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Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit

fridgeSummertime – Murder is big business for the P.I.C.

Yeah, it’s summertime and the bodies in Columbus, Ohio are piling up!

I remember enjoying the reputation we all had in the nasty 9-0’s with respects to murder and all sorts of mayhem; the 90’s were a very macabre and depraved time in our history.

So it’s the 2000’s.

Breaks my heart now that I’m a 39-year-old survivor of the crack era/War on Drugs campaign. And strangely most of the shooters are 19 year olds, the same age that I went down on this case…Or should I say cases.

I teach two classes officially in this prison and one unofficial class. One is called My Brother’s keeper. It was founded by an ex-con years back and we keep it alive today. It’s an open forum where men from all creeds and backgrounds explore the sources of our values, morals, ethics, etc. The other is titled Cultural Awareness. Here all the black groups come together and do basically the same thing in My Brother’s Keeper except we delve deeper into the metaphysical and spiritual side of things. We investigate with a fine tooth comb the origins of the religions we as black folk and others claim as our own. We have Christians, N.O.I., Moorish Science, 5% Nation and one Hebrew Israelite amongst us. We gave open invites to the white fellows, but they respectfully decline this class, but it’s open to all. The last class is the Moorish Study group because I am a member of the M.S.T.Of.A. Because no one comes in off the streets to instruct our courses in here, theologically speaking, we have to make due.

In these schools of thought I’m usually the lead instructor. As a real street nigga I have an obligation to get into the heads of my brother’s and see if we, together, can solve this problem we are plagued with and that problem I speak of is self-hatred.

Elijah Muhammad said: Always go to the root of every problem.

That said I find that the whole world tells us as black men to be completely responsible for our actions. I believe in that wholeheartedly. But I was burnt by the fires of affliction so therefore I can act as a total man now. But how on earth can we, as black men, do what we are not trained to do? That’s the scope of these classes I discussed prior. To help us, piece by piece, put together a fragmented manhood so that we can learn to love instead of hate one another.

But this is good for business.

What business you might ask? The Prison Industrial Complex! It was reported online through several different outlets that Michael Jordan allegedly invested over 300 million in the P.I.C. Now, you say I keep talking all this black shit, but M.J. is a winner. He’s addicted to winning. So needless to say Mike’s betting on a sure thing. Niggas-hating-niggas-hating-niggas is what the Prison Industry Complex thrives on. It’s the life’s blood of the entire machine.

Noble Drew Ali said: What was done to us in science must be un-done in science.

Prisons are being built based upon third grade test scores. But who’s scores are they clocking? Amerikkka says, “Niggas need to be responsible for their actions.” But none of these bitches are even willing to apologize for slavery and its lasting effects because they are still thriving off the tactics of Willie Lynch’s program for sustained servitude. Amerikkka will not give what is owed to us because number one, we don’t organize long enough to take what is ours, and two, they got us so fucked up that we don’t even know what is ours anyway. The Final Call reported on this new minstrel show called: The Black-Jew Dialogues. In these dialogues they attempt to find the humor in the Jewish involvement in the Dutch slave trade… That’s just one pun of many.

That’s taking responsibility for one’s actions…Yet the Jewish people are still receiving reparations from any and all people that participated in the least bit of the holocaust. So many institutions owned by Jews and gentiles owe us the same. The difference is the hatred we have for one another. Simply put, I don’t get the game of chess per se. But I do understand the underlining principle. You can keep what you can protect. Black men as a whole don’t protect one another anymore…You hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking.

We are worth little. Somehow after 400 years and counting we still find ourselves as worthless now as back then. Black life means nothing. So it’s easy to take. I used to laugh at people getting shot. I enjoyed seeing black tape on the badges of cops when they lost one of their own… Still don’t care about those bitches dying, they killing brothers for sport these days. They were hesitant to pop us back then because we protected each other. Eye for an eye back then. Now, they smoking us in cold blood on subways on tape and not going to jail for it. So for that, fuck the police, still. But I don’t celebrate death anymore no matter who dies needlessly. We used to hang black tape from the end of fishing poles, taunting the police… Can’t do that now, shit, it wasn’t smart then.

This entry has no ending. It’s an examination of our state of affairs. I care. I care for humanity, but I really care for my people. The heat brings more death and more incarceration, I guess its laugh now, cry later. Ice Cube once made a song that spoke of a brother waking up after his government induced mental coma. He said: Learn about knowledge of self you see/ have you mad enough to want to stick the deputy. That’s the sadness I experience every time I pass the gift of awareness on to brothers with all day to do in prison. The flip side is that I had all day too. I did 20 of it so far and it’s coming to a close, dig, and it wasn’t easy. But the awakening is what I needed to get out of here without being a homosexual or completely nuts, you’re gonna lose a few screws going through it the way I do. And most of all I still have lots and lots of love in my heart, matter of fact more so now that I know what love truly is.

We need a new theology. Acculturation has not and will not work because of the fundamental differences and injustices between the races. Some have submitted fully. But the black male is still in rebellion. It’s in a man’s nature to be a man and until we as brother’s figure out what true manhood is for us, we will continue to act out in a cowardly manner and internalize our anger… Truth is a bitch sometimes.

Shouts out to Harriet Tubman, the Queen Mother. Lately bitch niggas have found it funny to disrespect her because she wasn’t pretty or fine, which is why these pussies don’t know what a real woman looks like or does for men. She is one of the most beautiful and brave and fearless women in history. May you rest in peace with much praise and honor, loved one!