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The Rise of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture

The Rise of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture by Robert Rosso

Shortly after the turn of the century U.S. Attorneys nationwide began targeting violent white prison gangs by using the federal “RICO statute,” a federal statute originally intended to dismantle or destroy the upper echelon of the five New York crime families. Among the gangs indicted were the California-based Aryan Brotherhood (AB) and Nazi Low Riders (NLR); the Texas-based Texas Aryan Brotherhood (T.A.B) and the Aryan Circle; and a relatively unknown yet eager-to-be-respected gang out of Utah called the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, “SAC” for short.

slide_4Court record and media reports confirm that Tracy Swena a.k.a “Tin Man” founded the gang inside the Utah prison system in 1997. Using a Para-military structure, Swena oversaw the gangs operations by acting as top general, ordering assaults on prison guards and running a methamphetamine ring.  To rise through the ranks, Swena admitted, members would commit violent acts against black and Hispanic inmates chosen at Random.

One such member was Lance Vanderstappen, a SAC member who along with gang Leader Swena, his Brother Steve Swena  and 10 others were convicted of racketeering. Immediately he was sentenced 63-months in federal prison, he was escorted to a temporary holding cell inside the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, Utah were he reportedly withdrew a three-inch home-made knife from his rectum and repeatedly stabbed a Hispanic inmate. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, prosecutors said that Vanderstappen admitted that he had planed to “use the shive to kill someone at the earliest possible opportunity.”

And such vicious attacks committed by SAC members aren’t just intended for people in prison.

In 2002, Scott Biswell, a SAC leader, was shot and killed by a SWAT team in a Provo motel. Biswell, who had outstanding warrants for assaulting two women and a baby, was rumored to be trying to earn the first patch for killing an officer. As the SWAT team entered the room, Biswell reportedly raised a gun as if he were about to shoot an officer, who then fired first.

A career criminal from Utah named Victor Buchi has first-hand knowledge about the founders of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture. In October of 2007, at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, Bucho told Gorilla Convict that Tracy Swena and his younger brother Steve Swena a.k.a “Tazz” grew up in the suburbs of Ogden, Utah.

“They were like a lot of kids in the area. The got high, listen to a lot of rap, and committed petty crimes.” They were also in a multi-racial street gang, said Buchi. “They weren’t racists at all.”

Tracy Swena’s “racial awakening” occurred inside the Utah state prison system. According to Buchi, Tracy hooked up with an older white guy from California who had ties to the Aryan Brotherhood.

“I forgot dudes name,”  Swena, said. “But he gave Tin Man a bunch of white supremacy literature and he got hooked.” Also, worth noting, Buchi said, is that during that same time a gang called The Soldiers of Aryan Warriors (SAW) were really starting to rise. “The next thing I know, we get locked down for a while and when we came off Tin Man created his own gang. It was kind of weird because they did ride with SAW, but they were their own thing as well.  And they grew fast.”

SAC first gained notoriety in early 2002 after police officer’s in Ogden claimed that members of SAC/SAW had intended to use pipe bombs to attack Jewish athletes at the 2002 winter Olympics.

“After that happened,” Said Buchi. ” The feds were all over them. The rest, I guess you can say, is history.”

An intelligence report from the Fall of 2005 stated, “In 2003, following the Indictment of 12 SAC members for violating RICO, the lead prosecutor in the case received 2 death threats. In one letter, the anonymous author wrote: ‘You stupid bitch! It’s because of you that my brothers are in jail. We will get you.’ Signed, Until the casket drops.”

“After the same prosecutor received a second death threat by mail last December,” one media report said, “the federal judge presiding over the case called all 12 defendants together into the same courtroom and informed then that their visit and telephone privileges were suspended indefinitely. In an apparent coordinated assault, the defendants who were shackled and handcuffed, jumped up from their seats and began kicking, head butting and spitting on the federal marshals and bailiffs.”

For their crimes, all 12 SAC members plead guilty and received sentences ranging from 3 to 20 years, with brothers Steve and Tracy, the top Generals of the gang, receiving 12 and 20 years, respectively.

