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Short North Posse Indictment – Round Six – This Time its Murder and Land Grabs by the City as Usual

fridgeFront page of the June 13, 2014 Columbus Dispatch read: OSU Shutters Two Carryouts. My first thought was that white people don’t sell each other malt liquor and single cigarettes and since they’re gentrifying the area…This thought was solidified by a woman involved with the housing situation in the Short (North) named Isabel Toth President & CEO of Community Properties Of Ohio. The Dispatch wrote that Ms. Toth: wants to add a more healthful option to the neighborhood of course I took the liberty to add, ‘Now that the niggers are being expelled from the hood.

We grew up eating pure trash from these rat infested stores making Middle Easterner’s rich from our ignorance. Now it’s time to bring “healthful” options to the Short. But after my disdain subsided, not disdain for improvement but disdain for the racist hypocrisy that’s plagued my people and I since the slave ship; it occurred to me, indictments were falling.

Every time something major happens in the Short Niggers go to Jail. Fact! And I’ll be damned if last week (July 1) my little-little homies got indicted on what’s being called the largest murder for hire case in Ohio history. Breaks my heart, because I used to change the diapers of two of these kids. I remember their innocence. I remember holding them and telling them they were going to be better than me, intentionally buying them dark blue popsicles from D&J’s to stain their faces and piss their mother’s off. Buying these young men and others ice cream from the truck and smiling at the joy on their faces. Now I stare at their mug-shots in the Dispatch and my heart becomes heavier.

I question the legality of these indictments and others throughout the nation like them. I mean, is it right to use the FBI, as a personal hit man? Police are used for private and public corporations such as The Campus Partners, The Ohio State University, The Ohio Capital Corporation For Housing and The Columbus Foundation and many more. Ohio State, according to the Dispatch, kicked in $855,000 to buy out the two properties. How much went to the State and feds for these recent series of sweeps?

Then Blacks and other disenfranchised folks in the city are further victimized by the Columbus Dispatch. This is a partisan paper that leans far to the right. It’s corny as fuck and its news is for hire. But it’s the only voice in town with respects to daily news. Need an example? Our case was the beginning of the “20 year plan” to push blacks out the city and bring whites in. Forty-six black men were indicted on our case, the first Short North Posse case. This was not including all related cases. Now, we called the worthless N.A.A.C.P. chapter in the city about this. Word got out that the people of the Short and other areas were concerned about this, many, many whites commit endless strings of crime, but don’t suffer as we do. So the Dispatch responded by placing a white boy on the cover of its paper talking about he’s one of us. It was sick! He had on a Duke Blue Devils track suit and gave his personal account of the “Potese’s” activities…The Dispatch resorts to childish name calling and all other manner of foolishness, I’m referring to a staff writer by the name of Ruth, a big ass kid and a coward to boot. The Dispatch would allow him to write all manner of slander about us and he did, because we were going through too much to put the bitch in check, thus negatively affecting our trial’s outcome.

The problem with cities like Columbus is that they are too many white with respects to infrastructure. Sadly, whenever the whites come together and decide to kick black folks in the ass we’re pretty much sunk, because we don’t have a seat at the table. Yes, we have an “African-American” Mayor, but he don’t give a damned about us. I’m not saying that he isn’t supposed to be tough on crime. I’m not saying he isn’t supposed to revitalize his city’s infrastructure; these are the duties of a Mayor. I’m pro-cops and robbers. You do the crime, then do the time ’cause the 17th of this month marks my 20th straight year in the joint, so I’m doing it like a muthafucka. But when it comes down to it, more whites are entering the system than ever before but none of them are staying! I look around the block (cell) and see the same black faces not leaving because the parole board won’t release us or we got stupid flat time while whites leave out, literally, every day. We win zero issues with this dude. But I say that most of it is our fault because we’re too busy being Christians and Muslims and street niggas and not brothers and sisters in arms against the dying of our children, all of us are responsible for this. Government won’t budge until you make them.

Then the Dispatch and all their bullshit has one of the murders pinned on another family members and all of us know that shorty was in the feds when that took place, so it couldn’t have been him! Nor would he have killed his own cousin! I know things like that happen, but he was tore up about it and not to mention again, the boy was locked-up.

Big business runs the world. The job is now ours to straighten up the youth and set them aright. I’m up to the task because Chi-town and all other poppin’ cities in between are losing brothers to the system, drugs and murders that seem justifiable when you’re in the streets, but when you get my age and look back on all the shit you’ve done you’ll find those homicides senseless. You get to learn the gift that is life and how fragile it is. Like I said, my heart is heavy over this. But if any of ya’ll need my counsel please use it, I’m here for you, you know how to reach me.

Shout out to Marcus Mosiah Gravey and the U.N.I.A. Rest in peace big brother.