From the Hood to Hollywood

From the Hood to Hollywood If there is one thing Al-Saadiq Banks wants you to know it’s that he didn’t start writing books for the money. He didn’t even set out to be an author. “I didn’t start writing with the intentions of being an author or to sell books.” Al-Saadiq says. “I started writing basically […]

Prison Stories


Seth Ferranti on Prison Life

Seth Ferranti was a U.S. Marshal’s Top 15 Most Wanted fugitive from 1991 to 1993 before he was caught and sentenced to 304 months for a first-time, nonviolent LSD offense. Check out this video where Seth describes his incarceration and how he adapted to life inside the belly of the beast. Prison life was not […]

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Street Lit & True Crime


Ten Types of Inmates You Meet in Women’s Prison

  Ten Types of Inmates you Meet in Women’s Prison. Prison is a weird place. There are aspects of prison that are terrifying, depressing, and astounding — but there are also a lot of things that are just plain weird. For instance, there are certain behaviors and patterns that people develop in prison that can […]

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Money, Money, Money

            Money, Money, Money- That’s what Arthur J. Williams Jr. was about, counterfeiting money that is, but he turned his life around and is now a legitimate artist and clothes designer. Check out this article that Seth Wrote about him for VICE- http://www.vice.com/read/how-a-famous-counterfeiter-reinvented-himself-as-an-artist-306


Real is Back with Kevin Chiles from Don Diva Magazine

          Check out this Real is Back Podcast with Kevin Chiles  from Don Diva Magazine as he breaks it down with Seth Ferranti and Eyone Williams about what Don Diva magazine is past, present and future. The conversation gets real on this podcast and Seth and Eyone get guests that you […]

comic con

From Convict Author to Comic Creator

Check out this video on Seth Ferranti’s YouTube channel and watch Seth’s entrance into the world of comics as he adapts his Supreme Team book into a graphic novel.

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