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Seth Ferranti Talks Supreme Team Comic on Nerds United

Nerds United Episode 50: A Supreme Episode With Greg Mehochko

You hear “Supreme” in reference to comics books. And if you’re like me…you think of “The Supreme Sorcerer,” Doctor Strange.


But we’re going in a different direction. Meet Seth Ferranti, writer of The Supreme Team. He has been working with Stache Publishing’s Anthony Mathenia to transform his book into a graphic novel.


Hear Seth’s own gripping tale about his life and how he came to learn the stories he shares in his writing.

You can help Seth, Anthony, and artist Joe Wills’ work to reach fruition by supporting the Kickstarter, going on all through the month of August- https://goo.gl/66qF2w

Check out the podcast- http://jitterymonkey.com/nu50/