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Life and Times of a Chili Pimp

Ex-Chili pimp, ex-corrupt cop, ex-hustler, ex-drug dealer andNew York Citynative Michael “Mickman” Gourdine tells his story in Chili Pimpin inAtlantic Cityout on Strategic Media Books. His vivid tale is told in the first person and in Mickman’s unique style and voice. Mickman was featured in As Is Magazine and now you can read his story in this frantic street tale. This is not urban fiction this is real life. But let Mickman tell it.

 Why did you decide to write a book?

In the spring of 1997 I went to 1 Police Plaza to report that I was being forced to frame hundreds of people. The deal was that I would be able to continue selling drugs as a Corrupt Cop in return for doing so. I was having a problem looking myself in the mirror….Not for selling drugs…..but for framing innocent people. I met with a Sgt. Brown, a Black female who took my report and talked a bunch of Black power shit just to have me transferred before I could even report back to work that night. I was tortured that summer by Sgt. Capra in the central Park precinct. I was arrested on September 22, 1999 I was arrested in full uniform by Captain Romano for 509.1 unknowingly driving with a suspended license. I had been “Tailed” that whole summer (Still doing my thing) and they had come up with nothing. The whole precinct applauded as I was jogged By Feds and I.A.B. to a waiting van where I was hauled lights and sirens to the 2-6 Pct. for processing. I told Deputy Commissioner Ellen Swarz all about me filing a report and found out my report was never submitted. I wrote letters to everyone ranging  from Al Sharpton, Congressmen Charles Rangel, and President Clinton……I couldn’t get attention anywhere so I decided to write a book to bring my fight to the public view.

 How did you hook up with Ron Chepisiuk and strategic media books?

 After writing my book I gave out thousands of what looked like a book report, but was the prototype of my book. I then got the idea to have it pressed to look like a book. I gave away over 170,000 copies of this on top of tens of thousands of e-books. I sent them to numerous people I thought could get me published. One day while watching an episode of American Gangster on Leroy Nicky Barnes I saw an expert on crime named Ron Chepisiuk speaking and figured I hadn’t sent him a book yet, and what could it hurt?…so I sent it and Ron Chepisiuk being the great and wise mentor that he is helped me from letter to letter getting the book edited for publishing. I can’t explain how thankful I am to him.

How did the interview with As Is and Shabazz come about?

 The first person I sent a book to when I pressed them was my childhood hero Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols. He arranged my interview with As Is Magazine.

How is the book doing and how are you promoting it?

 The book has sold out a few times on Amazon.com. So I imagine that it’s going okay. I’m doing radio shows quite often arranged by the great Ron Chepisiuk, which has also increased sales a bit.

What advice do you have for aspiring pimps?

 Aspiring Pimps need to know the history of the “Game” and to recognize if they are a natural or not. To not try and force anything but let the natural rhythm of the game lead them. If it’s not meant for you, you will feel it….Like when a craps table has gone “Cold”….you know it’s just not your game.

 What do you have to tell people who are thinking about getting in the
game and the hustlers life?

 People should hustle as a last resort…Not a first. Have a peaceful life, not spend it looking over your shoulder expecting to get caught at any time. I could never leave it alone. Like someone recreationally doing drugs….and just like someone who “Chips”….now I have to do it.

Tell us about corruption in the NYPD and what type of stuff is going on?

 Corruption in the police department evolves with time like everything else, and just like everything else the more things change the more they stay the same. The most corrupt cops are the ones who are insolated by higher ups including family who gives them the right to do whatever they want. With that said…….corruption will exist wherever it can in the police department in any shape it can manifest itself. Intelligence breeds criminality and Cops are the smartest most adaptable criminals there are.

You said in your book Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols was your inspiration why is that?

Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols was the King when I was growing up. He was larger than life and when I saw him in his Burgundy Rolls Royce with the white leather interior I knew that my dismal life could one day change. The same way my children feel like they could be President now because of Barack Obama……Fat Cat meant even more. Most children had Jesus to inspire them….I had Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols.

What urban gangsters have you known or been around in your work or your time in the streets?

 The biggest gangsters on the street when I was a Cop are still on the streets and some still pay my bills so I’m not at liberty to divulge such information.

What do you think about the magazines like Don Diva and F.E.D.S. and the movement they have started?

 Don Diva and F.E.D.S. Magazine are very good at giving the public a glance at the street without endangering themselves. They answer a lot of questions that people have from the neighborhoods of showcased Gangsters who only have “hearsay” knowledge and “legend” of said Gangsters. These Gangsters were all that black children like myself had to look up to and inspire us to be anything more than “junkies” so it does my heart good that they get their due.

Where do you see this urban gangster going popular culture wise?

 The urban gangster has been hunted to near extinction not because of any harm that he or she has committed but because they somehow slipped through the cracks that the upper class had cemented them in with infuriating society on a whole…Including other urban people who feel as though the Gangster is no more special than anyone else in the ghetto and should therefore suffer like everyone else from there….or at least have a tragic ending.

Where can people get the book?

My book is available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Strategicmediabooks.com,
Anyone who sends me correspondence at-

P.O. BOX 153





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