Drugs, Guns, Hustle and Flow


Legendary figures of the drug game have been the province of myth and hearsay until the rise of hip-hop, where rappers name check weaponry by style and drug dealers by name. Cocaine or gangsta rap is crack era nostalgia taken to its extreme. A world where rappers relive in their videos the lives of their favorite street legend, celebrating their ... [Continue Reading]

Life and Times of a Chili Pimp


Ex-Chili pimp, ex-corrupt cop, ex-hustler, ex-drug dealer andNew York Citynative Michael “Mickman” Gourdine tells his story in Chili Pimpin inAtlantic Cityout on Strategic Media Books. His vivid tale is told in the first person and in Mickman’s unique style and voice. Mickman was featured in As Is Magazine and now you can read his story in this ... [Continue Reading]