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Transitions Crime Series- Meet Hanibal Chancellor


Creator, writer, director, producer- these are only a few words to describe Hanibal Chancellor and all that he brings to the world of entertainment. The CEO of Overdose Entertainment has been doing it for over 15 years now. Producing videos-check, acting in movies-check, to now creating and producing a web and TV series.

“I’m from the DMV and I’m the CEO of Overdose Entertainment. I started off in the music industry 15 years ago and now I’m making my transition into film.” Hanibal tells Gorilla Convict.

He is transitioning over to film in an enormous way. Not only by producing his own series, but by acting in major Hollywood movies and making serious connections.

“The films that I’m in are Southpaw, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Jake Gyllenhall, Rachel McAdams, 50 Cent, Forrest Whitaker, and Tyrese. It’s being distributed by The Weinstein Company.” Hanibal says. “I’m also in Will Smith’s upcoming movie, Concussions, based on a true story about NFL concussions. I got a role in House of Cards that comes out next month and I’ve been doing other projects as well. I recently developed my own web and TV crime series titled Transitions and it’s ready to go.”

With the premier of his web series, all the hard work is paying off for him and his crew.

1534974_10102543416031362_1306841282_o“I have been working on Transitions for three years developing it.” Hanibal says. “Go to www.transitionsseries.com and it will answer all the questions you might have. If you like The Wire, you are gonna love Transitions because the storyline is bigger than The WireThe Wire just focused on Baltimore but Transitions covers the streets and politics of other cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Houston, Atlanta and overseas. We also have the Russian mob in the storyline that’s based on true events. This is a global story not a local story.”

Transitions focuses on todays issues and takes a hard look at what’s going on in society and the drug world as a whole.


“Its an everyday struggle we see on our local news stations, this isn’t nothing new. The number of regular heroin users in America soared from 239,000 in 2011 to 335,000 in 2014.” Hanibal says. “Its strictly based on the heroin epidemic in Americas rural and suburban areas. There will be a character in this series that each person will be able to relate to. Whether it be from the addict, dealer or the ex offender who’s coming home trying to find his way in society. There’s going to be something valuable in Transitions storyline that you can take with you.”

Besides acting and directing the crime series himself, Hanibal has called on some other experienced actors to fill the cast.

“We have two actors from HBO’s hit series The Wire, Anwan Glover and Tray Chaney. I also added NBA player Delonte West and Cornell Jones; a well known underworld figure who transitioned into doing positive things for the DC community. My goal for Transitions is to find cast members from all walks of life and give them an opportunity to gain experience in the film world. I want to be the one who discovers the next Denzel Washington, Halle Berry or Brad Pitt.” Hanibal tells us.

“Transitions is a package, its a web series and TV series.” Hanibal says. “We are looking for a home on a premier network right now for our TV series.”


“The TV series I’m developing is with Antoine Fuqua’s brother, Curtis Fuqua from Pittsburgh who has worked on Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen, Tears of the Sun, Equalizer with Denzel Washington and a host of other movies. Eyonne Williams from Washington DC is another talented writer on the team who is known for hard-core gritty novels like Hell Razor Honeys and Lorton Legends just to name a few.”

Go to www.TransitionsSeries.com to get the Transitions app so you will never miss an episode!

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