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Wayne Perry Speaks From Prison










In this candid interview orchestrated and brought to the world by Transitions writer/director/producer Hanibal Chancellor aka Big Hanman, Wayne Perry speaks from the penitentiary for the first time ever. This is a Gorilla Convict exclusive. Before you check out what Wayne Perry has to say Hanibal has some words of wisdom about his show Transitions, how he got Wayne to be a part of it and what his future plans for the show include-

Transitions web series touches on social issues such as mental health, unemployment, poverty, violent crimes, drug epidemics, the prison system and politics. It also uncovers the lies, deception, and greed all for the love of money and power. 

Transitions is an unique web series because it is inspired by true stories from various street legends such as; Wayne “Silk” Perry, Cornell “The Ghost” Jones, Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Frank Matthews and many more. This web series doesn’t glamorize those street legends, it simply takes the morals and principles that they represent and its incorporated into the story. 
Wayne Perry is just one street legend that endorses Transitions web series. He recently called in on episode 6 to share his own personal Transition that he’s going through; which is a valuable message that we all can learn from. We depict the changes of life through the eyes of our characters, so join us as we explore the impacted lives and watch as they Transition.
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11742757_681794921953858_2842929386180137755_nThats the word from Hanibal, so check out the Transitions series today- and you can view the whole series on youtube-

But for the word from Wayne Perry, heres the link-