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Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit

fridgeWhat happened?

What’s really hood?

Got a couple observations that I’d like to expound on. First of the two, why are so many of my young homies acting like BITCHES!!!!

What the FUCK?

I’m watching the news and this big ass football player is talking about being bullied!!!!

You can’t be serious. I been gone damned near twenty years and it’s come to this. Secondly, white boys and young brothers reading this look closer at the screen…IT IS NOT COOL

FOR YOU TO CALL US NIGGERS, NIGGAS, NIGS OR ANYTHING RESEMBLING IT. I would now like to quote the late great Easy-E: Niggas say nigga, we cool but, cracker say nigga, nigga nut the fuck up. Real Niggas Don’t Die.

That’s how it’s supposed to be. Flat the fuck out. See, in the nineties they ripped the last bit of black resistance from the hood when they mass indicted me and dudes like me all over the country in the “War On Drugs.” Most people don’t realize that the War on Drugs is and was considered a real war like Vietnam and Afghanistan.  They took harsh war time measures on us. They even (Bill Clinton to be exact) enacted wartime legislation to suspend our right to habeas corpus in part, this hadn’t happened since Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War.

That said these injustices that took place on behalf of Uncle Sam and the fellas ripped not only our bodies from the hood, but our mindsets as well. So it fucks-me-smooth-up when I see things like skinny jeans and little homies POSTING CRIMES ON YOUTUBE. This is not gangta, whatsoever! It’s retarded. But when I went to the county and a South Side white boy slipped-up and called me “big nigga” I slipped-up and slapped that bitch in his mouth.

People reading this that know my steez would call me a hypocrite because I’m a self-professed agent of “change.” But understand that I’m a black man first, and if a white person disrespects me and my lineage ANY FURTHER THAN THEY ALREADY have then please understand that I’m an agent of “putting my foot in that ass.” And the young homies need to understand this.

We are supposedly living in a post racial society. Bull! If this is the case then why did our first so called “Black” President raise the bounty on Assata Shakur? He’s a Harvard Professor; he knows the violent stance taken on us by all of white Amerikkka at the time. He knows how many of our mother’s, grandmother’s and great grandmothers were brutally raped and lynched with no recourse. He knows the New Jersey Turnpike is still hunting black folks, and they were killing off Black Panther affiliates under the direction of J. (cross dressing-ass) Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I. But yet, our freedom fighters like Assata, my friend and brother Sundiata Acoli, Mummia Abu Jamal and others Suffer exile and incarceration because the war is still on against us as black folk, problem is, the young homies don’t know it anymore. We’re (I say we because I love you, we are the same) are worried about shooting each other, I’m guilty of this as well, and are obsessed with gratifying our lower desires, been there myself.

If racism is truly over then the Pres’ should extend the olive branch to all our freedom fighters and they should be exonerated and full pardoned. We have actual members (so called former) of the Ku Klux Klan sitting on Capitol Hill with their ancient asses! You know they made some strange fruit before, yet they get a pass…I’m trippin’. I know I’m on one. The moral of the story, don’t let white people call you or any other black person nigga. If you allow this you’s a bitch and ain’t nothing “REAL” about you. We can call each other whatever, but don’t allow this to happen it’s beyond wrong. This is old law. I say this with love.

Oh, if anyone wants to holler at me directly go to www.JPay.com and submit your email address and whatever else they want and I’ll get at you (LaMont NeeDum 677-302). Once!!!!