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SHAKIM'S HOODWhat exactly is ex-realness? We heard of ex drug addicts, ex-convicts, ex-wives, ex-husbands, ex this ex that. “Ex means: former, out of, one that formerly held a specified position or place.” So it should come to no surprise what “Ex-Realness” is.

Me and some of my close comrades were in the unit’s exercise room doing sets of excessive dips on the dip bar. From this exercising room there is a big window where we can see most of the unit and see convicts moving around freely. One specific inmate walks by the window looking in on us and keeps walking; we all look at each other and start shaking our heads. This dude in question is very disliked amongst the unit. His prison job detail is “Head Orderly” but he carries his job like he is a correction officer (c/o) and not a prisoner.

Yo, what’s crazy is he used to be a real dude was said by one of my comrades. A real dude? So what is he now? Fake? We all laughed. That’s where the Ex-Realness term surfaced.

Don’t get it confused. Ex-realness does not apply to those who change for the betterment and uplift-ment of himself and others of is kind. No, I am not speaking on that. I’m speaking on those who don’t stand on their morals and principles on what they know and feel is right. They once upon a time did, but they let the system break them, they let this time get to them and was crushed that they switched sides and became the arms, legs, hands, eyes and mouths (voices) of the enemy (oppressors) and are no longer real to themselves. They want to do the jobs of the police. Policing the convict population by doing the officer’s job making it easier for the c/o’s but harder for us.

How can we let this happen? Or how do some of us allow this? How can he forget where he is at? His struggles? His fight? His aim and his purpose? While you are shaking your heads, remember that this is a true reality.  Some forget what side they are on and get so caught up in their bid that they actually take it as their job or part of their life to be an instrument that is used and played by the administration against his own kind.

I met dudes who were very street oriented, deep in the game and hustle, but changed their lives, became religious or a family man or legitimate businessman either by choice or circumstances, but to get caught up and still stand tall and firm on your square only to fold like a beach chair for no reason at all, but because it was in your DNA from the start.

There is no such thing as “Used to be Real.” You’re either real or are not.  A lot of people like to misuse the terminology “Real.” What exactly is “Real?” What standards or criteria define “Real?” What is the measuring stick to this standard? And who governs the rules? For there are too many who are not real. Too many who claim to be real, but switching lanes and showing otherwise.

What is real? What are you? A real cop? A real Bitch Ass Niggah? Or a real fake ass dude? Why is so many people taking the real term and mixing it up with so much illusion? Shit is a real joke right now!

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