An Interview with Corrupt Cop Michael Dowd

An Interview with Corrupt Cop Michael Dowd The Seven Five is one of the hottest documentary films going. It has a Scorcese like feel and examines the corruption in the NYPD in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Corrupt cops are a blight on the community but somehow corrupt cop extraordinaire Michael Dowd makes his […]

Prison Stories


Special Management Units

Special Management Units ADX Florence the Super Max federal prison in Florence, Colorado holds the distinction as the worst prison in the world. A certifiable living hell for the prisoners housed there that makes them slowly deteriorate and loose touch with their sanity. But the Bureau of Prisons has come up with and an ADX […]

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Street Lit & True Crime


Inside the History of the Black Guerrilla Family

The Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) formed at a time when the California Department of Corrections (CDC) was a hot bed of gang activity. There was a black power movement going on, the prison reform movement going on and the drug game and street culture were at the beginnings of what it would turn into over […]

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Allen Iverson Showtime Documentary

Allen Iverson Showtime Documentary Allen Iverson is an icon in pop culture. He transcended the National Basketball Association to become a part of hip-hop culture and to represent all that the media said was wrong with the young black male. AI epitomized thug life and was as much a cultural figure in urban areas as […]


Vicious Biker Shootout Kills Nine

Vicious Biker Shootout Kills Nine In Texas when they get busy, they get busy and not just with their fists. All the reports coming out of Waco confirm a slaughter. The details are still leaking out, but the Bandidos and Cossacks go hard. The mainstream media is reporting that its a turf dispute because both […]


Knowledge of the Gods

                ***NEW BOOK ALERT**** KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS Triple O.G. Yah Yah is just one of the names I got while I was in prison. I did 50 years in state and federal jails. My people, the Crips and the Bloods gave me that title Triple O.G. and […]

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