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PREACHER CHRONICLES Part 4 and Part 5 by ShaKim Bio

NOW I couldn’t get rid of this old fool…..everytime he seen me in passing he made his way to acknowledge me or say something…..I could be in the kitchen…here he comes with the ” As Salaam Aliakum ShaKim” shit……

the ” When are you going to be available to sit down and go through this paperwork” shit…I started getting tired of him already and avoiding him…

I even started not going to the law library regularly


I was telling Vince about this shit as we laughed like crazy.

“Damn G…You got the ole man started….he walking around with these loose pages all out of sequence… talking about come read my shit!!” as we cracked up laughing….

“Yo…this dude got me scared to go to the law library!!” as we laughed louder

” Yo…but on some real shit Sha….Preacher been beating these niggahs up…..that ole ass niggah been punishing these niggahs …he beat this D.C. niggah up so bad in USP Atlanta that niggahs thought he was butchered up when the ole man just used his hands…and then got this other shit…this approach where he comes with his paperwork and with two knives…. one for him and the other for that kid who labeled him as ‘hot’…..his line is ‘ here’s my paperwork…find where I’m hot at…or pick one of these knives and lets get it in”

” How can he even do that shit…when he don’t even have all his shit? ” I asked ” He had loose pages with the page numbers jumping”

” Man, …That’s the story floating around ….plus I saw his handwork Sha…He do got some hands on him…..he is a Black belt at that” as we started laughing again

“Man..Fuck all that shit…I’m just going to tell him that I don’t give a fuck” I spat. 

I’m on the yard …just finished doing 300 burpees with Vince….my new workout partner.

It was about 10:30 and about to be ” Yard Recall”

Education and the Law library dept just came out and was on the yard waiting on the call back to the housing units…as convicts started crowding waiting.

I see Preacher aka Balil coming our way

” As Salaam Alkaium Ack!!!” as he put the waving hi sign with his hand up…smiling 

” How you Young Brothers?….I see you out here getting money…. ShaKim….. Vince”

” Yeah…what’s up” 

” ShaKim , I haven’t seen you around in the library in a few days Ack”

” Yeah….cause I’m not really interested in repeatedly hearing about your shit and what you keep trying to show me” I came clean to him

As Preacher stood there with that golden smile on his face.

I can tell that that’s his sinister smile…that he uses as his game face mask

” Lil Brother…..calm down….Everything is good…..You don’t have to look at the paperwork….its all done and over with my man” as he used his hands to show that it was wiped clean… and smiled.

Right then the recall announcement move was called over the institution speakers across the prison’s compound

” You have a good day Lil Brothers” as he smiled and went his way.

” Yo…ShaKim…. be careful…..that old ass niggah is sneaky and is always on some bullshit” kicked Vince

” Yeah…..but let’s not forget that I too am always on some bullshit” I answered back.

pt 5

A few wks went by…..

Preacher didn’t bother me about this paperwork shit no more…..but I started noticing that when I was coming and going on the rec moves and had to go thru the metal detector at check points….someone was hitting me on the shoulder… sometimes my back….whoever it was…when I turn around….I don’t see the person…..

It be crowded as convicts made their way to where ever they were headed.

I am very popular and known , so a lot of dudes greet me…but not by touching me…so I will turn around to see who the fuck that was.

The first few times I didn’t catch who..but I started waiting to catch it…as soon as I felt a hand on my shoulder..I spun around and seen Preacher aka Balil headed the other way.

Now this Ole ass niggah is giving me love taps or whatever you want to call it….I’m not with all that shit

So on the move which is ten minutes…I turnt around and fast walked to the Education dept….I had to catch him before he made it inside because I was in my grey sweats and you need to be in the institutional khakis on weekdays 7:30 am to 3:00 pm…unless you’re headed to the rec yard or gym….

I missed him..he made it to the Educational dept , but I know he will be pushed out to the rec yard by 10:10, so I will scream at him then…..


” Yo…Balil”..

” As salaam Alaikum Ack!!”

” I need to scream at you Ole head” as he stood there with his signature smile…” Everytime you see me in passing by the metal detector on the South side in the mornings?”

“Yeah Ack” he responded

“Well..Please stop touching and tapping me…just say Peace..What’s up..or whatever greeting”

” I didn’t mean no harm by it..I was just making sure that I acknowledge my homies from New York…You be in your zone moving and I’m in mine…I just wanted to say ‘hi’ “

“O.K….but touching me is not it” as I made my point

” No problem Ack….You right!!” as he smiled.

The next day I get word that Old head Salim from Philly wants to scream at me…Salim is legendary in the Feds and especially Philly….. he was part of the “Black Mafia” in Philly and those dudes put it down and got busy….He is now a Sunni muslim and on his deem hardbody….we build from time to time…

So I go out to the rec yard to see Salim, who is with other muslims in the Muslim community….

“Salim…what’s good Ole Head?” as we give each other a pound and an embrace…

Salim is my dude…he use to tell me about his extortion game and how he use to put it down back in the days in the streets and prisons of Pennsylvania

in his younger days…even though he is now on his deem…he still is Salim

” ShaKim….How are you Young Brother?”

” I’m good…doing what I do and staying off the radar”

” That’s right” responded Salim..who is always representing to be a very serious man….he speaks for the community if there seems to be a problem….he is the ” I’m fix it” man…. and he has a lot of dudes behind him

” What’s good?… you sent word for me?” I asked

” Yes….Look…….you know Balil?”


“Balil….you know…. Preacher”

” Yeah….that old ass niggah”

“Stop it Ack………I’m almost mid 60’ still young…you going to get old too Insha Allah….but that’s my muslim brother…he says that you are talking to others about his paperwork and starting fitnah (confusion)… I told him that I will talk to you….what’s going on?”

I looked at Salim…..and started laughing..

” You kidding me…..right?…..the extortion game master…murdering machine comes to you to come talk to me?”…. as I laughed

” What’s going on with y’all two?”

” I don’t care about his paperwork…he was trying to force his story on me….the issue now is him always touching me in passing…I told him to stop touching me…trying to get feels and his funky rolls off on me”

” Stop it ShaKim” as Salim smiled

“Nah…Salim..True Story…..I don’t bother with him….I don’t even care….he can die in his sleep right now…I don’t care about him… my word”

” Leave him alone ….ShaKim..”

” I don’t fuck with him Ole head…my word!!..he fucks with me”

” For me…..just don’t say nothing to him….and I will tell him to don’t touch or say anything to you”

” I got you” I responded as we both gave each other pounds and an embrace..

I can’t believe that this lying ass old ass niggah done went to his muslim community and started some bullshit….but it ain’t end there…it just got started…….

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