Prison Stories


I still remember this shit like it was yesterday..

part 1 

As one of my comrades gave me this black hardcover book….it was titled “The Brotherhood”….I forgot the author’s name

“What the fuck I’m going to do with this?” I asked him as I looked at him than at the book he just handed me…looking back at him

” ShaKim… just read it…its a good read” as he gave me his sinister grin, which let me know that he was on some other shit..which he stayed on.

I flipped through the book…thinking that there was a secret pocket or page in there where I will find something to generate some money with….but there was nothing in there

As he laughed ….” Yo…just read the book God,…you will like it” as he walked off headed up the stairs to the second tier.

We were at USP Coleman 2… a United States Federal Penitentiary located in central Florida. It was penitentiary # 6 for me doing this fed bid as I travelled the U.S. through federal prisons 1993 to 2015.

The year was 2008.

I was at USP Coleman 2007-2012….It was a sweet spot …where the administration and staff were mostly Black and Hispanic…the weather was great…Beautiful women staff…..real nice food…but …let’s not forget that we were in prison and surrounded by the most clever and sophisticated thinking criminals in the U.S. …so also know that everything is geographical.

When I got to Coleman it was Jan 2007. I was already familiar with a lot of convicts from different pens I already been in…It’s a new spot, but revolving faces..

I am a New Yorker by birth and Heart, but I am also a master networker…I connect with others from all over..I always been that like that…I am a Universal Builder….so I am not stuck on 1 thing or place…the Earth is my turf…

 I remember when I first touched this spot. It was open maybe 6 months and convicts were coming from different fed pens …I came from USP Big Sandy….Most of these convicts were coming from USP Atlanta …for USP Atlanta was now being turnt to a medium status institution (F.C.I.) so they had to move their inmates to another fed pen…so there were convicts there who been around and was known…

I met Mutula Shakur, who was the father and guide of the Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur ( R.I.P.) Mutula came from USP Atlanta and was at USP Coleman……that’s my ole head

I recall one day being around the NY homies on the rec yard…it was maybe 60 or so of us sitting around kicking the breeze…talking about worldly events and street gossip… when this older guy came toward us and the mood start changing…

this dude was maybe 6’1 …looked to be about in his late 50’s…and weighed about 250….you can tell that in his younger days he worked out heavy and was probably an animal… but now his stomach had a gut that hung over his belt..he still had size…his upper body was built..he was dark skin and bald headed…he wore a kufi so that let me know that he as Muslim…

He still looked evil and was built like an old rhinoceros.

“What’s up Balil?” a couple of the cats greeted him as others didn’t….they were just looking…the look they gave was enough to put me on guard as I stood up and put my hands in my sweatpants where my 8 inch icepick was.

” What’s happening Young Brothers?” Balil responded back as he looked around and locked his eyes on me…. he was wearing his full institutional khaki pants and shirt with a folder under his arm..

” I just came to introduce myself because I heard that there was a new NYer here and no one is going to introduce us…..I am Balil” as he stuck his hand out for a handshake.

” I am ShaKim”

” Yeah..I heard…from Queens?”

“Yeah” I responded

” Well ..I got something that I want you to look at ” as he took out the folder from under his arm.. (just the look on everyone’s face let me know that they wasn’t trying to hear it)

“But I will catch you another time when you are not busy….I work in the library morning..noon and night”

” O.K. Balil ..I will catch you there…I’m always there”

” Yeah..I know” he he shook my hand again and left..

When he was a good walking distance away where he couldnt hear us.

” Yo..Sun who the fuck was that? and why y’all niggahs act like y’all about to shit on ya’ll selves?”…I had to ask these hardcore NY killers…

” Yo…Sha….Stay away from that old ass man…..that’s ” Preacher” from Harlem”… cat informed me

“WHUT?!!!!” I responded………


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