Prior to 2005, SAC had “more than 150 members across the state” of Utah. In an apparent effort to diminish or eradicate the gang entirely, once the Swena bothers and their co-defendants were convicted, prosecutors saw to it that key SAC members were separated from one another and sent to various prisons, a tactic known as “scattering them to the wind.” Needless to say, this plan failed miserably.

The Federal Bureau of prisons initially placed Tracy Swena at the United States Penitentiary (USP) in Florence, Colorado, and his younger Brother Steve Swena at USP Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, two maximum security prisons with no shortage of would-be recruits. During their first year in federal prison alone. SAC more than doubled their numbers.

Chris Gentry joined SAC in 2013. A native of Indiana, he’s never been to the State of Utah nor has he even met any of his gangs original founders.

“I patched up with SAC because I liked what they stand for,” he told Gorilla Convict. Serving 12 years for a methamphetamine conspiracy, we caught up with Chris on the 10th September inside a federal prison in the central region of the United States. “We are about racial pride. While schools and the media teach our youth that white people should be ashamed of our history we take our learned knowledge and teach young people that they should be proud of all the accomplishments that our race has done for the world. Our ancestors are the ones who built the world around us, that same world that is being ripped apart by degenerate races of lazy, whining, rapist. While the mud’s destroy everything we built, the mainstream media stays in ignoring or just not speaking the truth about real racial issues, and instead highlights anything that the white man does wrong – anything that rattles the cages and makes mud’s hate the man. That’s what our mainstream media does.”

Although Chris refuses to talk about any details surrounding SAC’s orientation requirements, reports state “new members have to complete a six to 12-month period of criminal missions. Often these orders include hits like stabbings on other inmates. Once the mission is complete and the member is approved, they receive a SAC patch, a tattoo of an iron cross wrapped by a swastika.” All members are required to read white supremacist literature and attack anyone who threatens their ideology, the report said.

“I’ll go so far as to say this, ” Chris tell Gorilla Convict. “We are well-versed in accurate, historical facts about the white race. We know white history. We are proud of our history. And we are committed to following our precepts, and to defend our brotherhood and our honor, at any cost.”

“And we don’t take kindly to being disrespected,” He emphasized

Case in point.  On November 28, 2007, at USP Beaumont, SAC member Mark Isaac Snarr a.k.a “Snuff” stabbed with intent to kill two correctional officers and one inmate, successfully eliminating the latter.

According to court documents (United States v. Snarr, 704 f. 3d 368, 396 5th Cir.), Gabriel Rhone, Edgar Garcia and Mark Snarr were all housed inside of the prisons Special Housing Unit (SHU). That day, as prison guards were escorting Snarr and Garcia from the rec’ yard to the respective cells, Snarr and Garcia slipped  from their hands cuffs, produced two homemade shanks, and stabbed Correctional officers Dewight Baloney and Josh McQueen more than thirty times total. The reason? The two convicts wanted the officers keys so they could enter the cell of Rhone and kill him, which they did.  And after the deed was done Snuff made clear the reason why they did it:” The dude disrespected us, and that’s what he got.”

Today Mark Snarr is housed at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana where he sits on death row…waiting. He is the first SAC member in the gang’s history to have been sentenced to death. Among his brothers, he is a legend.

What was once the dream of one white kid with a too much time on his hands, has become a national gang with an estimated 100s of members. The gang is thriving.

“When I get out I want to live in a place where there are only white people,” said Chris .”A place where there aren’t a bunch mud’s degrading women, crying about what they’re owed and asking for a bunch of handouts. I want  to live in a place where I am surrounded by my bro’s,  just a bunch of patch holders protecting our culture, raising our famlies, and living the real American dream. That’s why I am a Soldier of Aryan Culture.”



