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In my 27 yrs of being incarcerated, I had the chance to meet some of the greatest minds, who are also in prison…..Not everyone locked up knows how to use their minds….I mean using full creativity..their way of thinking… knowing how to come up with ideas and shape them into perfection.. to every detail…knowing how to put together a great street team…plus possessing master networking skills…..There is an Art to overstand how to move the pieces of your business chess board without even touching the pieces…and from prison!!! This takes great skill and great discipline..

When you meet men who can think and make moves in prison..you only can wonder what more can they accomplish if they were out on free land…..There are great minds like Sean ” Diddy” Combs….Andre Harrell ( R.I.P.)…Jay-Z…Dr. Dre…Ice Cube….Nipsey Hussle ( R.I.P.)….Easy E…..amongst other greats of our generation….. men, who started with NOTHING..some with only a chance that made that opportunity to climb to success….Top of the totem

GorillaConvict is here to introduce Mr. Keith A. Brooks also known as “Chaos Loc”… to give the audience a quick glimpse of his mind…what he got to offer and how he came up with it to present his greatness….He is here to explain just what East Coast Mafia Entertainment is……..


CHAOS LOC: Peace back to you…..Thank you for having me……

G.C: Tell us about yourself….and East Coast Mafia Ent…..what is it all about?
and what does it consist of?

C.L: My name is Chaos Loc, I’m a rapper, author and entrepreneur…. I’m also the CEO of East Coast Mafia Entertainment, LLC…the East Coast Mafia Ent movement is hella active and constantly growing…ECM is doing the most in California, Arizona, New Orleans, LA…Memphis, Tennessee and Ohio right now…. N.O. and Memphis gave my song ” 4 Da Culture” hella spins on their FM radio stations in the months of May and June…..so its much Love and Respect to Power 108.1 in New Orleans, Power 92 in Memphis and Hot 102 Jam in Nashville….. East Coast Mafia Ent, LLC is a growing record label that’s also in the book and film industry… ECM has been active legitimately since 2016…we will be around until the end of time…I can’t stop riding this ECM tidal wave I’m on.

G.C: How did you get started?

C.L: I was a rapper prior to my incarceration. I released my 2 mixtapes “Laugh Now, Die Later” volumes 1.5 and 2 in 2007 and 2008…I got incarcerated and ended up getting up sent to a Supermax prison for a brutal assault on a correction officer and functioning as a Violent gang leader in 2016….During my time in solitary confinement… I inked a major distribution day with Rapbay and started releasing music worldwide. It’s been all uphill since then….now I’m really on my game.

G.C:Your connections and networking skills are amazing to get so much done from behind bars…. a Supermax at that…..How do you do your music?

C.L: Yeah….Thanks a lot for recognizing my relentless grind…Ain’t nobody doing what I’m doing from a supermax penitentiary…. Only a certain type of individual can make big thangs like this happen from a 23 and 1 supermax type of situation… It’s a 1st Street ECC thang…I even managed to release a hot music video called ” Coast Gang” from a supermax pen..You can find my music on YouTube, Rapbay,…and several Hip Hop sites…I released several new albums and two books since my arrival here at this Ohio State Penitentiary supermax….I just hop in the booth and get it in that Uno Sway…I just do it like Nike Homie……

G.C: I see that you have a catalog of music that’s on the GTL tablet that’s available to prisons all over…How the hell did you pull that off?

C.L: I have very good business relationships with many major music outlets through my distribution company.. I stay consistent with releasing hot new music, so the music outlets continue to snatch up my projects..I have some very good music that people really listen to…I drop nothing but major heat…my music is available for download on all digital platforms… ECM Entertainment is a REAL BUSINESS… that follow all the laws and rules of engagement.. I do everything the right way..I do good business and release high quality music…so I plan on being around for a very long time….most independent labels can’t get the things done that ECM can because they’re not educated on how to run a legitimate business…They be breaking too many copyright infringement laws…they’re too cheap to invest, and they keep trying to take too many shortcuts in order to succeed…when things get hard or when they run into an obstacle.. their mind go blank and they give up on their mission…..I use my brain and never give up when shit get in my way..I’m not scared of hard work…..Music & Film is my Life….so I’m extra dedicated to my cause…This is what I Love to do…….

