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PREACHER CHRONICLES parts 7 and 8 by Shakim Bio

This shit was really crazy….

This Ole ass niggah had the nerve to tell me that now that the cat is out the bag that Von is a rat…he don’t care what happens to Von…he is just concerned about receiving his monthly $1,000 that Von been providing him…so if we move on Von…then that stops his money…and someone got to pay….

He went on to tell me that there were several dudes in the USP Coleman 2 population that was paying their dues to him monthly and he hates for this to come to an end…Von been paying him for years…..from the time he came to USP Atlanta till now at USP Coleman…he knew that Von was a rat…and had large amounts of money still on the streets….

What was killing me was this old ass niggah had some nerve…

First off he was suppose to be Muslim..but he still moving the same exact way that got him in the position that he was in now….Secondly… who was he to dictate anything?….O.K…he was getting it how he lives..but Von was a rat and I read the case, so it was time for me to do what was suppose to be done…

I just laughed in the ole man’s face….and Officially I stopped right then and there from ever calling him ” Balil”…I called him ” Preacher” and when he said that wasn’t his name..I addressed him as ” ole man”….but behind his back he was referred as the ” Ole ass niggah”

So now I’m back amongst the convicts that wants to know whats the verdict… I told them that I read the case…( I had it they all could read it) and told them what the ole ass niggah had said….

I can’t for my code of reallness …say names …but a squad was picked to run up in unit G-2, where Von was housed…to run him off the compound…and if he decided that he wasn’t leaving willingly…………………..

Fuck what the Ole man was talking about…cause as soon as official proof came up on him…he was going to get it too….So the very next morning 5 cats ran up in that block….crazy shit….Von had a celly from Tennessee… that was a baller slash gangsta….and felt someway about cats running up in his cell…he didn’t care about the fact that Von was swine….he made it into another issue…so one thing lead to another and he was punched out…. Von wasn’t in the cell to begin with…so on the way out…Tennessee tough cookie comes back after getting crumbled with some aggressive shit…so he got poked…yeah…the knives was part of the mission.. just in case Von wanted to go hard…but shit got dude put on a scene of screaming like a very old grandmother getting her pocketbook took with her bingo money in it…..he went from killah…to an opera screamer…so the dueces was hit ( alarm) and the unit was placed on lockdown and 4 of the 5 were caught and boxxed up..

So we had to go back into the war room and reorganize…this time I was part of the second team that was going up in that unit at Lunch time….

but as soon as we arrived …sound was already traveling that Von shook the gate ( checked into P.C.)…so he got away…

Later on that night …I was sent word that the ole man wanted me to show up to the library in the morning and I can only bring one dude with me…He wanted a “sit down”

I’m like …”a sit down?….Where the fuck this dude think we at???”…..

I couldn’t sleep that whole night…I tossed and turned all night

The next morning I was nervous as I went to the library with Vince as my 1 dude…we both had knives on us….LISTEN when I tell you this..when we got to the library… the ole man said to wait…then he summons us up to the Education dept part where he had a classroom empty for us to have a meeting …He claims that the Education dept gave him this room so we could “talk”..TRUE STORY…He had some old ass dudes in there with him..his henchmen… One name was “Top Cat” …this shit was fucking funny….Top Cat stood at the door at attention while Preacher he tried to set some rules as to him making a living squeezing catz…he was upset that a D.C. dude exposed Von…how he found out about that ..I have no clue…He went on and on and on and on about just trying to do him and being at peace… he didn’t want no trouble, but he wanted to do his dirt and niggahs out of HIS business…

My issue was Ain’t No NY niggah staying with this rat label on this compound… no matter how much he paying and to who…Nothing else to talk about…so we left with a line made…

It was about who was going to cross that line and how far would it go…

Preacher was a vicious known killer..known extortionist… and also torturer with rumors of sodomizing his victims ( men) and it also floated in prison that he ain’t change 1 bit..and he was he ever ever getting out of prison…….

so I was going up against this old ass niggah as he stood there smiling…..

Pt 8

Time went on…

Preacher was on one side of the prison’s compound… the North side

and I was housed on the South side…but we seen each other either in passing or on the yard everyday…

we didn’t speak…or not even a head nod…It was just a stare and him smiling…

He was still in the shadows, but popping up doing his squeeze moves on out of state catz..he was specializing in the Italians… those Dominicans.. a few Columbians….as he moved around with that kufi on his head…

The whole NY team got fired off of the hallway detail…and Preacher switched jobs…he was now a pest exterminator… ain’t that some shit?

