Street Lit & True Crime

Secrets Never Die- A Short Film

This short film, directed by Tabi Boney is adapted from Eyone Williams urban fiction novel, Secrets Never Die. Eyone is a long time contributor to Don Diva Magazine and has worked with Seth Ferranti on numerous true crime articles. He also has written a bunch of urban fiction novels like Fast Lane, Hell Razor Honeys, Lorton Legends and his latest Secrets Never Die. He is the king of street lit. Order the book today and check out the short film-


Murder, loss, Instagram, passing the 11th grade and a street code of silence are all at the center of 16 year old Niya’s life in Worldstar Hip Hop’s original short “Secrets Never Die.” With a mother in prison, a sister who deals drugs, and a counselor who desperately wants her to go away to college, Niya feels both trapped and protected by public schools, public housing, and the criminal justice system. Directed by acclaimed rapper Tabi Boney and based on the book “Secrets Never Die” by award winning urban lit author Eyone Williams. Produced by Worldstar Hip Hop and Zelle Bonney.

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