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fridgeShort North Posse – Round Six

For those that don’t know I like that old school music. Everything from Franki Valli to Curtis Mayfield to the Dells and the fabulous Dramatics. Right  now in my MP3 I’m bumping Curtis Mayfield’s The Other Side of Town. It’s a song that deals with poverty and just being a nigga, for real. It’s getting to me a little because the CPD and the feds punk asses just did another so called “Short North Posse” sweep. I guess we’re the go to gang in the city still. But this time it’s my young niggas, and the kicker none of them live in the Short anymore!

I was in the shower when one of the homies came and told me that they said Trouble (my homie/co-defendant) and my name again. Immediately my pulse quickened. It was like it happened to me all over again, but this time there was no feeling of being sick. No feeling of uncertainty. Just pure mutha-fuckin’ anger. The five o’clock news is a bitch.

See, if you’re not a reader of this blog then you don’t know that I was on the original S.N.P. case. I’ve been in 19 years, six months, two days as of this writing behind that bullshit. I was in the state doing two flat with eight months to go when they dropped the indictment on me and the homies. I got the most time on the case, 46 years, nine months.

Because the case was whack as hell we beat the conspiracy charges on appeal and several other counts, so they brought state charges, I beat those. The state prosecutor appealed and the Ohio State Supreme Court made me hear them which is why when I won the crack law last year I didn’t get out, I ended up in the state where it all started two decades ago, so when I heard that shit I was so mad I ripped a hole in my t-shirt.

The first thought that entered my mind after seeing red was my mother. Did she hear this and how was she going to react? To my glee no one had called her about it, nor was she concerned. She understands the path that I’m on now and that’s relief to me. I know I stressed her out to no end…not only that, I know how to beat them, so I wish they would come with that bullshit. See, the feds beat you solely on your ignorance to their laws. But here is the key to beating the feds at their game, understanding the fact that there is no law in their courts. No need in saying “They can’t do this.” They denied my mentor Guy Fisher his lawyer after he got Guy acquitted in the 80s, same with Gotti. Second, recognize the fact that all the prosecutors and lawyers are buddies, and you’re just another nigger! Or see it this way; we went to law school together with the goal of joining society’s upper crust. Out the gate we both feel that we are better than most people because we decide rather they live or die, right! So some lame that is not from our world gets caught in our web. I’m on one team; you on another, but we both getting money from the lames that come to us. It’s important for us to keep the game going. Every now and then I might let you win to keep you eating, and every now and then you’ll serve me a lame to eat off of because it’s good for our business. It’s another form of the Jungle Creed. So don’t think that your lawyer is on your side because most federal lawyers want you to sign your speedy trial rights away off the top.

Why you might ask?

Because the feds don’t care about evidence, they need to accumulate witnesses against you ASAP. The longer you sit the most snitches you have against you. Then they use what’s called corroborated testimonies against you, which turns into relevant conduct, and then they turn these words (mostly lies) into drugs or murders! By the time you figure out what done happened to you you’re in the fed joint strung up with a gazillion years, mad as hell that they tricked you. The fed lawyer will never fully explain relevant conduct to you. He will give you a lot of half-truths, and you will be pissed at him at the end of the game, but they don’t care because you’re sunk until legislation changes.

You’ll see cases that are supposed to free you because it fits your situation, but can’t get relief because your good friend, Mr. Bill Clinton, the first black president in the minds of the ignorant, made laws that limit your ability to get relief after a year or the end of your first appeal.

An example of the feds not following their own laws- did you know that the feds are not supposed to give snitches anything for their testimony? It’s in the Criminal Rules and Procedures. A woman found this and filed against it and won. But the feds were not about to give in. They gave her a reduced sentence to shut the hell up about it and said in their opinion that it became a tradition to award witnesses. So basically fuck the law. This is why they asked every rat bitch in my 95 trial if they were promised anything by the prosecution and the bitch niggas all answered no.

I’m hurt for my little homies. I know the torment they are facing. I love my real niggas from the “4”. If any of you are getting this holler at me for advice. I’m here for you my nigga, and use me as the example. I’m still standing, still fighting and I’m not a fag, bitch-ass-nigga, nor do I bow down to anyone. We are the same, remember that! They wouldn’t hate you if you and I were anything less than great. I love Ohio because it made me a real nigga, gonna die a real nigga. But too many times Ohio eats its young. We must come together and end this madness.

Holler at me directly go to www.JPay.com and submit your email address and whatever else they want and I’ll get at you (LaMont NeeDum 677-302). Once!!!!