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Top Ten Mafia Murders

THE HIT LIST – A City-By-City Ranking of North America’s Top Mob Murders of All-Time BY SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN Top Ten Mafia Murders Top 5 Gambino Family Mob Murders of All-Time 1 Albert (The Mad Hatter) Anastasia – The boss of what became the Gambino syndicate for most of the 1950s, the power-hungry Anastasia was […]

Prison Stories


The Politics of Programming in the Penitentiary by Judge

The politics of programming in the penitentiary can be complicated because of how the system is set up. There are over two hundred thousand people incarcerated today in the federal prison system. This number encompasses every level of security throughout the bureau of prisons, from the minimally controlled camps to the fortified penitentiaries. When everyone of […]

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Street Lit & True Crime


Wayne Perry Speaks From Prison

                In this candid interview orchestrated and brought to the world by Transitions writer/director/producer Hanibal Chancellor aka Big Hanman, Wayne Perry speaks from the penitentiary for the first time ever. This is a Gorilla Convict exclusive. Before you check out what Wayne Perry has to say Hanibal has […]

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Gangs in the United Kingdom by Niko

There’s a lot of misunderstandings about gangs in the UK, both within the country and outside. Gangs over here are mostly small, short-lived kingdoms that fall as soon as they rise. And unlike other countries they very rarely have access to serious firepower. No-one’s cruising down the street popping off AK’s. And yet we have […]


Seth Ferranti on the Comic DNA Podcast

Seth Ferranti on the Comic DNA Podcast- Check out this podcast Seth and Anthony Mathenia did talking about Criminal, the true crime graphic novel by Brubaker and Phillips and how it relates to what they are doing with their  Supreme Team comic series. Click on the link that follows to listen- Episode 33 – Criminal […]


Seth Ferranti on the Brothers on Whatever Show

            Seth Ferranti and Joe Wills, artist for the Supreme Team comic, appeared on the Brothers on Whatever radio show on CBS 920 in Saint Louis. It was an in studio appearance and Seth talked about his case, prison life, gangsters, his books and the new comic book that he […]

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