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Prison Stories, Review

First off, I must say the Seth Ferranti is an intriguing character, more importantly, an exceptional writer. Prison Stories was jaw-dropping and a bit much at times, but I made it through.

This book is told from the view point of an inmate, Guero. As a suburban dope pusher, young Guero found himself federally incarcerated in a place that quickly proved to be equally, if not more savage than life on the streets. Making friends and enemies, Guero eventually learns how to survive on the inside, trying to remain humble, true and elude the almighty shank.

I gotta say that Prison Stories is a book every young man should read. These gruesome tales will make you check ya gangsta at the door and think twice about living the life. Once you get in there, ya mama girlfriend or loyal homeboys on the streets can’t help you. Tilt of the brim to Seth Ferranti, a brilliant brotha that unfortunately got caught up out here in the bullshit. Yes, I said brotha. Don’t matter what color we are – we all brothas and sistas.



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