  • david fink says:

    you have a few inaccuracies in your article. if youd like to know hit me up

    • Jarrad lenling says:

      I’m s.a.c. in mass looking to reach out to other brothers please hit me up

    • Sarah Biswell says:

      Tracy is my brother and he really does have the best heart! He had good intentions and yes some stuff got out of hand but these articles from all u people are about 70% bullshit!! Just like the article about Scott Biswell, that’s my husband. The article about him attacking and threatening 2 women and a baby. I was there for that whole in incident and all that was was an argument with a certain woman that was holding a baby. Nobody put any hands on her period! Yes he threatened her but that was it. And the only other women that were there was me and the girl who’s house we were at when it happened. But the media and authorities lie and so everyone thinks that my husband and brothers are monsters and I just wish they would get their facts straight! Just like the feds got me down in my file that I’m a member of SAC and the Barons biker gang!! WTF!? I guess I can understand where they got SAC from cuz of my family and stuff but The Barons… I think ive met maybe 2 members my whole life but the feds said it so therefore they wont remove it!

      • Brian Binder says:

        mind helping me out? my buddy is the pres n I need to get something to him. msg me on fb. name Frank Badger my pic is the cover of a book norse mythology with a hammer

    • Pendy says:

      A few inaccuracies.

    • Monique says:

      They have never lived in Ogden ever

  • Paul holdaway says:

    How do i join up

  • monique says:

    Tracy is my cousin and your article is off in a lot of respects he never lived in Ogden damn try to get your facts straight before you try to slander people!!!!

    • Turtle says:

      He lived in Ogden foster care for a few months is all.

      • Dick says:

        hello, turtle!
        it’s Shorty if this is really you, hit me up. been along time since we spoke.
        u were in another state!?
        anyways, my mom’s not with us anymore.
        not sure if your you, but my best to you and yours always..

    • Big T says:

      I know them both fished in around the same time. I remember the beef with 2”1 on baker block. I was in unita 1 and 2 with them also. Your article is off for sure.

    • Jarrad lenling says:

      Trying to get into touch with your cousin and other brothers

  • sleeper says:

    I am a sac member and your facts are a little off. there is also a good one to look up when it comes to Sam’s violence it happened in Coleman 1 up inmate oflanagan and Blount nearly killed a Puerto Rican right in front of the lieutenant office .it was in 2007.

    • Frank says:

      I’m in close with the pres. trying to get him some stuff. need a little help from patch holder

  • TXwood says:

    WTF? “What was once the dream of one white kid with a too much time on his hands” That is the dumbest quote i have read all year and trust me i have read some really stupid liberal shit here lately. What i can not figure out is how or why idiots like you down play White Pride.The same retards that hate white people who are proud to be white and are trying to preserve their race are the same idiots who protect endangered species and cry when an eagle gets killed. Why protect an animal to keep them here and do everything you can to choke out the white people? What is sad if we were animals we would be on a endangered list with only 9% of the world population being white. SMH just another idiot who has fell for government lies and now produces their propaganda.

  • REDWOOD says:

    You will never know the full scope of what it is to be a member. Your article holds some merit based on the premise that your information is filtered and second hand.

  • Devon B Ryder says:

    What do you know about Chrissy Ryder? Be careful about what you say. That’s my momma you’re talking about

  • Devon B Ryder says:

    What you know about Chrissy Ryder?
    That’s my momma wood!


  • Mikey says:

    Iv met them all smoked with biz rest in peace I met tin man as big as high legend there all soldiers

  • DemoLition says:

    Decent article( maybe halfway accurate) btw im from SAW but i give credit where its due. Tin man is highly intelligent and calculated.. This article makes him out to be who started a gang for fame and power.. It was truly started due to the way the white race (minority at the time) was treated by the gangs and other races.. It was started cuz he didnt want to see white ppl being beat, stabbed and taken advantage of due to being the only race (at the time) without a group or gang to stand behind.. It wasnt started with the intention to commit baseless violence. It was about protecting OUR PPL.. They/ we are not psychos that attack ppl for no reason. Respect is earned not given. Im sick of the negative publicity geared towards making anyone thats proud to be white a racist. Its bullshit especially since WE should be proud. We have ZERO reason to feel bad or sorry for being the best country in the world.. WHITE LIVES MATTER MORE!! If all are created equal then Africa should have no problem providing food and water & electricity for theirselves.. Oh fyi the person that allegedly wrpte the death threat was not and never has been sac.. Tin man is a legend that paved the way and made our prisons safer for our race… 19⚡1 ⚡?

