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Gorilla Convict’s Interview with Supreme Understanding

How to Hustle and Win is a survival guide for the ghetto, written by hip-hop self-help guru Supreme Understanding, who has traveled the globe researching, organizing and conducting lectures, workshops and motivational speeches. His goal is to empower and uplift black people everywhere. But his book focuses on the conditions of the ghetto here in America, how to survive them and how to succeed legally by legitimate means. With so many black youth falling into the trap of the criminal justice system Supreme Understanding decided it was time for a book of this magnitude. If you’re looking for the tools you need to succeed in this game called life they’re all here in this book. Supreme Understanding outlines nine principles that cover over 12 lessons with examples from the true stories of black gangsters, hustlers, pimps, slaves, snitches, rebels, rappers and revolutionaries. His book is very entertaining and Supreme Understanding drops jewels throughout. He might leave you laughing one minute and crying the next. But don’t let us tell you, you know how we do, we go right to the source. Meet Supreme Understanding-

Why did you write this book?

Basically, if I ain’t do it, it wouldn’t get done. The problem is that people who are educated enough to put together a well-written book usually aren’t grounded enough to understand what’s REALLY goin on out here, while the ones who are out here ten toes down aren’t necessarily going to write a book, at least not the type of book that will really change your life.

Who are you, what’s your background and what are you doing now?

My life story is unique, which is why I included pieces of it in my book, even though the book really isn’t about me. But my life story just shows you the streets are more attractive than any college degree. Fortunately, I was able to finish school, even while fuckin up in the streets. And the streets are crazy, cause even when you leave, shit sticks to you. For example, in 2006 I beat some felony distribution charges around the same time I completed my doctorate. Right now, I’m still in the community, working with the young.

How did you come up with the concept for this book?

Basically, the hood needs a self-help book that actually works and makes sense for our mindsets and our conditions. Nothing else is cuttin it.

Describe your book and what it’s about?

It’s revolution in a bottle. If you could pack everything a soldier, warrior, revolutionary, boss, whatever you want to call him, needs to know into a book, this book would have it. I’ve got life and the game explained through the stories of everyone from Akon to Che Guevara. Real dudes. I’ve also got dozens of examples of how and why we fail. Sometimes the shit is funny, sometimes it’s sad.

What are you trying to shine the light on with your writing?

I have a message for anybody who’s fucked up right now, whether you’re in the streets, locked up, or just dealing with some real internal  anguish. I want all of them to understand that we are that way because of the game they gave us. We were never meant to win. This game was designed by the wealthy and elite, and we were never meant to be anything but pawns. Even when we rise, we don’t rise together, so we’re not risin right. As Young Buck said, “It’s a white man’s world, so if we winnin, we losin.” This book is here to show us how to REALLY win.

What do you expect to accomplish with your writing?

In a nutshell, the game plan is to make revolution the natural evolution of our state of destitution.

What’s next for you?

Part One is out now, and Part Two will be out next summer. During that time, I’m doing speaking engagements and workshops.

Anything else?

Much love to everyone oppressed, exploited, dehumanized, and desensitized. Don’t lose hope. Enough ants can overtake the elephant.

Anytime you see someone more successful than you are, they are doing something you aren’t? – Malcolm X

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