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Readers Paradise Book Review of Street Legends Vol. 1

Legends of the Streets, July 22, 2008
By Tangerine (IL)

Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti goes in depth of the rise and fall of six gangsters, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Wayne “Silk” Perry, Anthony Jones, Aaron Jones, Peter “Pistol Pete” Rollack, George “Boy George” Rivera. Getting the almighty dollar by any means necessary was there way of life. Nothing is guaranteed in this game but death or prison. Was it worth it? If they could have a chance to do it all over again, would they?

Take a ride with Soul Man as he gathers knowledge from interviews, testimonials of how and why did these young men became the epitome of their city. This book profiles each legend during the crack epidemic and how each one is on one accord with the “no snitching” movement during there reign in the streets.

This is my first novel by Mr. Ferranti, and I commend him for doing such a wonderful job with book. He uses accurate points of view on each street legend. This is a must read, especially for our young generation out there in the streets. Simply thought provoking.

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