Prison Stories


Me and my manz AB God always found time to build and add on…that’s the God right there …He is also from NY

One day AB asked me where did I work at…I told him that I didn’t have no job detail…so he told me about this gig he worked at where the whole team is from NY…. It was a Hallway detail where they mopped and buffed the hallway floors…but we could go in & out of the kitchen and the c.o.’s kitchen and get what we want and bring it back.

I thought about it….and said that I wanted to get in with that gig….

It was more to it…it was also an inside scam where we were being paid way more than we was suppose to be…I will not speak on that..but shit was real cool while it lasted…

So AB brought me to this short Spanish & Black looking dude name “Von” …he was a clean shaven harmless looking dude …who was from the Bronx…and come to find out after conversating with him here and there that he knew a lot of the street players that I knew when I was out there free….I was introduced to him by AB..and I gotten the job..and out on the same crew as AB and was on the payroll getting almost $200 a month barely doing NOTHING..

This job detail lasted about 7 months ..before this other shit came up…

I was on the rec yard watching TV…they got 5 TVs under the patio area …when this D.C. dude that I knew from a previous institution came up to me …we were cool ….he asked me can he holla at me for a second….

“Yo…What’s up Freeway?”

He gave me a folder…

“What’s this?”

“You will know …because the page is folded..just give it back when you are done” he told me and he left

I took the folder to the unit and left it in my cell until when I was locked in for the night…so when I opened it and seen a Don Diva magazine without a cover…I started looking through it because I enjoy reading Don Divas…..

The page was folded at the ” Sex, Money, Murder Pistol Pete” story….I am familiar with his case and even know his codee “Mac 11″ who is one of my niggahs…..” Pete” is in ADX doing multiple life sentences…

So I read the story.. but there was a name underlined in there….I forgot the first name…it was either ” Javon” or “Shavon” Rudd aka ” Yaro Pack”… He was Pistol Pete’s connect and the one who took him to N.C. where they got knocked….He later started cooperating and testified against Pete …that was on Pete’s first case…cause he got another Fed case in NY as well….

I still didn’t understand what it meant and why Freeway from D.C. gave me the mag with that story page folded

I gave it back to him a few days later

” You read the magazine?” Freeway asked me

“Yeah..I read the whole mag”

” Did you read that story that was folded?”

“Yeah..but I don’t get it” I said

” You will…eventually… when you get to your job detail” he said as he walked off….

At work….I kept replaying what he said how I will figure it out

“Yo AB”

“What’s the science Sun?”

” Who is Javon….Shavon Rudd?”

” Why?”

“Who is it?”

“That the cat ‘Von’ …the clerk”



…The next day

Sound travels at 1,120 ft per second

Cats is already whispering that Von is a rat…and I mean word spread like a wild forest fire..

I’m on the rec yard waiting on Vince so we can get our work out on….

Von is usually on the yard at 7:30 running…he usually run all 3 yards 20 times every single morning..but this morning he is no where to be seen.

It is now a spotlight on the NY’ers to see how they going to handle this situation of a rat being amongst us.

As me and Vince get our work out on…the subject comes up, which I knew it was coming

“Yo Sha…Niggahs is saying that we got a rat amongst us”

“I already heard”

“Is there proof?…and if so….how he made it so long without no one knowing?”

“Where he came from?” I asked

” USP Atlanta with AB God and the rest of them”

I explained to him that I was given that Don Diva mag, but we can’t take a magazine as actual fact…and when you look at Pete’s case …the bigger case comes up which is in NY… but I’m going to read the N.C. fed case this afternoon…

“If he ain’t right…let me know….I want to stab him cause I never liked his ass,” kicked Vince

I laughed ….Vince is from Brownsville in Brooklyn… that said enough…

Later On….I’m in the Law library that night… I put in my access code and log in…It took a while to find the case but it was there as I read it in full..

“Yaro Pack” was the Boss and a big connect in NY.. and he cooperated.. he told about the structure of his organization and who he dealt with…telling on others and he testified in Pete’s case

I couldnt believe that shit.

“Yeah..he have to go” I said to myself as I logged off the computer and sat there

“So now you know…what you going to do about it?” as I spun around and seen Preacher aka Balil sitting in the back 3 rows behind me…He was watching me the whole time as I sat there and read the case….

“What you said?” I asked

“Now you know he ain’t right.. what you going to do? cause I don’t care what y’all do….I just better get my money..that I was getting every month from him… so make sure you make the right decision… cause I need that monthly $1,000…” as he sat there smiling his signature smile.

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