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Boston Godfather busted, Spucky’s turn on top yields similar results as predecessors by Scott Burnstein, an exclusive from www.gangsterreport.com

The FBI continued its relentless assault on the mafia in New England last week, indicting alleged acting Patriarca Family boss, Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo on charges of extortion based on collecting thousands of dollars of protection money from Boston-area Constitution Vending and the Revere Moose Lodge, a local social club. Spagnolo, 72, lives in suburban Revere […]

Prison Stories

keri blakinger blog piece

Rotting in Prison by K.L. Blakinger

“I hope you rot in prison forever. Haha.” That was one of about fifty similar messages – from complete strangers — waiting in my Facebook inbox after my arrest. Aside from the personal messages, there were a slew of nasty comments in forums, calling me everything from “the trashiest human being I’ve ever seen” to […]

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Street Lit & True Crime

2014-09-12 12.00.05

Finally Home After 21 Years

About six weeks ago on July 31, 2014 I was released from FCC Forrest City in Arkansas. It was my first taste of freedom in 21 years. I got locked up when I was 22, way back in 1993 and finally the BOP decided to release me. Well, kind of. I am in the halfway […]

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