Street Legends

Frank Matthews Poster

Limited Edition 11″ x 17″ Poster
Full Color

Frank Larry Matthews is possibly the most intriguing, mysterious of urban gangster legends. Matthews began his criminal career in the numbers racket, got close with some factions of the mafia, then built his own narcotics empire. But that’s not the most fascinating part of his story. Matthews jumped bail in 1973 and has never been conclusively seen or heard from again. Many stories and theories abound, but unlike the recent capture of long-on-the-run mobster Whitey Bulger…Frank Matthews is still at large. This poster features the imagery of Matthews, in chains, after being apprehended in Las Vegas, along with important dates and names in chronological order regarding his rise in organized crime all the way to his disappearance. Frank Matthews 1973 is the first in a series of Gangland Legends posters, and the first joint venture between Knokaround Apparel and Gorilla Convict Publishing.

* Limited Run Item


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