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“Entrapment- means to catch in or as if in a trap….. to ensnare….entangle…”

This is a method that the Feds be using to put people in a trap….They use people and fake images/illusions to make one jump out there…only to trap you in some bullshit…..

I read cases and bumped into cats who were caught up in these kind of cases…..

EXAMPLE: You told about a stash house (an empty residence) holding multiple kilograms of pure cocaine or pounds of weed….no one is ever there …its an easy lick…to go in and take the stash…only to go there and the feds are there waiting on you….. told about someone having a million dollars worth of goods for a few thousands and when you show up…. the feds are there waiting…It’s so many different scenarios with the same results..YOU geting arrested after being entrapped in this situation……YOU going to prison.

This is a story that must be shared because it is too close to home…….

Check it; 

In 2007…I left USP Big Sandy and was transferred to USP Coleman 2 in Florida….when I get there… and socializing with other convicts..I met 1 Spanish cat, who was familiar with me being in his city in Ohio in the late 80’s

to early 90’s…we became cool and later years we became cellies….I built with him on all kinds of levels …prison and street…I am a master networker that strives to make moves that makes differences…. I learnt a lot from him also in the process of our friendship and we made a lot of money together…

He was very loyal, lived by this code…stood on his word… in his own lane…and was about his business…we stayed in touch even after I got transferred to 2 different fed prisons years later…..He ended up going home…he stayed in touch..I ended giving back my federal time….came to the state of Ohio to begin this sentence… he stayed in contact doing what he could to make sure I was good….he was working…planning & focusing on opening his own business..was engaged to get married..and raising his son….

Not even out 2 years….he was picked up by the feds and charged with some very serious charges…

THE Flip side of the coin….

While we were in fed prison building to become better thinkers ….he had other comrades that he made moves with…one he also befriended in prison… where they broke bread and ate together…when he went home…..he still stayed in touch with “Dude”….”Dude” came up with a cell phone, which is contraband (not allowed) in prison…while “Dude” was still involved in illegal activities within the prison and outside in the free world….not knowing what “Dude” was into…

CRAZY TWIST: “Dude” was unknowingly making moves with a federal informant…. he was calling and in touch with his freshly released friend talking to him on this contraband cell phone….Buddy was looking out for him when he was able…not knowing his friend (“Dude”) was bragging and stretching stories to the informant to make himself look bigger than what he is….that’s a thing in prison…to make yourself bigger than what you already are..if you were big at all in the first place… meanwhile the informant is feeding information to the authorities about what “Dude” is doing and his alleged co conspirator, who is on the outside making major moves for him….the feds is putting together a play to trap the players involved so they wire up the informant to record these bragging conversations….which the informant gets “Dude” to do easily…”Dude” calls his buddy telling him to go to the spot to check things out…when his manz go to check things, which is NOTHING illegal…the feds are there to grab him..charging him with 18 U.S.C. 1958 Conspiracy to commit murder for hire and 21 U.S.C. 846 and 21 U.S.C. 841 Conspiracy to Distribute cocaine…. he is now sitting like “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!”…and he now hears they got recordings of the schemes…..

He goes to trial with his alleged friend “Dude”…only to hear taped conversations of these wild big stretched out braggant stories “Dude” was telling the informant.

You sitting there like No Way!!!!….so I’m let the story be told directly from the man himself…. no one can explain his own ordeal better…. so GorillaConvict now welcomes the man with a serious message.

GORILLACONVICT: PEACE!!!! Welcome to GorillaConvict..where the Real speaks and the Fake has no honor here….Glad to have you here….

CHINO: I’m glad to be here to give this lesson of enlightenment… and shine on this issue to EVERYBODY!!….

G.C: No Doubt!!!!

Chino: I’m ready to do this!!!

G.C: O.K…..Explain who you are and where you are from…..Let’s get that out the way…..

Chino: Peace and Respect to the man and women who overcame the everyday obstacles in their lives…and to the younger generation who look up to us street Generals…My name is Eduardo Rios Velesquez aka “Negro” also known as “Chino”…I’m from Lorain, Ohio which is outside from the city of Cleveland… like 30 minutes away…..the City of Lorain is also known as “Steel City” for it was known for it’s Steel mills…..

