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Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit- Death B4 Dishonor

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit- Death B4 Dishonor

The thing I love about my brothers over at the 5% Nation of the God’s and the Earth’s is that it’s all about numbers with them. In numbers there is absolute truth, I agree. According to the latest issue of Don Diva a “Black Person” is killed by law enforcement every 28 hours. This number should be flawed because the USA Today has proof that many of the murders, and shootings not resulting in death are not reported throughout the country.

On January 27th I lost another one of my own. Jermonte Fletcher a.k.a Chin was murdered by the federal fugitive task force, the C.P.D., and two members of the state highway patrol. Story goes: Someone dropped a dime on Chin when he returned home, the fuzz rushed the spot, Chin upped pipe on the swine, the swine filled my baby boy full of lead,. Only problem I have with his death is that he died alone…


I’m writing this on the 4th of Black History month.  In the Short North that is the street all of us claim, 4th and 8th. 4’s and 8’s are my numbers. I’m from Ohio , four letters in that. First Street I ever lived on, Oak and Ohio which is four again. I was born in April, four again, I moved to 439 Stoodart, then in ’79 I moved to 1444 Nth 4th street apt #4-B; Columbus, (eight letters) Ohio, 43201 and the area code 614. The feds gave me 46 years nine months, I won my appeal April of ’99 so that’s the fourth month again. And the 44th president changed the crack law so I could finally leave the feds. I even rode out of Ohio to the feds on my birthday. I’m supposed to get out when I’m 40 years old.

What does all this mean?


How the fuck do we know if my dude wasn’t simply assassinated? Are we to trust the numbers? Ohio State is enjoying another National Championship, but it too is stained with blood. The feds are stacking up petty cases on black people that don’t even live there anymore to increase property values. Mr. Jermote’ Fletcher was facing a mandatory 115 years in federal prison and the feds “you will get it”. I’m not saying the homies aren’t supposed to go to prison when they do wrong and or break the law. He wasn’t caught with multiple kilos, or even a whole thang for that matter. Chin caught several smaller cases and the feds indicted a bunch of squares from Delaware (literally) to tell on him so they could fluff up his case. Remember, the feds turn words (testimony) into dope if they get two or more people to tell a similar story, it’s called relevant conduct, the technical term is extrapolation.

More Fun with numbers

Jermonte’ Fletcher was 33 when he died the other day same age as Jesus, but the homie won’t be resurrected. I wish four was a magic number so I could raise him from the dead. On this day called February all I got was a newspaper with the homie’s death in it, it has his mother talking shit about her son. She was saying how much she hated him for getting her caught up in the case, how it cost her the that job she held for seven years. She also talked about how she never wanted to see him again. Now her wish granted, Chin was facing 44 counts in the fed courts. The newspaper used his mother’s words at her sentencing to make him seem like more of a monster. I’m here to defend my young homie; I hugged him in the early 90’s. I have him money and cursed him out for breaking bottles, I also gave him money a broom to clean it up. He also learned the importance of keep the hood clean just like the older homies told me.  Chin was the second of the young homies to holler at me when I returned from the feds, he was real like that. He loved the hood, he was just caught up and it’s hard to think when you’re holding the devil’s hand. Speaking of the devil, my name spells 666? What is that about?

More Fun with numbers

In the hood the average housing price is $150,000 an increase of over 90 G’s. Niggas get indicted, the more whites move in. I’ve seen myself as a young man. I’ve seen Chin as a younger man, we all were good. We all were set up to fail. White supremacy is a well-hidden bitch, ain’t it? Where is our Vallhalla? We lost that in the Atlantic Ocean. What were the homie’s thoughts when the first bullet struck him?