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Old Gangsters & Young Guns


Old Gangsters & Young Guns

They call him Larry “King” Hoover; he is undeniably the uncontested, absolute leader of the Gangster Disciple Nation, which for a time was the largest and most powerful gang in the country with a membership that exceeded 30,000 cohesive members across 35 states.

As of the printing of this tome, Larry Hoover has been in prison for over 40 years and is now serving 6 life sentences in the worst prison on earth–the ADX Supermax Penitentiary in Florence, Colorado where he is locked in a small concrete cell 23 hours a day with no communication with any other inmates or guards. Because Larry Hoover is one of the most powerful and respected men on the streets throughout America, I hit the cold streets of Chicago to bring Don Diva’s readers this incredible story.


It was evident early on that Larry Hoover was destined for leadership but it would come at a great price. By the time Mr. Hoover reached his 16th birthday he had been shot six times in various gangbanging incidents while elevating to the leadership of his own street organization. In 1967 a much larger gang, the King Cobras, tried to take Larry’s gang territory but because he stood his ground, he got hundreds of Cobras to join him, merging into one gang which came to be known as the Black Gangster Nation. Two years later another merger occurred when Larry’s following throughout the South and West sides of Chicago, which numbered more than 5,000 at the time, connected with David Barksdale’s 10,000 Disciples… thus naming them the Black Gangster Disciple Nation.

This is an excerpt from Old Gangsters & Young Guns by Cavario H. a founder, main player and longtime contributor for Don Diva Magazine, editor at Hip-Hop Weekly and super hustler. Check out this book and Cavario’s other work. Follow him on twitter