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THE KAM ERA by ShaKim Bio

Welcome to another GorillaConvict exclusive interview as ShaKim Bio introduces this Detroit writer whose followings in prison sparked ShaKim’s interest…

Ever since I made it to level 2 medium security prison Marion Correction Institution.. (M.C.I.) …All I been hearing about is ” Kam”

Young dudes and older ones talking about Kam and his street hood novels…

I’m a writer that knows how to target audiences… I’m also a Master Networker, when I see this following amongst the 2700 prison population..

I was like ” Who the hell is this Kam?”

When it was known that I am also writer, who authored/published 3 novels…

when cats ask me about my books …they always ask ” Do you know Kam?”

…..It got to the point that I wanted to meet this Kam and see what this talk was all about that caused the following of all kinds of convicts from all walks of life all talking about him….

So I made moves with the NAACP Vice President, who is also a convict and he looked Kam up from the inmate population bed book list…got Kam’s real name, number ….told the c.o. in charge to send Kam a pass to report to the NAACP….. my Word is Bond..this is how I got to meet Kam…

Once we met and I shared with him my portfolio and body of writings..he put me on to his….

This dude has over 20 written books…I seen pages and pages of stuff…some typed up…some hand written….that he got them broken down into series…He is definitely making moves with his pen…always writing..

we connected ever since and build every Saturday for 2 hours in the gym….

he is in writing classes…the library… always moving around with his pen and he has a following….

I read 2 of his series and was impressed…..In our 8 months of building I felt it’s time to get him the spotlight that he truly deserves…..So I’m stop all the talking and let Kam tell you about who he is and how he became to be the next hottest writer….

Peace GorillaConvict… my name is Lamar L.Walker..better known as 

” Kam”

…I’m from the westside of Detroit… my Era was the Crack era..I came off the porch in 1984 when crack took Detroit by storm…. I use to be a emcee …I became one the first time I heard the Sugar Hill Gang…I really feel like I wasn’t even alive until Hip Hop grabbed me…the beats and rhymes woke something up in me the Holy ghost…I been bobbin & zoning since..

I came to Ohio with the influx of Crack cocaine …a lot of trouble.. I came to Ohio running from a shooting case in Detroit… been trapped in the state ever since… What started me to write stories was boredom…at the reception center called ” C.R.C.” we were locked down 18 hours a day..I just started writing one day because I was bored to death and my celly swore my story was good…that was the spark…Anytime I went to the hole, or rode out to a prison that was locked down….writing became my go to…

“Kam let me ask you some questions that I know the people want to know more about you…”


G.C: Your writing style and ethics is Crazy…Tell us about it..

KAM: My style came from what I life personally. I don’t like books that drag scenes out..or over explain details..I like a fast paced read, so I write a fast pace work ethic is 2 fold…1 I need to crawl out of the huge hole I dug myself into…I’m 48 yrs old now..I would have to work until I’m 80 to even think about retirement.. so I’m writing for my life…I sit down and write anywhere from 7 to 10 hours every day…there are breaks in between, but my day consist of writting ….my 2nd reason is therapy… when I sit down and get into my craft.. I’m no longer in prison..I actually get mad when someone comes and disturb me and bringing me back.

G.C: How you become a sought for novelist? ..these young dudes is addicted to your stories..

KAM: I know the game top to bottom..I jumped of the porch young…experienced quit a bit, so my stories has substance. I entertain, but my novels also educate on the grass root level.

G.C.: What kind of message are you striving to get across?

KAM: I varies from book to book…One common thread in all my books is strong character. How a man should conduct a leader should conduct himself is more accurate.. How to treat the people following you. That’s my common thread.

G.C: What makes you who you are?

KAM: Pain….the game has whipped my ass..but along with the L’s comes lessons..I’ve learned a lot from the hardships of life.

G.C.: How many books have you wrote?

KAM: If we’re counting everything, from ghostwriting to the legal folders stuffed inside my locker box..I’ve written 22 books…in a couple weeks it will be 23 ..I’m finishing a book now..I know that may sound crazy, but I’ve been

writing consistently for like 10 years now. That’s a lot of hours to master the craft.

G.C.: Give us some titles and how we can find them.

KAM:I have published a few books, but I have not reaped consistent benefits.

One negative about street thinking is that we like to cut corners. I’ve cut a few corners, worked with a few unprofessional people, and really cheated myself in the process…with that said, I have a few titles floating around out there, so people can check out my work…just to see how I write..I do not want to promote sells because I’m currently see none of the proceeds.

I’m looking for a more professional platform so I can really flood the market with great content….titles you can check out…

“Real 80’sBaby” episode 1….”Plum” episode 2…”Wolf Pack” episode 3..and “Epic Rise”…..these titles can be found on Amazon ebooks.

G.C.: Give me a rundown of all your work…web series and all…

KAM: Okay..I’ll start current..I recently published an article in the Washington Post Magazine. It’s in this November 3rd 2019 issue titled ” Creating a Comfort Zone”..under my government name Lamar L.Walker ..Check it out on the Washington Post

part 2 of the Kam Era interview)

website ””

I got 3 different series in the Archives… 1 series deal with the 80’s when crack first hit Detroit… a 2nd series start with ” The Epic Rise” …this is my best series…it deals with current events..but I’m showing how a culture of violence can mask serial killers and sociopaths..It’s entertaining and deep…the 3rd series start with a book called ” Flat Foot” that show a guy coming home from prison and coming up without selling dope or robbing..but using the business savvy he learned from the dope game. I think all 3 series are dope as fuck!!!

G.C.: There are so many writers …I did a piece titled ” Top 5 Dead or Alive”

where do you think you should be on it?

KAM: Top 5 authors?… I’m number 2 HANDS DOWN…Number 1 is the O.G. Donald Goines ..I follow him…Put Detroit street series back on this map!!

G.C.: What is in the plans of Kam?

KAM: I come home and focus on my craft.. I have a Dope ass web series called ” Lady” that I’m dying to get on the screen….

G.C.: any last words to this audience and shout outs?

KAM: Make sure that you check for Kam….the hottest thing out there that’s in here!!!!!…I’m coming Hard!!

Shout outs to my D family..

real comrades in the struggle..all my loyal followers of my writings…

to ShaKim Bio and his Mikahs Publishing movement…S.H.A.K.I.M.’s HOOD…. to GorillaConvict. com…Thank you for recognizing my talent…

BIG SHOUT OUTS to Piper Kerman…she been BIG in helping me get recognized.. and she is Dope as fuck…down to Earth and very talented…



  • Rosalind Walker says:

    Hands down he is a great writer

  • DeMorris "Skip" Black says:

    This brotha has always been solid, and a force to be reckoned with!!! Did some “time” with him, worked in the video lab with him and some other guys, had the pleasure of filming him on a few occasions, especially his “flows” and work he performed during N.A.A.C.P. programs within the institution. His “Fire” doesn’t just come from personal experience, anyone can have THAT! But his style, his thought processes, the mechanism in his heart is what sets him above so many of us…..outside as well as inside those “walls”!!!

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