Now he was able to move around the whole institution from unit to unit 7:30 to 3:30 everyday with the big spray container tank….All you had to do is complain about your cell having some ants…and here he comes…

Now to show you that Preacher still had his reputation as being a killer and savage….There was something going on with this NY Blood cat…who had over 80 yrs in the feds for bank robberies..but he went back to court on a state murder case where he was the key witness….niggahs found it on the computer… so when he came back and was on his gangsta shit…someone took off on him with a punch to the jaw…he fell and a couple of bloods stomped him out with the timbs….but..before he fell he did get to pull out a knife he had on him and swung on his way down hitting one of his attackers

…they all went to the box…but he sent 1 to the outside hospital…

After about 2 months…he came back out to population…and was surrounded by a crew who job was to send him back in or leave him on the ground bleeding..He wanted to go HARD in the paint..I showed up because I just happen to be on my way to breakfast…..

Preacher showed up and told dude ” Look…Look…You have no win…Just go ahead and go in peacefully… Live to see another day …Its better for you to leave while I’m still standing here..cause once I walk away….Allah be with you….So what you going to do?”

Dude gracefully bowed out and left…he went into p.c…..while the others argued with Preacher…they wanted to stab dude up…

ANOTHER TIME…There was a beef in USP Big Sandy when I was still there..It was D.C. vs the Bloods.. and it spread to other pens…there was a death in Big Sandy resulting the beef..but the victim had nothing to do with the beef other than he was from D.C. ….so D.C. wanted some get back.

1 of the Bloods came to USP Coleman while I was there..and I seen him..I told him that he was on dangerous grounds…he asked me for a knife, but I couldn’t give him one cause I’m not involved in their beefs…So when D.C. showed up..I was there …they surrounded him…and had some vicious butcher knives.. I was standing in the middle telling the D.C. dudes to chill cause the blood dude ain’t have no parts in that beef…but those D.C. dudes acted like they wanted some blood…I was standing in the middle of it..but was not willing to get stabbed or die over this shit…I was the reason why they ain’t take off on dude yet..cause I was standing in the way with other NY’ers who was with me….

Then out of no where…Preacher appeared…

He came over to us..looked at dude …looked at the D.C. catz with knives… then looked at us….he asked me

” Yo…you O.K.?…..Is he with you?” as he pointed to the Blood cat ” cause I’m ready to kill”

the D.C. catz ain’t bulge …so Preacher asked them ” What ya’ll waiting for?…. make your move!!”

they said ” dude got to go!!”

Preacher said “Ya’ll came out here with ya’ll knives to talk?…I came to kill…”

he looked at the Blood dude and said ” You want to kill…or die?”

the Blood dude ain’t want no Preacher said..” O.K….I’m walk you to the Lt’s office so you can check your soft ass in…but ya’ll D.C. niggahs ain’t going to do shit….Let’s go Young Brother”

as he walked away with the Blood dude in tow…leaving us standing there with the D.C. dudes with knives who looked around…… and just walked away…………

They thought they had to go against the BlackHand of Death…..and was SHOOKED…..


  • Frank says:

    This is the worst “English” I’ve ever had the misfortune to try and comprehend. Please STOP!

  • GAMBINO says:

    Old man still crazy…
    Thanks for the stories, blessings OG…

    • Paris says:

      Great stories a nigga at work reading then all! Keep them coming I dead visualize it all as I’m reading like a movie lol

  • Old Vatos rule the shit bk in the day & now!!
    Not to many of us yet compared to the miatas bk in the 60’s!
    But we had small groups of us the Choppers & Baby Choppers Mexican/Americans spoke English!
    We held off the Black – Saxons gang who had big groups roaming at 8-19 dudes through the alleys!!!
    LA Choppers ran from 1964 – 68 along with the babies the young-baby Choppers & ruled 51st street up to 58th street & the Sears parking lot!!
    Vermont & Slauson was where we hung out Nativity Church elementary- we went to school there!!!
    Saxons all black had the 65th and up!
    Fists chains crow bars bats and taped up knives so u wouldn’t go up for murder!
    All hard real dudes!!
    Zip guns were made then the cowards showed up!

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