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OOSA Online Book Club Review of Street Legends Vol. 1

If yergey don’t rergery another bergy, this one is the sergy! (have to read the book to get the gist), July 6, 2008

By OOSA Online Book Club “O.O.S.A. Gets It Read!” (World Wide Web, USA)

Even if that dude on the corner won’t admit it, he wants to be known. Wants people in the hood to uphold him, feel him and carry his legacy on when his time has come to either serve time, or lay down, `cause the next up and coming hood star has taken his place. But before the baby hoodlums were even conceived, homage has to be paid to those who’ve not only paved the way, but left their unique marks not only on Queens, Baltimore, D.C. Philly and the Bronx, but the headlines, nightly news and gave voice to many rap artists and pages in books.

I could make it simple and say something like Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti raised the bar, or throw a classic spin and say that `Street Legends’ is pure genius. Yet, that still doesn’t feel like those words do it justice! `Soul Man’ utilizes testimonials, interviews, and court transcripts to lay out precisely how each and every STREET LEGEND, the most feared and ruthless gangsters of our time, came into culmination, their reigns in the streets and subsequently their life sentences. Kenneth `Supreme’ McGriff, Wayne `Silk’ Perry, Anthony Jones, Aaron Jones, Peter `Pistol Pete’ Rollack, and George `Boy George’ Rivera understood that in order to be bold enough to play in the game, then they also had to be bold enough to carry the weight that comes with it.

While I’ve never read a book written by Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti, I’ve read a few articles published by him at The Urban Book Source and Don Diva, and had no doubt that Seth would provide readers with a perceptive yet discerning voyages into the lives of `Street Legends!’

I definitely recommend `Street Legends’ to all, I’m going to also stress nothing in life is guaranteed. Regardless of why they went to the streets, how much money they made, people they bed or love they receive, in this game you’ll either succumb to death or prison. So choose wisely!

Reviewed by: Crystal

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