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Gorilla Convict Contributor Shakim Bio Leaves the Feds

A Message from Shakim Bio

If I should die…don’t cry my niggah….just ride my niggah…bust bullets in the sky my niggah..when I’m gone…don’t mourn my niggah…get on my niggah…when it’s real..just say word is bond my niggah”

  Jay-Z featuring Da Ranjahz

I’m finally gone

Nov 2nd 2015…after completing 263 months…thats 21 yrs, 11 months, but to be exact it was 21 yrs, 10 1/2 months because I’m 17 to 18 days short from the full 11 months…so that’s 365 times 22 yrs equaling 8030 days subtract 30 days thats 8000 and the 18 days off is 7,982 days….

I started out with 480 months..thats 40 years

40 yrs for selling drugs….I was considered a high level drug dealer that supplied other high level, mid level and street level dealers.

I came to learn and realize that that was the dumbest thing I ever did in my life…It’s a mistake that many have made before me and many more will make after me, but I am still standing tall and able to tell my story.

I’m finally gone from the prison life…the prison politics and politricks of the Federal penal system though…for I’m getting pushed out the feds to the state to begin another ordeal that I was caught up and framed on…so the war to my ultimate

freedom is still on…..

I am leaving the fed system…but can never forget the things I learnt or the people I met through this journey…the good and bad men…I learnt from them all…

Prison taught me to be humble and how to exercise great patience…It taught me to think things through. It educated me in so many levels and ways.

It taught me to appreciate the things that I have such as; My Family, my friends, my support system, my life, my health, and all my loved ones, and how to appreciate the things I dont have…mainly MY FREEDOM.

Anybody can get trapped off and come to prison….ANYONE

There are great men in Prison too…some innocent…some guilty…some who will never ever get out of these hells….Prison is Heaven to some of these men too…some found their talents..their callings here…Prison made a lot of great students…and Leaders…so many entrepreneurs, but it’s a lot of bullshit in prison too…It broke many spirits, but built some up as well.

Prison can be Kindergarten all the way to colleges to us if we take advantage of what it has to offer us. Every person you meet can teach you something that is good for you or bad for you. You just have to know what to take with with you and what to leave, what to absorb and what not to take heed

Preserve the best part and dispose of whats not needed…


After going back & forth to the law library within the 8 different Maximum penitentiaries I been in…1. USP Terre Haute..2. USP Marion..3. USP Lompoc..4.USP Lee County..5. USP Big Sandy..6. USP Coleman..7. USP Atwater..and 8..Back to USP Big Sandy…learning about drug statutes and laws and being able to give back time 3 times because of the new drug amendments 706, 750 and 782.

I made the best of my time, even in the worse situations and worse environments…I remained a true General…but now it’s time for me to leave.


Trustfully I will be home soon in the Free Cipher living my life to the fullest…

Rest in Peace To Maurice “Skinny Moe” Fields…Rest In Peace to Kenneth “Ken Low” Hill..Rest In Peace to Garland “S.I” Tyree

..those brothers who made it home for the year 2015…but died out there in the year 2015

Salutes to all my comrades and Brothers in the Struggle….

I’M GONE!!!!!!!!!

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