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Guilty by Association

Shakims-sign1Conspiracy– Con spare a cee   -An agreement by two or more persons to commit an unlawful act, a combination for an unlawful purpose.

Ain’t no socializing with any of ya’ll cats popping off no more. No hanging out. None of that shit. I can’t even tell ya’ll niggahs my name cause I might get tied up in yours or someone else’s shit. I ain’t trying to get linked to nobody. No phone calls or nothing son. They tapping phones, taking pictures and some more shit. Don’t introduce me to your mans, your girl, not even your mother. Everybody seems to be telling. Your kids don’t even have to know how to talk yet and they pointing niggahs out. The courts is going for all that shit. It’s admissible. All that he said, she said hearsay bullshit. They ain’t got to know me or know what I look like, if you mentioned my name and niggahs can repeat it than that shit can sink me too.

These devils is snagging everyone they can in this plague called conspiracy. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, in-laws, relatives, grandma too, that old bitch ain’t immune to shit, she is guilty by mere association and everyone is turning against one another to escape it. They cutting deals crazily, telling on siblings, mothers, fathers and vice versa, baby moms, lovers, best friends, it’s all good. When the feds swoop in everyone becomes enemies and work for them peoples. They are racing to the prosecutions side to cooperate. Shit is so crazy that they are lying on heads just to do it. They are going multi-platinum on the stand, diamond status (10 million sold), raping to the prosecution’s beat, sometimes no beat at all, acapella and all kinds of shit. They got bosses telling on workers and workers telling on bosses. Snitching and taking everything down with them, from connects to the cat who shined your rims. They even tying and linking legit businesses screaming money laundering. We are living in these last days. Duke, no one is safe. And don’t think cause you don’t touch nothing or didn’t get caught with anything that you can’t get hit with a 21 USC 846 Conspiracy or a 21 USC 848 Continuing Criminal Enterprise or RICO Act charge. The feds don’t discriminate.

Conspiracy carries 10 to life, 848’s 20 to life. They giving life out more freer than free cheese niggah. How the fuck do a fella like me know all this? I am a victim of this plague. AN alleged nine state conspiracy said to have made over 122.8 million dollars and moved over 5,000 kilograms of crack and over a dozen murders. A fella ain’t fit in that joint but them rat bastards found a way to fit me in and I was put in the top five on the indictment. The government can’t prove how I was a part of this conspiracy. They can say where I allegedly got the drugs from or who the proceeds went to. No one testified to dealing with me directly, nor delivering or picking up drugs or money or seeing me with anything. Guilty by association. Saying their mans and them did the deal or “that’s my man’s man” or “Oh, I don’t know him personally but I heard about him,” or “My girl’s sister told me that he was bubbling.”

What’s the connection? Guilty by association. That we may have known of each other? Grew up in the same hood? Messed with the same chicks? You seen me around from time to time? You head maybe one or two things about me? We went to the same club? You heard I was from out of town a lot and seen me in an ill car? I might have been fronting. Everyone fronts a little, right? You did your thing and I did mine, who the fuck are you? Who are all these strange niggahs? What the fuck do you mean my co-defendants? I don’t know you man. What? He said he knows my baby mother’s cousin’s brother’s wife’s half-brother’s girl’s next door neighbor’s best friend who use to mess with my man’s who told him who told her who told them and someone out of them told you? So now you telling the court and the grand jury to get out of what you got yourself into and the judge and trial jury is accepting your word over mine because you are a government witness? Guilty by association.

You got a 5k1 downward departure from substantial assistance helping federal agencies and the prosecution to convict niggahs cause you got knocked and couldn’t hold your own weight? Fake ass, log on, dot com, thug ass niggah. Massive gunshots to you face bitch ass niggah. The courts know you’re up there on the stand lying, but they want a conviction, hoping they can break me down to turn snitch too. The jury is so fucking naive they believe that bullshit you selling, screaming like I would do dirt with a bitch ass niggah like you. And the probation people who calculate all this invisible drug shit got me all the way out of eye range of the sentencing guidelines, with so many enhancements and points for some drugs he said I had, and you still ain’t got. Just because I knew of a niggah, never fucked with him, but got trapped in his indictment cause his man seen my picture at his cousin’s sister’s apartment we took in a club way back and he plotted on some get back cause he don’t like me because I fucked his baby moms.

Guilty by association. I lost my life and can’t get my life back and the U.S. laws honor this bullshit. I’m not the only one convicted in this shit either. Watch yourself before you become a victim of this shit. Guilty by association.

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