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Street Legends Vol. 1

“I ain’t never ran…never will” is the motto of all the men in Street Legends. This includes Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Wayne “Silk” Perry, Anthony Jones, Aaron Jones, Peter “Pistol Pete” Rollack and George “Boy George” Rivera. But honestly, I am not sure how I feel about the stories told by people that were actually there when a lot of the things were taking place. The stories are told vividly and you are kind of in awe. But at the same time, ypu wonder where’s our conscience in that we can glorify someone being murdered and think that the person who committed the murder should be commended. I do believe that if we are both committing the same crime, hell no you better not tell on me and I won’t tell on you. That’s with anything in life. If I did it too, then when I’m caught, I will take my punishment. I understand the whole snitch thing, but calling them great stand up men who killed a bunch of people over drugs is not so commendable to me. I don’t know I am confused. I mean, all of the men were different yet all the same. I guess if I was a bit younger, maybe I would be like “Wow, they were the sh*t!.” Maybe it’s my age and knowing that’s not what life really is. It’s crazy to me to read these stories and see how people really looked up to these men.

I think Mr. Ferranti did a wonderful job in depicting their lives and telling them in a way no one has or probably ever will. As conflicted as my feelings are towards the men and the crimes they committed, it was an interesting read. I won’t say enjoyable because I had to keep stopping because the crimes were like “Wow!” The people describing them never once said anything bad about any of the men, no matter how bad the crime was. Please don’t take my review the wrong way as being judgemental. I’ve lived the life as well. I’m certainly not proud of it. I’m just saying that the older you are and as you have children, the game doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. And murder in any form should never be commended.

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