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Big Gov and Pitch Black Entertainment

Big Gov2Reppin’ Pitch Black Entertainment Big Gov is taking the streets hostage with his music. Ain’t no joke the kid can flow. If you want that real Motwon flavor then look no further than the kid from Detroit who’s laying it down hardcore. Representing for his city and his label. You know Gorilla Convict only gets done with the most thorough so we sat down with this man to get a little knowledge on whats up with him, his music and his career. He’s won awards, he’s made movies, he’s even done songs with porn stars. But don’t let us tell it, let him. Introducing Big Gov to Gorilla Convict’s readers. Check out this exclusive and see what the man has to say and then check out the links to his songs and let us know what you think.

What is the rap game like in Detroit?

To be honest, I don’t check anymore. I’m really not as respected as I should be, based on me not following trends, and sounding like everybody else! You have your few that make it out like, Royce, Dej, Sean, Guilty, and a few others but, they left the D to make it happen! In Detroit, if you ain’t speakin’ on Gucci, Louis, Trues, Sippin’ lean, slangin’ keys, fuckin’ your enemies baby momma, hella’ bands or, a bunch of guns, your music is considered lame. I just make the music I feel from my heart so, I’ll never fit in with Detroit rap.

When and why did you start rapping and getting into music?

I got the basics of how to rap in 84, by listening to the Fat Boys, Run Dmc, and Morris Day! My favorite male cousin J-Matt,  was a rap star to me back then, and I tried to do everything he did. I recorded my first song on top of a live drummer in 1985, I was 5 yrs old! I wanted to do it because, I was in love with the culture! I thought it was cool.

Describe your style and mentality as a rapper?

I really don’t think I have a style. I just thrive on reality in my songs. I’ve been told that I have the spirit of Pac, Nas, Scarface, and Kool G Rap in my flow, with a Game vocal tone. All that’s cool, I just think I’m me! My mentality is one of honesty! I figure Alotta guys fake it till they make it so, they lie about life! I do music to keep me sane and from outta prison! All of my negative issues in life get translated into music. Whereas before, I’d just put my hands on people anytime I felt the need to! Music saved me for real.

What other rappers and producers have you worked with?

Trick Trick, Royce, Proof, The Oakland Ca. OG Richie Rich, Compton Legend BG Knoccout, Styles P of the lox jumped on one of my tracks, so has Jada, Gift Reynolds, Bleu Davinci, and a few others.

What rappers and music did you listen to when you were coming up?

 Run Dmc, Fat Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Geto Boys, Boogie Down Productions, Detroit’s Most Wanted, A.W.O.L, Prince Vince, J to the D, Rakim, Nas, Az, Wu Tang, Mic Geronimo, Public Enemy, NWA, Snoop, Dre, Warren G, When Naughty By Nature dropped, Trech was my favorite, I tried to do everything he did! Then came the Dogg Pound. Kurupt made me rap.

Who would you compare your style or your flow to? 

It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I really paid attention to Nas but, I got hooked on his flow style and cadences. Dude is the greatest. I took a little from him, Beans, and what I was already blessed with, and mixed it in a pot, and this is what you have, Big Gov.

Listen to No Signs of Weakness by Big Gov on @AppleMusic.



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