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Arthur “Plex” Pless

“Ain’t nobody pen’in like us man,” is Badland Publishing’s motto and they’re right. Most urban authors claim straight out the hood but Badland’s authors are straight out the penitentiary. They didn’t research the dope game on the Internet, they lived it. They are the real deal. Authentic as it gets. They are the ghetto superstars that the rappers rhyme about. There aren’t any cardboard gangsters on Badland’s roster. Many claim authenticity but Badland guarantees it.

Their author Plex, who wrote Boo Baby: The Secret of Sweet Donnie Mac, is doing a life sentence in the feds for the part he played in the notorious M.I.YAYO crew dubbed the Boobie Boys. But now 12 years into his bid Plex is writing gangster tales instead of living the tales he pens. Plex is the truth and Badland with their roster of convict authors like Plex and Mike Harper are primed to put the book game in a chokehold. Check out this exclusive with Plex, straight from the belly of the beast, USP Coleman II.

What made you start writing books?

I wrote it because I could. A lot of people chose to stay within their comfort zone, you feel me? I could’ve easily written about the bang-bang and the brick laying, but I wanted to do something different, something that they wouldn’t expect from Plex. I did something in Boo Baby that Miami dudes aren’t known for and still delivered the order.

What’s the book about?

The book is about me. It’s also about you, because everybody that was shaped by their environment is Boo Baby. My influence came from Derrick Ross, Big Daddy Conch, Whop and Bik Ike Hicks. Boo’s came from his sister Daphen- a hoe, and Pretty Black- a pimp. It ain’t no lawyers and doctors in Lil’ River or Robin Hood.

What’s up with Badland Publishing?

Badland Publishing is the Koch of the publishing game. It used to be a record label, so they run it as such. When Mike is the lane ain’t nothing else coming through. We all stop what we’re doing and lend our thoughts, pens and fan base. One mind, one book at a time. You feel me?

How did you get with them?

I used to be on Badland’s record label. I was the record label. Not because I was a real rapper, but because I was a real dude and I kept it real. People love me, dude! Because I love ’em right back. Plus I grind extra hard and I bring that same level of energy to books and the people who read them.

What do you think of the urban genre?

I think its love. It’s just like the rap game, sports or whatever else black people get into. They try to hold us out, so it forces us to create our lane. We relate to the shit so we support it. We start making money and the world is forced to accept it. I love it! Because it’s another form of expression that allows us to eat off of the expression without actually doing the shit that we’re expressing. Yet just like hip-hop we have got to keep it real. And I don’t mean live your books! That ain’t keeping real, because even though real life situations are in the books, that’s not a real smart way to live your life. Keeping it real is explaining that these books are entertainment and not real life examples of what life should be. You feel me?

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Plex, man, that’s it. I’m every character in every book I write because I’ve seen a lot. I regret a lot, so I write about what I wish I could’ve been. I’m from Lil’ River, straight of 103rd. Silver Blue, the Colors, the Diamonds, all that. A lot of people get it fucked up with Liberty City, but it ain’t. It’s no hoes, cause ain’t no hoes around there. Just bread getters and head hitters, so I write to stay relevant and hopefully leave the lil dudes that look up to me with something other than the streets as a way out.

What’s next?

I have Street Raised: The Raw Deal, Part 2 to Mike Harper’s Street Raised: The Beginning, and Served: With no Regard, popping off this year. They pushed Buckin’ Da Dice back for whatever reason but I’m working with my main man out of New Orleans, Jessie Cage, on a fire project called Mistaken Destiny. Whether it comes out on BLP or not look out for it because it’s Plex approved. You heard me?

What authors do you like?

I’m feeling Mike Harper, Jessie Cage and Nathen Welch above all. But outside the camp it’s definitely Robert Beck, Walter Mosley, Guy Johnson, J.D. Salinger, Kwame Teague and um..Plex.

Anything else?

Buy my book! If you love yourself, you’ll love Boo Baby and if anybody reading this runs into my lil homegirl Tonetta Chester or Amie Whinehouse tell ‘em to get at me asap.

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  • I see u,telling the real shit!!! Im from that era 2 im from 85st&22ave.. I know u & mike,fat wanye&E-4.some of us went to madison jr. I played football at miami central too.i remember you. Keep up the goooood work…. P.s. Keep it live&real..

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    Kermit from silver blue.I remember you use to pick me up for football practice.Boys club memories

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