Prison Stories


part 2

We going to FREEZE right now……

to bring up to speed to all those who is lost and don’t know who this MAGGOT, FAGGIT and COWARD Preacher is…..

You may be from another planet or just isn’t in tune…but I’m tell you about this character….

Clarence ” Preacher” Heathley…also called ” The BlackHand of Death” …He was extorting a lot of Big drug dealers….Businessman and Money getters in Harlem, NY….

He was known all throughout New York City, even though he only made these extorting moves in Harlem and occasionally the Bronx….He is a slimeball all the way around the board…and ran a dangerous murderous crew who moved at his command….He had a nice long run too…from the 70’s through the 80’s to the mid 90’s, until he came to prison 1994/95

Preacher and his crew kidnapped plenty of drug dealers and was squeezing catz in Harlem. He allegedly kidnapped the R&B singer Bobby Brown and made singer Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) who was filming the movie 

” My Bodyguard” at that time put up the ransom money…

He allegedly also kidnapped the R&B music super producer Teddy Riley….

He was allegedly also behind the kidnapping and murder of 11 yr old Donnel Porter, the little brother of Harlem Street Legend Rich Porter ( R.I.P.)…

He allegedly cut Donnel’s finger off and sent it to the Porter’s family to show that he ain’t playing and shit is real…

This scene was shown in the classic movie “Paid in Full” ….when Mitch 

(Rich) little brother Sonny ( Donnel) was kidnapped and held for ransom that was orchestrated by their uncle “Ice” ( “Apple” who was part of the Preacher crew)

Preacher was definitely putting the ultimate squeeze/press game down on Harlem’s Big Willies and superstars…. but all that shit came to a crashing end when his ass came to prison……and he and his crew started flipping and pointing fingers at each other.

So what I’m going to do is show you from my stay at USP Coleman 2 …..the few run ins I had with Preacher, who now calls himself ” Balil” ….

There are a lot of stories of his viciousness and intimidation… but I’m here to tell you that the old dude is a gimmick…….He definitely hates my guts as he tried to come at me with the 1970 approach and game.

We were back & forth a few times ….

until after having that hardcover book ” The Brotherhood” for almost a year and I just so happen to sit down and read it…..and it was right there in my face…..that dude was not only “No Good”…. but also an official MAGGOT, FAGGIT and COWARD…..

……..Now let’s proceed with the story…..

“What!!?” I responded…..

” Niggahs is letting him live on the compound?…….. woooooowwwww…..”

” Yeah Sha…he been here since this spot opened… he was one of the first ones that came in on the first ride from USP Atlanta”

” How long he been in USP Atlanta?” I asked

“For a minute…he been over there chilling….You know there been rumors that he is ‘hot’…but there is no black & black showing these allegations…. he ain’t been back to court….I don’t even think he appealed his shit…there is no proof no where” spoke a convict who I knew that must of came from USP Atlanta himself having all these reasonings

” Yeah Sha” spoke another homie…” He came from USP Beaumont …he was over there for maybe a year or two…and I don’t know…I’m not sure if that was his first spot or not…but he was there and hiding in the muslim community”

” Now that’s CRAZY…..that he came over here introducing himself as ‘Balil’ and he is on some muslim shit” as I laughed

” Yo…but you know the rumors was floating around about his status of being a rat…so your Queens homie..Prince from the Supreme Team..was doing his research on that shit…shit was crazy…they were back & forth with that shit..Prince felt that something wasn’t correct with the old dude….Now know this…Preacher may be old as shit..but dude ain’t no pussy ass niggah…he is going to approach you when you try to label him as ‘hot’…and he is coming with that aggressive gangsta shit too”

” What’s that suppose to mean?” asked Vince who had over 60 yrs for jewelry robberies.. where he was convicted under the Hobbs act.

” Ain’t suppose to mean nothing…I’m just letting you know….cause every time this shit came up and became an issue..he showed up with paperwork and a knife” spoke the reasoning convict ” and he ain’t with the talking…he trying to get busy…so dudes fell back from him until they can get some kind of proof…he done fucked up a few dudes since he was in USP Atlanta already”

” I heard about him and Prince beefing too” I spoke up

“Yeah…Prince was ready to make a move…but he had no concrete proof…Balil got wind of it…so they had a stand off on the rec yard…Prince had his steel….and Preacher had his….and they were doing the tango dance around each other… scraping their blades on the concrete… but none lunged at the other”

” Mexican stand off?” I asked

” Yeah…the C.O’s had to lay the whole yard down from the gun towers to get to those niggahs…they both got locked up and sat in the box under investigation…..Prince came back out to the compound…. and Preacher got shipped to USP Atlanta”

” Shit is crazy” responded Vince


  • Julian says:

    That Bitch Ass Who’re Ass Niger A Rat Real Niger’s Know If His Bitch Was Here In Baltimore Comrad’s Been Took Him Off. Period. !!!

    • Rick says:

      No question, I’m from DC and we definitely wouldn’t had played games with that clown preacher. He woulda been dead his first month on any of our units

  • Jason says:

    I was in Talladega with dude. He’s walking compound like all is good. Old legend. Dudes talk all that crap about not letting him walk this yard or that yard but he’s walked all these Pen yards. Nobody has touched him. All y’all just talk. Lame

  • Jazz says:

    It’s very hard to believe anything you write since you don’t even know the name of the movie Whitney Houston was in if you can’t get that back to write how can we believe in the other other alleged facts

  • Smoove says:

    Y’all DC and BMore cats wouldn’t of did shit to preacher fuck outta here

  • GR says:

    Ive read that the Feds will doctor a dudes paperwork if hes a big informant..Is this possible with him? His son and code’s almost all say he flipped. His son clearly states in it that Preacher called him up after he was pinched and was talking about a murder his son had committed in a park and the son just hung up on him. The documentary about him from troy reed alludes to the fact that he attempted to cut a deal by cooperating with the feds but they either caught him in multiple lies or just refused to give him a deal and so he was hit with Life Plus 240 years Allegedly

  • Robert Simms says:

    Lets work together i want to direct clarence Preacher Heatley Movie, documentary etc

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