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Seth Ferranti World Premier At Discovery Con

Join us at Discovery Con in San Francisco for the world premiere of “Psychedelic Revolution: The Secret History of the LSD Trade,” the first part of a planned three-part documentary series directed by Seth Ferranti. The film delves into the stories of the outlaws and mavericks who defied convention to make LSD available to the masses, featuring notable revolutionaries of the acid underground and their children.

This fascinating film features interviews with Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia, Sunshine Kesey, Mariavittoria Mangini, and Rhoney Stanley, among others, and tells the real story behind the LSD trade, igniting the psychedelic culture in the San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide. The director himself, Seth Ferranti, will be attending the event along with most of the people who appear in the film.

Discovery Con is a two-day event bringing together over 50 leading thinkers in psychedelic culture, science, art and industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with insiders, discover new ideas, and find their place in the psychedelic renaissance. This year’s Bicycle Day, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the first intentional LSD trip experienced by Albert Hofmann, will also be celebrated during the event.

We caught up with Seth Ferranti for a few words on the film and his inspiration:

GORILLA CONVICT: When did you start creating this film, and how long did it take to complete?
SETH FERRANTI: We started shooting right before covid and then had to shut down production but this film series was conceptualized while I was serving 21 years in prison.

GC: What makes this story an important one for you to tell?
SETH: It’s important because the outlaws’ tale has never been told. Psychedelics are enjoying a renaissance now but for 50 years, they’ve been underground

GC: How did you get in touch with all the legends you spoke to for this film?
SETH: Through contacts my co-producer Tim Tyler made in prison. We got hooked up with Rhoney Stanley and she opened all the doors for us.

GC: Did you get a chance to meet anyone you looked up to?
SETH: Definitely. Leonard Pickard, Tim Scully, Mountain Girl– all the icons from my youth.

GC: What do you want viewers to walk away from this project with?
SETH: I want them to see the sacrifices that were made to get us where we are today in regard to psychedelics.

GC: What are your plans for the film after the festival?
SETH: We are going to release. It will be on Amazon, iTunes, and Tubi this summer.

GC: What can your followers expect from you in the future?
SETH: I’m going to keep making this bad as fuck drug culture and crime-related content.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting event and discover the untold stories of the acid underground. Get your tickets now for Discovery Con here.

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    we have to much in common. it ain’t, and wasn’t that romantic. We were there. congrats wood. see ya in the funny pages.

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