The Life We Chose


The author Dre hails from the City of Chester, Pennsylvania. A former drug dealer turned creative writer. At the age of 23 Dre was arrested and sent to prison. He is currently incarcerated serving a life sentence for drugs and murder crimes inside a United States Penitentiary. In 2010, Andre Cooper aka Dre self-published his first ever hip-hop ... [Continue Reading]

Street Lit with a Blood Flavor


Coming to you straight out of the penitentiary, street lit author and Center Park Bloods member, Clifford 'Spud' Johnson. He's been in the feds since 1999 doing a 210 month sentence and instead of falling further into the gangbanging cycle he decided to put pen to paper and start writing urban novels. That doesn't mean that he has forgotten the ... [Continue Reading]

Boobie Boy Bo Brown Pens Urban Novel


Bo Brown is a real street dude and he pens real street novels. Currently in the feds, with a life sentence due to his alleged activities with Miami’s infamous Boobie Boys crew, Bo is doing something positive and writing reality based urban fiction stories from the penitentiary. His raw, brutal and real style will leave you speed reading. Here is ... [Continue Reading]