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Seth Ferranti on the Comic DNA Podcast

Seth Ferranti on the Comic DNA Podcast- Check out this podcast Seth and Anthony Mathenia did talking about Criminal, the true crime graphic novel by Brubaker and Phillips and how it relates to what they are doing with their  Supreme Team comic series. Click on the link that follows to listen-

Aaron is joined by two very special guests, Anthony Mathenia and Seth Ferranti to discuss Criminal by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Val Staples.  First published by Icon in 2006.  Criminal is a classic pulp style crime fiction comic about Leo, the best thief in the city, who also has a reputation as being a coward, because if things go wrong on a heist, Leo will be the first one to cut and run.  Of course, as the story develops, we learn that there’s certainly more to Leo than his reputation would have you believe.  Leo is convinced by a crooked cop acquaintance of his to take part in a big heist.  As always happens in pulp crime stories, nothing goes the way it’s planned, nobody can be trusted, and we what these characters are really made of.
Our special guest, Seth Ferranti is a convicted “LSD Kingpin” who spent 21 years in a Federal prison, where he began to write articles for Vice magazine and publish true crime fiction novels.  Together, with editor Anthony Mathenia, they are working to adapt one of his books, Supreme Team, into a comic.