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EKG Literary Magazine Review of Street Legends Vol. 1

Honor among Thieves, September 22, 2008
By EKG Literary Magazine “The pulse of the liter… (

The early lives of these men were noteworthy particularly the bridges that carried them into legendary status. Some were charismatic rather than ruthless and showed a maneuvering savvy that belied the lives that they led. Particularly, Kenneth McGriff, a gentlemanly statesman, whose larger than life escapades and accomplishment belie his physical stature and background. Had the legalese been cited, the actual factuals could have been researched by those desiring to do so. Reliving the court decisions for each subject and circumstance was distracting and tedious. I appreciated the thoroughness of its inclusion, although it gave the affair a technical feel, reminiscent of a documentary rather than homage. Firm and authoritative, this literature gives the average reader an authentic glimpse into a world they could only imagine. Powerful testimonials, particularly from some hip hop heavyweights, and `matter-of-fact’ grit, drive this book. Amid the crime and calculated misdeeds, these were tales of integrity: there is honor amid the bloodshed, drugs, and money…….even among thieves.

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