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Big WyA column celebrating the most infamous G’s from the streets of Los Angeles, California. The first interview is with the mayor of Inglewood, California, the one and only Big Wy. Read as he describes his life in the streets, recording with Suge Knight on Death Row records and how discovered and developed multi-platinum rap group Cali Swag District.

Big Wy, I have had the pleasure of knowing you for almost a decade for those that don’t know of you please introduce yourself.

Blessings to all my name is WyTony Dillon as some know me as Big Wy.

How were you introduced to the gang and street life and how old were you when you got involved?

Growing up in Inglewood in the early eighties the element was in all parts of my life. Schools, parks, outside your window going through different things with friends and family that gave us the dedication to one another. Stuff happened to you in our hood if you were in or out with me digging the lifestyle, I wanted in.

Explain what was going on in the streets of Inglewood and Los Angeles when you were active.

Gang banging and partying, full-fledged activity. It may sound strange but when you’re about that life you with it all win lose or draw no regrets.

What is the biggest difference in bangin’ then and now?

One, organization. We were more in control of the set’s day to day operation, we cared about how we were looked at as whole and we kept shit clean at home so we shined outside. Two, we had hood love. Sets now kill each other faster than they do in a war. Three, loyalty everyone is selfish now.

How do you feel about the division of gangs in Inglewood today?

It’s fucked up I hate it because we all know each other. The love is gone. As a big voice out here I’m ashamed of how it is now.

Have you always been involved in music and in the streets?

Since day one. My music started in the streets the Beat boys crew 104 street 10th Avenue.

You have always seemed to be able to combine both your street connections with your music connections is this how you were able to meet Suge Knight and sign to Death Row records?

Yeah, the group I was in at the team was a spin off from Bangin on wax. We made noise in the streets and the homies OFTB got us a meeting with Suge and it went up!

You were signed to the most successful gangsta rap label of all time Death Row. How would you describe your time on the label and what did you learn?

It was amazing being there, seeing it blow before we got there and then being embraced by Suge was some G shit. We made a lot of money and learned a lot about the structure of running the label and how to really get paid. Watching Pac record doing 30 records daily, Snoop’s passion for good music, professional recording and learning new tactics. Seeing all that made you want to win.

You were also on the seminal gangsta rap record Bangin on wax. How did that come about and what was that experience like?

A friend of mine was one of creators of the idea for the album and called me up to rap on it and I didn’t hesitate. It was for sure a learning experience; it was actually my first negotiating move to better things in the entertainment business.

You have created timeless street music with your group Tha Relativez and have what the streets of the West coast consider a classic with your record Dirty Money. I look at you guys as an unheralded UGK or 8 Ball and MJG of the West but how do you describe your legacy?

Wow! What people consider as my legacy is really just me living and being blessed to be heard. God willing I got more living to do so it’s more to come. I’m very humbled by it all bro.

As a reputable from Inglewood what does coming from the City of Champions mean to you?

Everything. I’m proud of where I come from it’s the foundation of everything I am through.

I have watched you progress over the years and become an executive with your own label, studio and platinum selling group Cali Swag (Teach me how to Dougie). How does it feel to have accomplished so much from your beginnings in the street?

It feels good to be recognized for my hard work with the help of good people with me and behind me. Wacko and Poly Rob are my brothers from God and through our efforts we not only changed our lives but the lives of four young Inglewood brothers as well. So it’s truly a blessing to god, I am thankful.

What can we look forward to hearing and seeing from you in the future?

The new CD album We all We Got by Tha Relativez Take Over 2, my new artists Mr. Smith, Lovey Jean, Mike Houston, and Suave. I’m also producing on other projects. So, I’m out here bro lol!

Any last words or shout outs?

God, family, my team. In that order thanks for having me Woop Woooop! 319!

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