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Finally Home After 21 Years

2014-09-12 12.00.05About six weeks ago on July 31, 2014 I was released from FCC Forrest City in Arkansas. It was my first taste of freedom in 21 years. I got locked up when I was 22, way back in 1993 and finally the BOP decided to release me. Well, kind of. I am in the halfway house and still under BOP custody, but I am allowed to work and now that I have been working and giving the halfway house their 25% of all my checks I am getting some rec passes.

It has been real and I am enjoying my freedom. Still feel like I got the handcuffs on a little bit but I can tell you they are a lot looser. Life is good and I am happy to be where I am at. The alternative, prison, is some bullshit for real. Over the years I have written my accounts on prison life and done interviews with prison gang members, mafia guys and the street legends that are locked up in the feds and I plan on continuing to do all this. But also I want to add to the written content that I have been creating on this website.

I have plans to start doing more visual themed things. I also added some music to the site. I want gorillaconvict.com to be a multimedia site with videos, music, audio and in person interviews. Its all stuff that I wanted to do for a while but that I was unable to do because of my incarceration. Now that I am out I will be able to put all my plans in motion.

In prison I was limited to who I could interview and what stories I could write about. But now I have access to the whole world. I still have the exclusivity of a direct line into the prisons due to the many friendships that I developed over the years. I have some very good friends that are doing life. That is how life goes though. But not for me. I did my time and I paid my debt to society. Now I am ready to resume my life and start my career for real.

I want to thank all of you who have been reading this site over the years and supporting my work. I appreciate it. It meant a lot to me to be able to write stuff and have it posted on the Internet for people to see and then to actually know that people in the outside world cared about what I wrote. That was big for me and for all the dudes whose stories I have told. On the inside all we are doing is trying to reconnect with the outside world. A lot of people don’t know but mail call in a prison is the highlight of the day.

I know a lot of people are into that gangster and prison stuff and I am going to keep writing and telling stories like that but I am not going to limit myself to stories like that. If it interests me I am going to pursue it. I am not sure where life will take me but I know I will be working to advance my career as a writer and storyteller because that is what I do. I have a talent and passion for it and I plan to continue doing that.

2014-08-08 09.59.58Thanks for taking the time to read this little note I am posting on my blog this week. We got a lot of stuff in the works- more books, more stories, more gangster and prison post, documentaries, more music, videos and all- it’s all coming. The move time I get to do my stuff the more stuff I will be posting on this site. Thank you and take care. Finally home after 21 years.

Please take the time to friend me on Facebook and Google +, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and like the Gorilla Convict Facebook page. I appreciate it. Also a big thank you to my wife, Diane, who has been running all this for me since it started. Without her there is no Seth Ferranti or Gorilla Convict. She made it all possible.