Prison Gangs



  • Charlie Olson says:

    All in all thats still gotta be a terrible way to spend your days. Every day locked down in ADX Florence for the rest of your life. Brutal !!!

    • Stella p says:

      No not brutal, it is a sufficient way of punishment to give him death because he killed others will be relief, are an easy way out an immediate solution to an problem….. Most criminals once caught are at very point of being captured would say are ask just kill me are just immediately kill themselves as a quick out punishment…… No let him live restricted behind bars… If u give him freedom to roam n access to commune with others he will continue to torment, kill, n abuse others… Evidence proves this…. Let him live n be able to think freely without the ability to go are commune are even roam about… An lovely idea…. Only feed him… Love is the greatest punishment and by restricted benefits..and as the man Charlie Olson said it is an terrible way to live rest of ur life lock down…. Yes it would be for an normal loving humble caring rightminded nonevil hearted air breathing thing of life, meaning people, mammal, are animals, that is unbiased to other air breathers and unevilhearted and unevilminded…. See he and the rest of the ABs are so

      • Jimmy john says:

        The fuck are you talking bout

      • Chech One says:

        There is no proof whatsoever (but plenty to the contrary) that the death penalty stops violent crime. Historically, societies that used capital punishment have had higher instances of murder and other violent crimes. The AB is a product of the prison system; you can see how obvious this is when you look at the conditions of prisons in countries without 3 strike laws and Cap Pun (ie 99% of them). Giving the state the right to take life is never the answer.

        • American says:

          There is plenty of scholarly evidence to show the death penalty has a deterrent effect and that removing it has the opposite effect. You’re making a false assertion. One such example is Vicente Fox ending capital punishment in Mexico on March 15, 2005 and the homicide rate rapidly escalating. In 2005, the homicide rate was 9.1 of 100k in Mexico… by 2017 it was 24.8 of 100k (data from The World Bank).

          Then there’s the moral reasons for the state to execute murderers (NOT to be confused with people killing in self-defense, defense of innocents, or legal kills by those in the military and law enforcement). “If a society persists in refusing to take the life of those conclusively proven to have deliberately and violently taken others’ lives, then that society will stand under God’s judgment and the value, worth, dignity and respect for persons in that society and nation will diminish accordingly.” Kaiser, W. C., Jr., Davids, P. H., Bruce, F. F., & Brauch, M. T. (1996). Hard sayings of the Bible (p. 116). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity.

      • Joseph Welch says:

        The AB is criticized for the brutality in prison?? Are u kidding me? Obviously nobody has any experience on what’s going on in there… 11 yrs I have in the federal prison system… When theres green light on somebody… that guy earned it believe that!! Keep your empathies and your uneducated opinions to yourselves… they have no merit no credibility

    • Me says:

      Karma’s a cruel mistress, huh?

    • Britny Jennings says:


  • Geoff Boyd says:

    Lived as a Man..
    Died as a Man..

    More than can be said for most people…

  • John says:

    R.I.P. Barry ‘Baron’ Mills!!
    You were a TRUE warrior.
    Valhalla is your home now.


    • Reynaldo Martinez says:

      What a sad life an then to died alone in prison and go to hell what was the purpose. He didn’t get rich didn’t live lavish like most crime bosses hell did he even ever have a woman he spent most of his life behind bars at least John Gotti got to enjoy some of his life as a gangster. Just a sad way to live and die

    • Chopper says:

      Walhalla ??? Du Dummkopf…Er war kein Norweger!!! AB ist kein Nazi Verein…du dümmer junge!!! Krieger JA das war ER……

    • Sudieq says:

      There’s mire monsters in our government! If we only knew what these lying politicians do and have done, and who they have had killed you get there way!

  • Terry says:

    Rest on peace Barry mills 14/88

    • Rob says:

      14/88–The 14 words and Hail Hitler, huh?

      Wow, yet another lost soul and foolish person who lives life perpetually hating. Are you not aware that hating another rots your own soul? Try to change. You’ll be amazed what a burden you’ll no longer carry.

  • james b says:

    rip Baron 14/88
    rip Demon Henry

  • Michael says:

    R.I.P. Barry Mills. 16/23 14/88

    • B says:

      I remember the guy on the left he was my Dad supposedly. I was there when the photo was taken, on the Yard at Soledad. He was mad because Charlie in the middle kept getting his elbow in the way covering up his Bicep flex for the photo. I must have only been three or so.

  • O G says:

    I knew Barry before he killed Marsloff.
    He was definitely a bad mother fucker.
    He lived and breathed that AB shit.
    The DC BLACKS created a lot of racial hostility and did what he thought he had to do.

  • Mr.T says:

    Hard way to live but that’s the life that he chose, no one put a gun to his head he thought it was a normal life style, definitely someone not to fuck with, doesn’t seem like when he was dying he regretted his life style, in the end we all will be judged by god

  • Alex says:

    He was a hero and He died as a Hero we will remember him 4ever
    Til Valhalla Brothers

  • Lilman says:

    Boy boy boy people run their jibs an don’t have a clue ha ha ha I can’t beleave half the buuuuu chit these Lames Say ….they read to many books an Google to much. If u comment on my brothers on line u a rat ! Point blank!…think on that . These fools been to da pen a couple times an all of a sudden they a gangster.ha ha wow ! Stay off the wire. Leave my people alone.PC ass mo Fos. U Kno who u are ! LnR toy brothers in Sac…Lilman CCC…..

  • Demon says:

    Ok. Give us the real lil man! AB run shit!

  • Jonathan says:

    Died a fucking warrior

  • Gavin Cato says:

    169% agree with yall that he was amazing, even as a criminal.

  • Chris says:

    Ab still around. Tryler runs correct?

  • Cunningham says:

    Mills was scum. Not even much “aryan” about him, if you have a look at his family tree. The nazis would have rejected such a steroid-bloated abomination.

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