense lawyers get a chance to cross examine Mr. Heathley that story of him kidnapping..chopping the finger off to give to the family…then murdering….dismembering the body of a 12 yr old..and never being charged will come out and result to maybe a loss of conviction of the case they try to use him as a witness in… so instead of taking such chances…of a jury finding out the government making deals with people like him..they just gave him natural life..( several)

I jumped out my bed when I read that shit…..now I know why my comrade gave me this fucking book!!!!… he knew that that old ass niggah was sour…

This book was not no court documents or no actual paperwork to stand on….

but it was enough to let me know that that niggah was poison……there may not be no transcripts showing that he told…because they can’t use him…

he did tell..but it was of no use….so that’s why he so certain …only he have the paperwork on himself.

I can’t wait for this prison to come off of lockdown……

I got something for the ole ass niggah……..

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