G.C: Explain what you were in the feds for…how much time you had and how much you did and how the spot you was in was…..get the audience on point to see your picture…

Chino: No Doubt!!!….Unfortunately my story begins when I was sentenced to the feds to 140 months in 2005 for a 922(g) Possession of a firearm and a 841 which is possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine…. I was out there in the streets hustling…trying to stack money and was set up by haters….Out of the 140 months, I did 130 which is almost 11 years…I did all my time in the same spot…I was in USP Coleman in central

(part 2)

Florida…for the most part..the spot wasn’t that bad, but nevertheless you had to stay in your lane simply because it’s a USP and things could get REAL real quick…This is why I chose to deal with and surround myself with like minded men, who had sense of pride in how they moved…conducted and carried themselves amongst their peers….these certain men I dealt with were classified amongst other men as “Stand Up” individuals…. men who don’t bend, fold or break for anyone…..including the system..

G.C: Explain when you went home…how the environment changed…and your mind frame …what you were in to……so your readers overstand…

Chino: Upon my return to society.. I had set out to accomplish many of the goals I created for myself while incarcerated…. however returning back home wasn’t the same home I once knew…the men I grew up with and the men I once had reports with fell victim to the heroin epidemic that is plaguing America…I felt unconnected to these individuals, therefore I did everything I possibly could to separate myself from them…In doing so, enable me to remain focused on building my brand and incorporating my business ideals that I had created for myself during my incarceration…upon release I was able to start NewStart Real Estate Investment Group…a property management group LLC, as well as Quality Luxury Landscaping… a landscaping company LLC all by myself…with the information that I had obtained from prison…

G.C: Explain the relationship between you and your son before you went in and when you came home.

Chino: My goal was to create something that I could leave behind for my son…when I left in 2005.. he was 7 yrs old..and when I came home he was 18 yrs old…My son is my Life and I love him more than anything in this world..we had a tight bond, but in the same sense we were far apart because of me being in and out of prison for most of his life..

G.C: How it happen?…. Who started it?.. and how you are trapped up in it?

Chino: The step up came from deep within the Belly of the Beast…from prison..Yeah that’s right…PRISON…the same individual who I felt a sense of obligation to was the same individual who pulled me into a conspiracy I had nothing to do with…as a result of me feeling obligated and allowing myself to be manipulated…I was forced to stand trial…lost trial and was sentenced to 23 years and 8 months to be exact….2 other men who I never seen in my life or even met them went home off of me and my codefendant…… they lied under oath and gave false testimony about things that my codee …not me…shared with them


G.C: What steps should one take now to avoid shit like this?

Chino: My only regret for the most part was still feeling a sense of obligation to the men I left behind…This feeling of obligation came from me not having anyone who I can relate to being as though everyone from my past were strung out on drugs..or me not having anyone I felt any connection to…I still found myself reaching back to these men for advice, but in the same sense I still allowed myself to be manipulated by a certain individual who didn’t have my best interest at heart!!

G.C: What jewels do you want to pass on to the younger generation that is living that life?

Chino: My advice to anyone who’s been through the struggle and knows how easy it is to feel like you have this obligation to the men you left behind….. NEVER FORGET rule number #1…”SELF PRESERVATION”

….the ONLY obligation you should have is to YOURSELF…as well as to your FAMILY and the SUPPORT SYSTEM you had while you were in the struggle …

Once you leave..that should be a chapter of your life you should close and never open again….On the Flipside to that…. There are a few good men who deserve to remain apart of your life as long as they continue to be a positive influence…. once you see or feel any negative vibes from them…Don’t hesitate to cut them off…simply because it can become cancerous

G.C : Any Last words and Shout outs?!

Chino: Life is too short to get caught up in the here and now…Plan for the future..never ever give up on your dream and know that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…..Much much Love and Respect to one of my mentors…the God ShaKim Bio from NYC who were one of the great men I has the honor to be around….Big up to my mentor Plex from Miami and Boobie Black from Miami who embraced me as if I were one of their own….I appreciate the time y’all took to build with me on many levels…I also would like to give my Queen, who still continues to support me in the most important way, which is mentally, as well as emotionally… THANK YOU for your unconditional love you still continue to show…LOVE YOU… Peace and Respect……and Thank You GorillaConvict!!!!!!!!! 


  • BIG marc says:

    That was dope. I take a lot from reading these scripts and helps me threw my daily process of life.

  • David Morales says:

    This touched my soul becuz we did time together when I was a kid.

  • Oso from Texas says:

    Mad love to Chino (Negro) ,”Dude”,Shakim Boi,Plex and Boobie Black..All CERTIFIED MEN..I did time with ALL these men in Florida..After servings 17yrs in Federal Prison THE REAL are never forgotten..MUCH LOVE and MUCH RESPECT to all of you..

  • Rushton TI Sedberry Jr says:

    Now the use remote nureal monitoring. Satellite weapons to set people up and get conspiracy charges. They use parallel construction if cases after the Intel comes in. Targeted justice .com. tortureware 6.66. This is REAL!!!!!!

  • Great article. I shared it with a few of my clients.

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