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Adam and Steve

SHAKIM'S HOODWriter’s Note: My ideas and expressions, through my writings are not to discriminate or insult those who feel some sort of way because of my harsh remarks. I’m only pinpointing truths and actual facts. It is my right to voice my views. So do not hold that against me, for this topic will offend many. So don’t get upset and start protesting with the, “I hate Shakim Bio” t-shirts and signs, or try to figure a way to burn my cell down. My words are the words of me and not of gorillaconvict.com.

Being in prison has sharpened my awareness on a worldwide level, where I now watch the news (North, East, West, South) to know what is going on in the world. I was never really into politics or paid attention to it until I came to prison and what came as a complete shock to me is this same sex marriage stuff that’s being pushed (forced) on society. So far, there are 18 states and the District of Colombia on board, with other states on the way.

Same sex marriage? Are you serious? What the fuck is going on? How can you make what is considered one of the greatest sins acceptable to mankind? How can mankind even benefit from this? There are two great books- the Bible and the Koran, both claiming to be Holy and both rejecting this school of thought. Mankind can’t even reproduce and multiply through same sex marriage. In both great books it speaks on how God destroyed a nation (the town of Sodom) for their actions of indulging in that lifestyle, but America, is now going contrary to both books, even though America’s law are based from the Bible.

Homosexuality will always exist, but that doesn’t mean man has the authority to make it right. You now have politicians, religious figures, NBA, NFL, all kinds of entertainers from all walks, all coming forward about their sexuality. You have the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the Armed Forces. This shit is getting way out of hand. (You don’t have to ask me, because I’m gonna tell you- I’m not gay).

I remember when I was growing up, the homosexual lifestyle was shunned. Their circle was treated like a shitty baby diaper. They were teased in school, treated badly, gay bashed, beat up and sometimes killed for expressing their sexuality. They moved in a secret society and it wasn’t open because they were considered poison. But as the world evolves and changes, so does man and life and the way he views it. Now they are trying to force this on people, making it ok to be gay. You got gay politicians, gay teachers, gay police, gay everything.

I do not indulge or interact with the gay society here in these prison walls. I stay away from them by all means. (They are even in here multiplying). It was said in the Bible that in the beginning it was Adam and Eve, but now they are trying to create an Adam and Steve. The fact is that two men cannot reproduce life. Two women cannot reproduce life. It’s impossible.

In some countries across the world people are imprisoned, tortured, stoned or put to death (killed) for living like this (Uganda), but America is making it ok. What are they teaching our children? Who will be our future leaders?

Being in prison, there is nothing to glorify about beingin here. I remember the first thing that came to mind about a person who was in prison was that he must be gay or indulged. That was a stigma placed on men in general who had been in prison. But men don’t come to prison and turn gay. They were already like that. If it’s in you, it’s in you, and I mean that figuratively, not literally.

It just took the circumstances of these men coming to prison to bring the gayness out of them so that they showed their true selves. Now you got men coming from society into these prisons full-fledged gay and poisoning the weak minded men, who are easily broken amongst the prison population, thinking it is cool, like it’s some sort of fad or style in here, to be gay.

I’m not saying I hate gay people. I just try not to deal with them in any form. I keep my distance. I am not trying to understand their way of living. The whys and any other scientific reasoning, etc., etc. I need a woman. Nothing can substitute for a woman. Ok, maybe my hand.

But religion is now supporting gays. This country is supporting gays. Hip-hop is now supporting gays. Gays are corrupting everything and coming into power. In a minute they are going to run the world. Run meaning operate/manage, then in due time they are going to own and rule the world. This secret society is nowan all open society and by no means do I intend to indulge in or support their ideology.

I feel that this shit is wrong, but who am I? Other than a voice on the Internet? How can I make my voice count? This shit has already gone way too far. Now you got gay society making rules/laws and telling straight people what to do and how to live. What’s next? I bet soon they are going to be pushing same sex marriage here in the prison system? Who knows?

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