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The Solntsevskaya Brotherhood by Niko

The Solntsevskaya Brotherhood by Niko It’s impossible to talk about the history of modern Russia without mentioning that lawless period of free-for-all mayhem that was the 1990s. When you look at Moscow today you see a modern metropolis. OK maybe Russia isn’t the freest country in the world, but people in the major cities live […]

Prison Stories


Thoughts on Prison Guards by Judge

The number one threat to a correctional officers safety isn’t the inmates they’re paid to oversee, it’s the actions of their fellow officers. Respect is a two way street. To get respect, you have to give respect. In the penitentiary any slight to another inmate is dealt with justly. Whatever the convicts code dictates is […]

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Street Lit & True Crime


Top Gangster Wives in the Movies

Top Gangster Wives- 3 of the Most Unforgettable Gangsters Wives in the Movies and the Lessons They Taught Us Money, power and respect aside, being married to the game –or the men of the game, has its consequential highs and lows. It’s almost inevitable. One minute things seem are good and the next things are […]

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Big Meech Asks For Pardon

Big Meech asks for pardon- Demetrius Flenory aka “Big Meech,” the head of the mulit-million dollar drug cartel, Black Mafia Family, penned a jailhouse letter to Russell Simmons, in which he pleads with the music mogul to ask President Obama to issue a pardon. Big Meech writes: “Most murderers, rapists, and child molesters get much less […]


The Top 10 Drug Lords

The Top 10 Drug Lords The drug game is and always was a billion dollar industry. Here’s a list compiled by Brandy Cavalli, The Pen Hustler of some of the world’s most notorious kingpins to ever “move dat dope”. Frank Lucas AKA: “Superfly” Country of operation: USA Downfall: His house was raided in 1975 where more than half a million […]


Gangs in the United Kingdom by Niko

There’s a lot of misunderstandings about gangs in the UK, both within the country and outside. Gangs over here are mostly small, short-lived kingdoms that fall as soon as they rise. And unlike other countries they very rarely have access to serious firepower. No-one’s cruising down the street popping off AK’s. And yet we have […]

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