  • Poler bear says:

    Im in laurie mo .just got out of fci in Texas. Im a poker wood ..trying to fine some good woods around kick it and i now .strech ..ten can. Cracker eat with them. In the pin .. This aka the poler bear .Face book me or messager me Ron Calloway

  • Racer says:

    ive known tracy since then early 90s and you guys have alot about him wrong

    • Amber Swena says:

      So glad our grandfather completely cut off their dad. The stories I heard about him stealing from his own father, and their poor grandmother. Other than stepping out on her husband, she is/was a damn fine woman. In fact, he was so ashamed of David and his kids we were never allowed to ask about them or talk about them in front of him. Let’s just say grandpa’s first marriage didn’t come up until I was in 9th grade. Glad his other descendants amounted to something.

      • Monique says:

        Shut up you lame bitch I’m his blood cousin and insure u he was close to both grandmas u want some come get some bitch

  • Christopher Hampton says:

    Let them hate as long as they fear. Long racial love and respects to those who will never make it out.

  • Patrick Michaels says:

    I’m glad to see some good posts from good people who know the truth. I moved to Utah 10 years ago to escape the bullshit going on in NYC. Always looking to meet some like minded brothers. Hit me up.

  • launch pad 88 says:

    i am out in boston, need to talk to some brothers out west utah/montana
    love and respect ✊ 1488

    • Frank says:

      I’m in West boylston. I need help getting something to the pres. msg me on fb, Frank Badger n my pic is the cover of Norse Mythology w a hammer

  • Kyle puckett says:

    This is Kyle Puckett a S.A.C Brother in Montana. I’ve never met Tin Man but do know Michael Root “Pugs”a good Brother of mine. You can get ahold of me on FB any time Brothers.

    • Slugger says:

      Hey brother. Hope all is well? This is slugger from Utah SAC always. Max l&r from all of the SAC woods down here to you.

  • Mike says:

    Fuk sac fuk all u lame ass cowards. I was in the feds 8 years with pukes that make all white people look bad.u r all white trash.all high and mighty.then u get indicted and rollover on each other.all these gangs r the same…lame lame lame

    • Slugger says:

      Come on down to Utah and get smacked up like you did in prison being a punk. Sucking all that hard ass mud dick for coffee. Stop touching them kids. We all know about you. You’re not white. Not after getting piped down by other races shit any race you ain’t tripping you just have to have cock and little boy butt. You fucking red dot.

  • Mike says:

    Bitch ass pussies.fuk all u white supremacists. And im a whiteboy

    • Slugger says:

      You’re not white you’re a nigger bitch. A punk that gets fucked in his ass by kids. There’s not a man in your family. Tell me how do 2 bitchs have sex a produce a punk cock sucker like you. You’d never tell a SAC member that shit cuz when you stick your hand down your pants it comes out wet. Just like your bitch daddy and his and so on. Go and be with the kids you fucking lame. If you’re about it I’ll give you an address and you and some of you hoe coward ass nigger loving friends can come on down and get fucked off. Fucking sex offender check in haha.

    • Monique says:

      Love u to say that to their face lol

  • Sindi says:

    I’m trying to meet Tracy Swena !!! He about to get out ? I just want to listen!!!! To him!!!

  • Howie says:

    This is Howie from SAC. Just got out Tuesday. Need a Facebook page just for the brother’s so I can stay in touch.

  • Lil Miss Wyckyd says:

    All I’m gonna say about ne thing this fukn article has said about Tracy is that it trying to paint a hella fukd up image of him. U portray him as if he was this murderous evil filled human n that couldn’t b further from the truth. I’ve known Tracy in all reality since i was a teenager n I’m 46 now so u do the math. Hell he was my 1st boyfriend n I’ve never known him to do ne thing without good fukn reason. So plz if u wanna spew bullshit out the side of ur neck do us all a favor n dont…… Just dont. . To the rest of u woods take care of urselves keep ur heads held high walk tall walk proud n if ne body tries fukn with u just do what ive been known to do n that is just smile keep calm n throat punch a mother fukr. OI.

