Lucky (Collector’s Edition) – Graphic Novel


Delve into the enigmatic life of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the notorious figure whose influence reshaped the world of criminal enterprise. In this gripping compendium of the four-part true-crime comic book series LUCKY, award-winning writer Christian Cipollini and illustrator Evgeny Frantsev bring forth the provocative and colorful tales of America’s underworld. From the gritty streets of New York’s lower east side to the lavish penthouses of Midtown Manhattan, follow Lucky’s journey as he rises, indulges in his newfound power, and ultimately faces a dramatic fall from grace.

This captivating exploration of Lucky Luciano’s life defies the conventional labels of an outlaw, revealing the complex layers beneath the notorious gangster. As you traverse the misadventures, high drama, violent clashes, passionate romances, and tragic moments, you’ll encounter the remarkable cast of characters who played a part in shaping the future of crime. Step into a world where myths are dispelled, facts are unveiled, and the untold story of a 100% authentic gangster unfolds.

Don’t miss this riveting journey into the heart of Lucky Luciano’s legacy—a tale that challenges perceptions, unveils hidden truths, and celebrates the captivating allure of the underworld.

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