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Prison Adventures

Richard Hartley Jr. was known as Bumperjack in the California Deparetment of Corrections and was allegedly down with the most notorious prison gang ever, the Aryan Brotherhood. He spent over two decades in prison and fought the system everyday he could. Riding with his brothers and upholding the death before dishonor code as a loyal and thorough man. But instead of continuing down the path of gang banging and living as a gangster Richard changed gears and found redemption. He is now doing all he can to help young kids so that they don’t pursue the life he choose. Because now he knows its not about becoming just another statistic. If you are a man you can do life in prison, but it is harder to walk the straight and narrow path and give your life over to the righteousness of God and let others learn from your downfall. That is what Richard has done and he wrote a book about his prison adventures and his life as a changed man. Check it out. Its an awesome story of transformation and redemption. But for now check out the Gorilla Convict exclusive-

20150516_165148What made you decide to write your book?

I wrote my book in hopes to change lives, younger lives, who haven’t had a positive male figure in their life, like myself. That get started going down the wrong path in life, who join street gangs for all the wrong reasons,to find love that they never received at home.

When did you start writing it and how long did it take?

I starting writing my book in April of 2014. It took from start to get it published, seven months.

What was the writing process like for you?

The process was easy. I started writing everyday, from my childhood and wrote when I join my first gang at age 12.

How have people received the book and what have they said about it?

I have received a lot of good reviews since my book was published, none negative.

What is the book about?

The book is basically about a young white kid who didn’t have a positive role model in the home who gets involved at a young age with gangs, drugs and crime in the suburbs of Oakland,California, and becomes an alleged prison gang member of the Notorious Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. Prison officials label him as one where the gang was founded in San Quentin. He ends up doing 20 years in thirteen State Prisons in California & Nevada and gets shot by prison guards in both states. They demanded my life on many different occasions, but by the grace of God he protected me. So I thank God for protecting me from what I thought I wanted.(A Life as a Gangster) & Blessing me with what I didn’t know I needed. Which was a Savior from that destructive life I lived from age 12 to 50 after 38 years in street gangs to prison gangs God transformed my life.

How does it feel to record your transformation in print and put a book out?

To share that in print is Awesome because people from all walks of life  around the globe can see how one life can change by our creator from the inside out! He changes your heart and mind to a whole different outlook on life and turns negativity into positivity.

20150516_161210What can you say to a person who hasn’t read your book to get them to read it? 

My story and life hopefully can get others to embrace change and live a life of helping others instead of hurting others is my goal. I can say if you know someone.”We all do” who is living a destructive life,you will want to purchase this book and see how tradgedy of a kid who had no hope from the beginnings was transformed into helping others into triumph and victory in Christ Jesus. After 38 years in Gangs…

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