G.C: Tell us about your books …..How many you got out and their titles?

C.L: My 2 books “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” and ” Still Won’t Stop” was released in January and May of 2020…. both books are really good reads.. I speak on some very touchy subjects such as; Murder, Social Injustices, Police Brutality, Gang Banging, and more….On a lighter note..I speak on Success, Music, Global Warming, Substance Abuse, Covid-19, Nipsey Hussle, Reducing Recidivism, Entrepreneurship and more……

G.C: Tell us about your services your company provides, for I am getting ready to use your company for these great results you provide….

C.L: I’m honored to work with you and provide you with the services you need….East Coast Mafia Entertainment, LLC provides editing and typing services for incarcerated writers..ECM also provides Social Media Marketing campaigns, PR, and Promotional Services on several different Hip Hop Blog sites…

I’m also the C.O.O. of the PR firm Celestial Caring Enterprise… my wife is the CEO of that company…we’re in business together, so the services we provide to the World is Unlimited…. visit our website for more info…

G.C: Do you have in house producers?…. Beat makers?

C.L: FaSho Doe!! I have 2 solid producers that I work with …my Homies Dre Manuel and Travis DeShone make all my beats…they’re some great producers… we have good chemistry in the booth…Shout Out to the Squad!!

G.C: What other artists do you have signed?….as well as any authors?

C.L: I signed my artist Grizz Locc from the Set in 2017…You can find his album ” 1st & Foremost” on all digital platforms.. I signed my other Uno  
4God Natti in 2020….You can find his album ” Lost Soul” on all digital platforms as well…I just signed my RTC Homie D-Money from Akron, Ohio…
We’re currently working on a joint album called ” Welcome 2 Da Mob”

G.C: Tell us about the documentaries you done and produced…

C.L: Actually I’m still working on my documentary at this present time …I plan on releasing it in 2021….Stay tuned……

G.C: The magazine ” Bluec Steel”….What is that about?

C.L: Bluec Steel Magazine is also in the making….I don’t want to give away any secrets, but this magazine will contain lots of relevant material…from celebrity interviews to current Cultural events…Bluec Steel Mag will be doing the most…I’m giving prisoners am voice in this magazine…Bluec Steel Magazine coming soon…..

G.C: What else is lined up for ECM Ent?

C.L: ECM ENTERTAINMENT will be releasing a gang of new music in 2020 and 2021….My company website is currently under construction but will go live in a couple months…ECM APPAREL is coming soon…the clothing line will be available in 2021….

G.C: How can people find your product and follow your movement?

C.L: Follow Chaos Loc 4, ECM Entertainment, and Locaveli TV on Instagram…..follow Chaos Loc, Locaveli TV, 1EastCoast Mafia Entertainment, and Keith Brooks( Tiny Caos) on FaceBook…..

G.C: Any Last words and Shout outs?

C.L: Thanks a lot for granting me this opportunity to do this interview…It’s all Love-n-Respect Homie…I wanna give a shout out to my whole Hood…1st Street to da 1200…it’s ALL LOVE..Shout Outs to my hometown Pacoima, California… Hansen Hillz up in this bitch!!!!! Shout Out to the Gem City too…Rest In Paradise to EVERYBODY that was murdered by the punk pussy police… BLM!!!!!….The Revolution is now being televised.. I would like to give a Shout Out to everybody that be downloading my music and buying my books…Much Love , Loyalty and Respect to all of y’all …My newest albums 
“East Coasta Nostra” and “Bluec Strips + Bandannaz” is available for download on all digital platforms….. Snatch them projects up and support a Real one doing the most Str8 outta Supermax…….Much Love to ShaKim Bio and GorillaConvict………1Minute!!!!!!

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