  • Eazy says:

    I’m an Ogden, Utah native. Born and raised. I’ve grown up surrounded by SAC/SAW mainly SAC tho. I don’t think I’ve met one member that’s not a good ass dude. For real. I’m not patched. Probably won’t ever be patched. However, those who are patched have always done right by me. This article makes them sound like a bunch of crazy ass neo Nazis. They’re proud to be white. As am I. Be proud of who you are. 100%.

  • Jason says:

    Taz and tin man I’ve known for years I’m not full white but I’ll tell you these are to of the best dudes I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing I’m in constant contact with Taz and recently visited with Tim man via televideo when he was first released a few months back,he’s back on a technicality but he will return and make it better than last time,these dudes are not out hooting and hollering racial shit,these are genuinely good people and do normal things that normal people do,the media gots shit all twisted so people think someone’s out lynching people,shit can’t people be proud of who they are without somebody getting it Fu#@ed all the time,best wishes to both my brothers Steven and Tracy swena,love you both sincerely Wyzz-Nutty,

  • Freya says:

    Watch Netflix series Hate thy Neighbor and Above majestic also Tin man has a heart he has Mine Tracy is extremely intelligent he is my Odin n it does not bother me who gets offended by me saying that. Tracy is not out for fame or acceptance he already has that from the gods. He knows why he does what he does and why n thats nobody’s business. People need to stop telling tall tales and stop being so nosey. Next!

  • Karen says:

    I’m not sure what Marve told you but Dave had nothing to do with that dead beat of a dad. Dave never once stole a thing from him nor did Tracy or Steven even know him. Dave only seen his grandpa Swena a few times. So if your going to talk crap about someone that is dead get your story straight. Trust me I know the truth not you

  • Woah y’all a bunch of ignorant, insecure, and SCARED white boys lmao. All that hate you got in your heart for these “muds” and anyone else who aint white but none of you even self aware enough to realize that hate is a secondary emotion. Y’all don’t hate other races, you big buff slighty homoerotic woods are really just full of FEAR deep down and unfortunately aren’t in tune with your true selves to recognize that so you confuse that fear with anger and act and lash out accordingly. Do yourselves a favor and make it a mission to reach to some of these other racists you hate, but instead of automatically hating them before even meeting them try giving them the benefit of doubt and a clean slate and letting them and their actions decide if you gonna hate them or not. I promise every single one of you so called racists that if you each approach 5 ppl of different races in the way I mentioned that AT THE LEAST you will realize 4/5 were great human beings, most probably go 5/5. Please think about it, meditate on it, pray to that big sexy God Odin or whatever about. Before its too late. Because i promise all of you that if you end up dying a racist, your unenlightened souls are going to have your fucking minds blown when y’all realize reincarnation is in fact real and you fools end up coming back as a black man.. with a whole racist ass past life full of karma to reap on top of it smh. Good luck getting any of your “brothers” to help you then lol. I’ll pray for every one of you.

    • Dianne says:

      I loved to have read that in the 1st step of my morning. I must say I indeed got a kick outta it specially the reincarnation part. This is so fkn true. Fkn idiots best get it right while they got a chance to.
      Because they will have to come back and repeat life till they get it. And as time goes on….it’s gonna just get uglier and uglier. So many blessed beautiful days to all who take it. Xoxo

  • Getalife says:

    This comment section is so stupid. “I’m a Sac member hit me up brother”, lol. Get a life! Stop telling the world your in a gang that recruits any white boy, and stop telling on yourself. Wow! Proud to tattoo swastikas on your body….lol….that’s sad! Half of your brothers have kids with women who aren’t fully white….preserve your race, gtfoh!

  • Abdullah says:

    where the white woman at

  • Dutch says:

    This is dutch A.B. Wisconsin much love and respect to all s.a.c. brothers 1488

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