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Boobie Boy Bo Brown Pens Urban Novel

Bo Brown is a real street dude and he pens real street novels. Currently in the feds, with a life sentence due to his alleged activities with Miami’s infamous Boobie Boys crew, Bo is doing something positive and writing reality based urban fiction stories from the penitentiary. His raw, brutal and real style will leave you speed reading. Here is his exclusive interview with Gorilla Convict.

What made you decide to write Love & Thuggin?

I had a story to tell. Plus my co-defendants (Plex and Mike Harper) had books out so I decided to put it together.

What is the book about?

It’s about inner-city living –Love & Thuggin. It shows that there are consequences for the choices we make in this life we chose.

Is it drawn from your real life experiences?

The book is real creative. However I did draw off of some of my life’s experiences. Plex did his thing in there also, but it’s straight G-code.

How has the book been received by the streets? 

Everybody and I mean everybody loves the book. It’s currently the second bestselling book on our catalog, Crumbs to Bricks by Capo Cat is number one. But we’re a team over here so it’s all good. I have people that have already started pre-ordering part two to my book.

Talk a little about your case, who you are, where you are and how you got there? 

My case was big. It’s the Boobie Boys case. People can read about it in Don Diva or Street Legends Vol. 2.

Rick Ross, the rapper, has made your crew infamous by name checking them in his raps how do you feel about that?

I’m not tripping off that. I’m tripping of Love & Thuggin. Street Legends tells you all about my situation with Ross.

What did you think about the Don Diva piece on your crew and the chapter in Street Legends Vol. 2? 

Everybody reading this should go and cop the Don Diva with us in it and cop Street Legends Vol.2, because they were both well written.

What do you think or how do you feel about being a part of such a notorious group of dudes? 

I don’t know about being notorious, but I do appreciate being around real dudes. I love my co-defendants, friends and family – the real ones.

Tell us about where you grew up and what it was like? 

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida- Overtown, Liberty City, Opa Locka, Lil River and Carol City. Some areas are thugging harder than others, but it’s no different from any other inner-city neighborhoods…read Love & Thuggin and it’ll give you a perfect picture of my community.

Would you say everything we have been talking about is reflecting in your novel? Why?

Check this out, my novel is reality. People can relate to my book because it’s not too far out there. It’s showing you how some young niggas came from the bottom and never lost their love for loyalty. It’s 100 percent street. 

What is your take on the federal sentencing guidelines and drug laws in this country? 

Two words – Fucked Up! It was all a trap – the drugs, the money all that shit. And they ain’t really trying to give niggas no second chances at life, because if they wanted to they could’ve brought back parole or made the crack ration 1 to 1 without any stipulations, but they didn’t. Why? Because this is big business and we – blacks, Hispanics and poor whites are the product.

Anything else you would like to add? 

Yeah, there is. All y’all young dudes out there that think the streets are a game, you better look up! These people – the system – ain’t playing, so y’all better take y’all asses to school and appreciate the real things in life – Family and Freedom. Also thanks for all your love and support.

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