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APOOO Book Club Review of Prison Stories

Behind Those Walls, August 3, 2008

Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti gets up close and personal of what prison life is like. He takes us through the day to day life of inmates and the survival tactics in the penal system. Its not your usual urban stories that some of us read about. We are given the raw, raunchy explicit details with much intensity that will keep you reading from beginning to end. There is no sugar coating to what is going down behind the prison walls.

Prison Stories is “real talk” that is a must read, especially for our youth. It reminds you of the HBO series “OZ” but Prison Stories is the real deal. I commend Mr. Ferranti for writing about his and others experience behind those walls. His style is of writing is very detailed and enjoyable. Many of us take our freedom for granted. Once you read this novel you will sit back and think how blessed we are not being caught up in the system.

APOOO Book Club

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